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    Yo whadap

    Welcome aboard!
  2. I left the server with also nearly the same reasons, and alot of that comes from my personal experiences with Nathaniel/Tass. I couldn't agree more with how Paragon turned out. Despite all the drama that'd happened, I have alot of charitable memories roleplaying with you, Missbooks, Viari, Sif, Dreadmaw, Scottie and a whole lot others during my near one year and a half stay. It was sad to see you leave, but you chose not to make the same mistake I did by ghosting out and leaving people in the dark. For that, I'm proud of you and I'm thankful to know you. If you wanna hang out or just wanna chat, feel free to add me in discord (Maytree#8217) Cheers, Jordy. I honestly hope every is and will be safe and alright.
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    Never trust a user who's named after their characters.
  4. Maytree

    My departure.

    The Key to Peacebloom Manor is now taken by Katlynn Strike and JP of Montarville! The rest of the items are still available for those who are willing to become good owners of them.
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    My departure.

    I appreciate the kind stuff, Synth. I'm sorry if my response took abit too long. I'll hold onto your advice.
  6. Maytree

    whats up gamers

    Hey, no worries man. I've reached out to one of the staff members to figure out how will the uniques be handled. But in the meantime, I hope everything's fairing you good.
  7. Maytree

    whats up gamers

    Thank you, Sorel. I'm recovering from my burnout with WoW Roleplay, but I think I'm walking on the right road. I'll most likely check out another server(s) if I'm feeling ready coming back to the hobby. I'm currently giving away uniques and special items for free if you're interested, but it'll probably be managed through staff since I probably won't connect back to the server. I really appreciate the kind words and advice you've given me.
  8. Maytree

    My departure.

    I'm not trying to be callous about this, but I believe the reasoning and claims in the responses and requests are tentative and doubtful. Until there is evidence of it happening and backed by the staff, the trade is still scissored and the heart remains on the list. I'm sorry.
  9. Maytree

    My departure.

    This is quite news to me since I was never heard of what Baltux was doing with it. Could you explain what the ability does and maybe some proof of this happening? And what do you mean by "something Oni said", "technically" and "gone now" if it had been only studied?
  10. Maytree

    My departure.

    Yes, but since it hasn't been used for nearly a year and a half, I thought it might be good for other people's hands. Baltux can take back the ring of invisibility if he likes.
  11. Maytree

    My departure.

    Hello, people. To start off, I apologize for the sudden and erupt disappearance from the server more than two months ago, especially to those who had their time getting prepped to do a PvP/RP confrontation my mage (Ethallour, a Nightborne who was given a stone arm replacement after a gruesome encounter with a mob) to Mighty and Urgot. I hadn't thought about any of this when I decided to cut myself from Paragon. and I'll be smarter and more communicative if a situation like this one shows up in the future. After recently thinking about taking a peek to see how things had held up, I will address myself as to why I ghosted out from this community, which I'll do my best to not spill any politics/drama here. For me personally, the active community and its health weren't doing well. When I first came here during the late summer of 2018, there was a lot of motivation me and everyone else at the time to roleplay and connect and even craft our fantasies to have our own characters in the Warcraft universe to a playground, where we spend money to keep it running seemingly forever. For me, there was a lot of clumsy but fund unforgettable moments and encounters with this server. Like undead Ronric surrendering himself to the gates of Stormwind in hopes of making a connection with them, during when aa Dragon PC, Nilstrasza, saving his leathered grey booty from getting torn to shreds by two Forsaken-based characters, the good people I met along the way, and the boss fight with Ysera DMed by Yosif and the necklace I was rewarded with that served as flavor instead of boastful power (It was beautifully crafted, and it shared a connection with the lore and our characters). During my second year of playing this server, I met good friends, but while so, I faced verbal and mental abuse from a user here who I will rather not mention their true name to preserve the peace (I will name them Anon for now on). My Nightborne Arcanist, with how he ended up outside of Suramar way before the zone began questing, was the second product of manipulation. Anon, from what I was told by ex-staff, wanted to use a Nightborne PC or another to get valuable IC information/items to get more juice from Suramar's progression with intent to get theirs hands on a promotion. During so I was verbally and mentally abused to get what the user wants and what they had wanted to do (NOT ERP to clarify but you get the picture in regards to character progression). But besides the abuse and built-up IRL shenanigans, I met and befriended a friend who had played here as Aiya which some of you might know actually. But after a while, especially it was getting close to near years and my 18th birthday, there were a few scenarios that steered me away from the server. You may know the events that happened, but I won't address it. But what I want to address is talk in the mall which had eventually made me nervous for myself. Someone, who I will not name too, was talking about Christmas in the mall late at night. They were discussing not wanting to go out and spend time with their family but suggested themself that they can pretend to be tired/sick and RP with someone during the time. After disagreeing/making points to convince them it's bad and disconnecting from the server, I was left disturbed. I thought I was getting close to valuing spending time on a server that was consuming me into a miserable state than my future. So then, I decided it will be best to leave. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Which leaves two questions for myself: Am I coming back to Paragon? Probably not. Do I regret coming and spending nearly two years here? There were moments I wished I hadn't, but ultimately no. The server has taught me a lot of things, and it was the place where I met good friends and people that had stayed here. It taught me further how roleplay in WoW private servers operate and what was needed the most, it gave me good memories to look back on besides the bad ones, and importantly, what things I must value for myself to have a future I dreamed of. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ I saw that loot-hoarding has turned into a problem in this server, and to help fix this, I will allow the administration to distribute three Uniques and a surprise item I had on my Characters. Regards to how I want these weapons to be given off, I would like them to be given out to people with the appropriate class. As long the person isn't affiliated with any cliques, won't trade the items to them, and will be active to use them. The item/bonuses that have been name-marked by character(s) will be given to one player each and only. I will sort the rest of the raid items I got but in the meantime, enjoy what I have to offer. Nythendra’s Heart (Clovis) See here. Claw of N'Zoth & Wristclamps of the Mind (Clovis) See here. The Bracers will fend off the dagger's side-affects of maddening whispers as long they are worn. The levels of the whisperers are passive, which the bracers can absorb the equal amount. But keep in mind, equipping another madness item will bypass the enchanted bracers with ease unless it's used to hold off two items with half the resistance. @Lunar Eclipse @denning (Taken by Katlynn Strike & Jean Philippe!) -Guilds Only- Key to Peacebloom Manor (Carlyn) See here. A magical key to an Alliance-Themed pocket dimensional mansion that includes six to eight upstare rooms, one basement room for rogue types, a lengthy bathroom, and a mage tower. Not to mention a gorgeous garden for tire adventures to respite and study alone. Portals will not work in such a magical place, but it is rightly fit for queens and kings. Ask the staff if the key can be replicated, if not, this is switching to a player home. But be warned, despite the manor no longer lived for six months after it's cleansing, selected participants (The very few that are still active/allowed in the server) were also given a key to enter such place, so be cautious for a possible chance of intruding guests or foes. Ancient Stag Skull (Carlyn) See here. I'll take a few peeks once and a while to see how things are holding up, but in the meantime, I wish all of you Goodluck on this server and your lifely goals!
  12. But none the less, this is an awesome patch! Thank you!!!