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    Warfront: Hinterlands

    Turn 1 Synopsis Alliance: Rejoice, soldiers of the Alliance! A plan gone awry still resulted in spectacular results! While the plan was to sabotage and blockade, our scout located a nefarious plan in the works at Shadra'alor, forcing us to break from our blockade to assault! Witherheart the Stalker laid in the shadows, overseeing a plot to summon a C'thraxxi, but our infiltrators and soldiers powered through and slew the lurking skink and saw a great many brainwashed troops captured among the corpses! Shadra'alor has fallen to the Alliance, and further corruption to the land stemmed! - Gryphon Master Talonaxe - Shadra'alor claimed - 180 troops lost - 1380 Vilebranch slain - 120 Vilebranch captured to be cured of brainwashing - Witherheart the Stalker slain Horde: Soldiers of the Horde, a horrific development has been found, for we do not fight warriors, but slaves. Zul'akil, the supposed 'High Eagle' of the Vilebranch, has not just cast his lot in with the Twilight's Hammer, but have sacrificed his people, kept them in the city's boundaries and only allowed freedom unless they accept a vile manner of brainwashing. Those that are slain are used for summoning and sustenance for void beasts. The people are enraged, and required quelling, to which the Loa's vengeance has seen their deceitful preachers caved under the mountain's fall that they so recklessly built under. Still, the orders to burn their tikis, burn their monuments...they persist. The time has come for revolution to come for this misunderstood tribe, and we will assist in making it happen! - Elder Torntusk - Jintha'alor scouted - 250 Vilebranch slain - Information acquired: Jintha'alor has around 3500 troops inside Zaraki: Forest troll culture belongs to its own. We have imposed this will of the people of the Hinterlands by reclaiming the Ruins from the foul monstrosity known as 'The Reak'. A disgusting amalgamation of oozes was laid low by our fire attacks, and the High Elven corpses they consumed returned to the Alliance, to a place they actually belong. Take heed, Alliance, Horde, Cenarion, Vilebranch! The Zaraki represent the will of the Forest Trolls, and its legacy will be preserved amidst the chaos wrought by war by us! - Warbringer Randajahar - The Ruin claimed - 40 troops lost - 1000 slimes slain - 600 troops gained for defeat of The Reak and capture of enemy territory - The Reak slain Cenarion: Brothers and sisters of the Green Dragonflight and Cenarion Circle. Our efforts to call out to the Emerald Dream have been met with successful reinforcements. Merithra of the Dream emerges from the portal with our kin to see to the field of war, to cleanse this pained land! Mortals may have been given charge of this world, but we will see to our last breath that there is still a world to be given charge if egregious affronts against nature like this persist! - Ysondre - 300 troops gained - Merithra joined Vilebranch: "Eheheh...dat was like takin' a bone from a pup. Dis...Gilda Cloudcaller was it? You shoulda seen da look on her face as our magics rent da minds of her troops apart, causin' dem to rip each other apart, wid her slinkin' off, bloody 'n' barely conscious. We sustained minimal losses, and we've now severed off de Alliance from Arathi by takin' Bogen's Ledge. We sit at da foot o' da mountain range, 'n' we're poised to claim whatever we please. Amass da troops! Chaos befalls da Hinterlands dis day, 'n' I will be its agent!" - Zul'arek Hatefowler - Bogen's Ledge claimed - Gilda Cloudcaller defeated - 30 troops lost - 1000 Wildhammers slain
  2. For details about further details about the Warfront system, consult the following page: A dark shadow looms over the Hinterlands, as Zul'akil, the High Eagle, has seized control of the Vilebranch Tribe, with grim ambitions for the land. The Loa-worshipping Forest Troll tribe now finds itself ruled by a leader who has turned to the embrace of the Twilight's Hammer, with its primary leadership under their control. Beasts and plants alike have been subjected to distress by sporadic clouds of void energy raining down on the land below. Now, all eyes are drawn to the Vilebranch, in a mad dash to free the land from their insanity. The Alliance and Horde set aside their differences in the Hinterlands until Zul'akil is stopped. Zone DMs: Cagi (Lead) Factions: The Alliance The Horde Zaraki Tribe Cenarion Circle Vilebranch Tribe Troops and Faction Details: The Alliance NPC Leadership (in order): Wildhammer Clan Falstad Wildhammer Kurdran Wildhammer Gryphon Master Talonaxe Gilda Cloudcaller (KO) Fraggar Thundermantle Doran Steelwing Quel'danil Jalinde Summerdrake Anchorite Traska PC Senior Officer Slots (6 max): Lord Eadweard Thandul Lord Leofric Thandul PC Rank Slots (6 max): Sergeant Rowyn Orcbane Stone Knight Maera Blazebeard Forces: Wildhammer Clan - 1 Legion (5320 soldiers) Quel'danil Lodge - 1 Battalion (500 soldiers) Quel'daer - 1 Company (100 soldiers) Blazebeard Platoon - 1 platoon (30 soldiers) Controlled Points: Aerie Peak, Zun'watha, Shindigger's Camp, Quel'danil, Stormfeather Outpost, Shadra'alor Losses sustained: Wildhammer Clan: 1180 troops lost The Horde NPC Leadership (in order): Revantusk Tribe Elder Torntusk Primal Torntusk Champion Gu'kazan Grok'zal the Seer The Forsaken Executor Zygand Darkspear Tribe Champion Uru'zin Silvermoon Champion Cyssa Dawnrose PC Senior Officer Slots (6 max): Champion Gorrbrox Stormhowl Knight-Lord Sinari Skywatcher PC Rank Slots (6 max): Commando Bekki Senior Sergeant Raoul Gwynhollow Forces: Revantusk Tribe - 2 Brigades (4000 soldiers) Forsaken Legions - 2 Battalions (1000 soldiers) Darkspear Tribe - 1 Battalion (500 soldiers) Silvermoon Army - 1 Battalion (500 soldiers) Bloodbound Warband - 2 Companies (253 soldiers) Gremlin Squad - 1 Squad (12 soldiers) Dawnwing Battalion - 1 Battalion (325 soldiers) Lancers of Midnight - 1 squad (10 soldiers) Controlled Points: Hiri'watha, Revantusk Overlook Zaraki Tribe NPC Leadership (in order): High Priestess Jevani Shadow Hunter Zokir Warbringer Randajahar Grimungous Razortalon PC Senior Officer Slots (6 max): Jen'gar PC Rank Slots (6 max): Forces: Zaraki Tribe - 3 Battalions (1210 soldiers) Owlbeasts - (40 soldiers) Controlled Points: Agol'watha, Skulk Rock, Shaol'watha, The Ruin Sustained losses: Zaraki Tribe - 40 troops Cenarion Circle NPC Leadership (in order): Cenarion Circle Ysondre Merithra PC Senior Officer Slots (6 max): PC Rank Slots (6 max): Forces: Cenarion Circle - 3 Battalions (1300 soldiers) Controlled Points: Seradane Hostile Forces: Vilebranch Tribe: NPC Leadership (in order): Zul'akil Mith'rethis the Enchanter Retherokk the Berserker Zul'arek Hatefowler Witherheart the Stalker (Dead) The Reak (Dead) Forces: 7220 Vilebranch Trolls and Twilights Details: The Vilebranch are in a state of discontent, with their people being subjected to brainwashing and sacrifices via the Twilight's Hammer Cult. Citizens and the strong of will are placed upon altars, where void monstrosities arise from the grizzly deeds. Those who submit get to survive, but for how long, and at what cost? 1000 Slimes Details: A gelatinous horde has been successfully conquered by Zul'akil and the Twilight's Hammer. Now, the Reak and their mindless ilk spread across the Hinterlands, consuming everything they come across that would get in the way of Zul'akil's ambitions of conquest. Controlled Points: Altar of Zul, Jintha'alor, Bogen's Ledge Neutrals: 50 Silvermane Worgs: Old Cliff Jumper Old Cliff Jumper resides in Seradane, under the protection of the Cenarion Circle. He and his pack await one of strength to take them aboard to acquire vengeance upon the Twilight's Hammer. 50 Owlbeasts: 50 Saltwater Snapjaws: Ironback Ironback is under protection by the Earthen Ring at Revantusk Overlook, alongside a large gathering of turtles. Ironback is a stubborn one, and seeks one with the power to overcome adversity to follow in the coming conflict.
  3. A Study into the Effects of Unknown Silithus Ore on Mammal Biology - V. Quickcog Following an excursion into Silithus, an acquisition of a sliver of an unknown material was performed. Upon skin contact, floods of positive thoughts and ideas came to mind. The sudden bodily changes promoted concern for biological alteration, and the material was brought back to Ironforge for further testing. The item will be labelled as 'Ore X' due to its missing legal definition further in the paper. Amendments will be made in the future once this is resolved. Ore X is a material with arcane properties that causes physical and psychological changes on contact and causes harmful behaviour in earth-based elementals. It also caused violent creatures such as the Silithid to frenzy and breed rapidly, however this cannot be fully determined if it was the ore, or the response to the destruction of multiple hide prompting a feeding and breeding frenzy. Ore X was instead tested on various categorised rats in order to observe their behaviour. The Experiment: The rats were divided into 6 categories: Control group (fed) - No exposure to Ore X, were given sufficient food before being placed in captivity with other rats in individual isolation. Control group (hungry) - No exposure to Ore X, was denied food before being placed in captivity with other rats in individual isolation. Treatment group A (fed) - One group was exposed to Ore X and placed in captivity with a non-exposed rat in individual isolation. Both rats were fed. Treatment group A (hungry) - One group was exposed to Ore X and placed in captivity with a non-exposed rat in individual isolation. Neither rats were fed. Treatment group B (fed) - Both rats were exposed to Ore X and sufficiently fed. Treatment group B (hungry) - Both rats were exposed to Ore X and starved. All pairings were of the opposite sex to observe behaviour on mating propensity. When fed, the general results were that after enough time, the pairings would engage in mating in all three groups. Behaviour would be amicable, however group A would find that the exposed rats developed more dominant behaviour over the non-exposed partner and performed their activity at a faster rate. When starved, the control group pairing would eventually develop aggressive behaviour and fight to cannibalise the other in order to survive. Group A's exposed rats all succeeded with ease, and then proceeded to try and break out of captivity. Group B's rats either briefly engaged in combat or avoided conflict altogether before performing joint actions in order to break free, such as scratching, biting or striking the same general area with their craniums. Some damage was sustained to the containment units, which provided some risk of harm to involved researchers. Group B's rats were later placated with food which prompted them to eat before resuming their efforts. Conclusion of Experiment: Exposure to the ore enhanced the base mammalian behaviour normally present in the rats, such as desire for feeding and mating. However, even when starved, the exposed rats demonstrated a higher sense of intelligence in order to acquire food in group B, developing tactics to secure meals by threatening to destroy the containment units. An ore that develops intelligence could have a possible relation to the Kezan-based natural substance, kajamite, however no clear connection has been made. A connection between enhanced physical and psychological capabilities in order to achieve personal desires can be made. The relation to base instinct however, is debatable, as personal contact with the ore did not inhibit any violent or procreative desire, but instead filled my own mind with creative thoughts while alleviating stressful and depressive thoughts. Aftermath of Experiment: After the gestation period of the mother rats in groups A and B, the rat pups demonstrated increased physical capabilities and a stronger urge to feed from mothers in comparison to control group's pups. Despite this, the exposed parent rats no longer demonstrated excessively dominant or intellectual behaviour. Group B's hungry rats eventually fought each other again after their efforts to destroy containment demonstrated less results. The pups of the exposed rats continued to develop faster physical and mental development than that of the control group's pups and have been relocated upon reaching juvenile age due to the risk of destruction of research materials. Ore X eventually depleted its energy reserves, resulting in a need for further samples in order to repeat the experiment in the future. Overall Conclusion The following information concludes that Ore X has a lasting effect on results of procreation, but has limited period of empowerment on grown subjects. The energy is limited, but can be preserved in growing biological organisms. The results of the experiment do not verify the enhancement of primal desires as previous records of exposure to sentient beings instead correlates to the physical and mental fortification necessary to fulfil personal goals. Further materials will be needed for a repeat experiment. The risk of harm will require more secure lab equipment due to the failing of ethics in securing the safety of lab assistants.
  4. "Have you ever heard of the tale of the Embalmer? It's quite the tragic tale they tell kids these days. It speaks of a kindly Alchemist who, in their sorrow at losing their beloved, took his own heart and gave it to her that she may live once more. However, his wife soon began to develop a hunger for human flesh, and so the Alchemist had to keep her buried." This was a statement from Lord Ello Ebonlocke 17 years ago, before his identity among the Veiled Hand was discovered. As adventurers came to reclaim the heart of Abercrombie, the Embalmer, from the chest of his wife, Eliza. They thought that she was laid to rest at last, but they were wrong. Reports found of a skeletal woman in a bride's dress with a bouquet of roses and a lantern stealing away Night Watch and feasting upon their flesh. Lady Myla Koslov, the new caretaker of Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, used her new charge to attract would-be adventurers, acting as a host to draw attention to recent issues in the region. She, among a quartet of odd fellows, were able to track the rerisen Eliza back to Raven Hill Cemetery, and saw her soul to the other side. The question is raised though: Where is Abercrombie? Reports have seen him leaving the area of Duskwood years ago, and has not been seen since...
  5. Personally I'm a little annoyed this has to be taken to the public community rather than just discussed with the mods to see if it's fair. The logic seems to be "implement this as a system for every player to use or we won't accept this". Sure, if the mods decide that some adjustment to values need to be made, that's fine but going to this extent is a little unnecessary.
  6. Cagi

    Elegia - Event Chain

    I think this could be a nice arc if I can get the time tomorrow!
  7. Cagi

    Leaving the DM Team

    Listen, the liberal must be silenced before he starts speaking logic.
  8. Cagi

    Leaving the DM Team

    It's funny people keep accusing Tass of being this conservative asshat who keeps things stale when if it weren't for him, half the stuff I tried to get off the ground to help the server wouldn't have taken off. It's oddly hilarious that despite the fact the moderators were the ones who tried to keep me back from taking over the story back after Nighthold, that I had to refer to the moderators whenever something needed passing and that the moderators were my biggest hurdle, Tass was the one who actually made me wanna be an EM after supporting my work. While yes, I don't agree with some of his responses to some matters even I disagreed with like the Forlarren debacle, dude's been the most liberal of the entire server when it came to getting the things I needed up in the air. Strange how much being the gatekeeper villainises a person. Maybe we'll see that ire redirected...that or they return to the RPG entirely which is a hella cringe.
  9. Cagi

    Leaving the DM Team

    The fact of the matter is that I don't need to force a narrative. The facts were already laid out. The fact the mods believe that their status earns them the right to act without necessary communication with the associated targeted parties because they only answer to the admin is arrogance in itself. Still, as a result of all of this, I no longer have to answer to you guys anymore so let's see how things pan out because I've started to see what the moderation's true colours are, and I have no intention of aiding them in the future.
  10. Cagi

    Leaving the DM Team

    Welp, it's off my hands now. It's no longer my position to care, so let's see how this pans out because I've spent hours giving all my fucks and I've just about run out. Regardless, I don't work for you guys anymore.
  11. Cagi

    Leaving the DM Team

    Then if this is a fact of the server that is going to be unbending and unchanging, then I do not see a future in the role as a dungeon master at all. A DM is there to be a creator of content, someone who's there to enjoy their work and to work in an environment they can be prepared for. If all we are at the end of the day is just an agent of the moderation, then that perspective will keep me firmly from working with them in the future. Regardless, the way things are, now that I'm away from the position and reclaiming it would be that much of a hassle, I think I'm a lot happier where I am. With the current moderation, I don't feel comfortable, however the infrastructure stands. All the luck to ya's in managing BfA.
  12. Cagi

    Leaving the DM Team

    The following post is a reflection of a period of time where I made a decision to leave in response to developments in the team. For the time being, the largest of my concerns with the team is dissuaded, and I have since opted to make a return to continue working with them.
  13. Cagi

    [WORLD] The Dread Hour

    Fear has wracked the streets of Stormwind! Old Town plunged into chaos in what seemed like an instant, with rioters bursting out of the seams. Men and women alike were torched, stabbed or dragged into dark alleys, with fates yet unknown, prompting immediate action from the authorities. Brave heroes of the Alliance held the line in imprompt barricades before neutralising the doomsayers and rioters. The instigator, one Marisa DuPaige of the Defias Brotherhood, used drugs to make a nobleman see crowds changed into frothing degenerates. After a gruelling conflict, she was detained, though those she drugged may never recover, remaining lifeless zombies. Deserters have been sentenced to public lashings. This is a dark day for Stormwind, and for the Alliance.
  14. That's all well and good mate, but can ya provide a more in-depth app here? While clear in intent, there's still a lot of detail left out that won't take long to clarify with the usual format.