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  1. Direct attacks can easily be dealt with because it's right there infront of your eyes. But what about the passive-aggressive folks that actively bait these annoyed or even toxic responses out of others across all facets of communications; forums, Discord, in-game, so on and so forth. What will you be doing about that? Old biases are more often than not very well placed. You, for example, won't look past certain blacklisted people's comments whilst championing the cause of 'move forwards and forgive'. You're only really pushing for this now that you've gotten to the Admin position - which isn't something I agree with. Especially given how you've directly told me, in DMs, you would continue to hassle said blacklisted person until you reached a position of power on the server. What prevented you from doing this beforehand? It rubs me the wrong way entirely, and whilst it isn't this specific scenario that my entire issue revolves around, it's the one I'm going to use as a recent example. As for punishments being a sign of weakness; no. It's entirely a lack of investigation, things can be looked into properly and worked out. They ought only be handed out when folk are being uncooperative with the Moderation Team, Admins, or Managers; to which end the deciding factor would be the entire team's thoughts, rather than just one person's decision. Why a re-vote? What purpose does it serve? Would this not also, by extention, include @Turtle too by virtue of him being a recent addition to the Moderation Team? I don't agree with this point purely because Paragon's working fine the way it is, with the Moderation Team we have whether the community likes them or not. With that said, the community doesn't exactly find habit in voting for people the server actually needs; I.E, @Sage had been voted out by the community countless amounts of times before he actually got in, and made the appreciated changes of; - Unifying Builder and DM Teams into one cohesive and manageable group. - Heavily slimming down on the Restricted Races/Classes list and re-introducing elements of the RPG. (Of which Scottie expanded upon) - Getting rid of the server's biggest gatekeeper. - Actively pushed for the Moderation Team to do their voluntary duties without a two-week wait time for even the smallest of things. Yes, Sage had his shortcomings such as the highly problematic lack of communication and the swift, horrible burn-out he suffered towards the end of his tenure, but he did actively get things done. Turning the Moderation Team into a popularity contest isn't the way to go with this one, as evidenced above. It's a post larger than I'd usually make, yes, but I can't find myself agreeing with these ideas as they are, with how they're being presented to us.
  2. A small section in evening Local Report reads as follows: MORE TROUBLE FROM DUSKWOOD? Speculations from the outside, as travel is restricted! [=========================================================================================================] Once more does Duskwood bring terrible news; detachments of Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade knights have been stationed by each entryway into Duskwood, barring entry to all civilians! Their reasoning claims the rising tide of necromancers in the area, and for public safety reasons, must additionally deny all exports out of Duskwood for fear of tampered supply- but certainly a few necromancers wouldn't require the full attention of both orders? When questioned about his decisions, the Deputy Mayor Dreuger cited the safety of his township and peoples were paramount, and without aid from the Crown, was forced to accept the aid of one Knight-Captain Shadeheart, whom already made his presence known in Westfall just a few short weeks ago. What exactly is happening in that province remains to be discovered, but with no word from the Crown itself just yet, it is advised to avoid Duskwood at all costs. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [===========================================================================================] (i absolutely stole this format from Nathaniel.)
  3. Have you ever been sat up late at night, wondering why the male blood elves haven't got a Red Eyes, White Skin option? No? Well I have. So I did something about it. To install it, all you've gotta to is; - Follow this link. - Hit download in the top right corner. - Transfer the unzipped file into the root Paragon folder, everything else is already done for you. It'll replace that one weird, green elf skin that sees zero useage, 'n instead you'll look like this; Have fun with it, you fuckin' edgelords.
  4. ahahahahahahaha

  5. Following the 'diminishing' and replenished power of the Sunwell, a rather official-looking missive can be seen pinned to just about every noticeboard within Quel'thalas' borders, signed by one Magistrix Dragonsong. The missive details the following; "Once again has the Sunwell risked destruction by those that would see Quel'thalas and its denizens wither. An Ethereal comprised from the Void and its madness struck down and claimed the lives of those that stood in defense of the Sunwell, and wished to turn our race over to his own masters. Had we not have been alerted by the efforts of our newfound Nightborne allies, we may very well have been within his 'masters' grasp before we even knew of it. Whilst the Sunwell has indeed been purified at the hands of Grand Magister Rommath, Magistrix Dawngaze and myself, let this be a reminder that those who follow the Void and practice its teachings will not find safe haven within Quel'thalas' boundaries. An incident such as this one cannot be allowed to pass a second time. All risk will be eliminated."
  6. Sam

    Hiya folks.

    If you're the mad genius behind Snail, I welcome you with open arms and thoroughly look forwards to seeing more of you and your characters on Paragon
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    Leaving the DM Team

    sage is terrible at communication, tass "doesn't care" despite his constant whining about it, memesexual is stiring up conspiracy for zero reason and blame is being deflected all over the place. yep, just another day on paragon...
  8. The warlocks of the Black Harvest were the first to respond, it seems. Asking for nothing in return, Dreadspeaker Cerrin Eld'ravihn has donated ten of her finest invokers and has constructed specially-tailored pylons to drain the polluted magic from the lake over the course of three weeks - starting primarily with Lakeshire's personal quarter. During this time they are camped with their Dreadspeaker just outside of Lakeshire. Questions, worries and otherwise complaints from the public ought be brought to the Grand Warlock and not directed at her underlings.
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    MURDER In Goldshire

    It wasn't me this time, I swear
  11. Mm, only 1 gold? Time to push it up a level :^)