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  1. Most of us aren't mercenaries. Most of us are made up by Forsaken affiliates. The Forsaken doesn't support the attack, but they're not against it. The main reason is due to other stuff they're focusing on like the legion.
  2. Can't wait to get Clovis to sludge all over this city with his filthy shadow magic, gonna make it unclean... -- I'll bring Clovis to support the Forsaken cause.
  3. I'll see if I could get Corvus to join up for the Warden.
  4. Do to having three seals & getting one extra from the Winterveil presents, he'll take four items from the loot table. 1. Unstable Horroslime. Phantasmal Echo 2. Wiggling Senew 3. Mindrend Band. 4. Horror Inscribed Chestplate
  5. I may be too late for this, but Corvus will be taking two seals from Cenarius and Elerethe Renferal since he hasn't looted from them
  6. Corvus will be taking the blackened portal necklace {Xavius}
  7. Corvus is one of many that took the seals.
  8. Corvus may need a seal due to his completion of the event