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  1. I am definitely on the fence for it. I can't see it being effective in the long run for the simple matter of; why? Not many DMs even DM as is, jobs and life obligations aside. Yes, it's a benefit to pick between building and DMing because either role takes a specific mindset, I feel. Hence why the teams were split in the first place, so new applicants weren't sucked into this one, homogenous mass and eventually expected to perform both roles be it by different Managers or the playerbase itself. I'unno fellas, you want to make Paragon a better place but it feels like you took a step backwards with this one.
  2. The warlocks of the Black Harvest were the first to respond, it seems. Asking for nothing in return, Dreadspeaker Cerrin Eld'ravihn has donated ten of her finest invokers and has constructed specially-tailored pylons to drain the polluted magic from the lake over the course of three weeks - starting primarily with Lakeshire's personal quarter. During this time they are camped with their Dreadspeaker just outside of Lakeshire. Questions, worries and otherwise complaints from the public ought be brought to the Grand Warlock and not directed at her underlings.
  3. Sam

    MURDER In Goldshire

    It wasn't me this time, I swear
  4. Mm, only 1 gold? Time to push it up a level :^)