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  1. "'Ey, is this thing on? Test? Test? Ahem..." "I'm Krizz Inksploder, with the Ratchet Rouser, here with Pirris Starshifter, one of our eh...stranger residents who took the fight to the big green himself, Gul'dan!" "Well--he was kinda bigger and redder for a while...y'know what? That's not important. Glad to be here, Krizz." "So before we get into the nitty-gritty, tell us aboutcha." "Well...I left home sixteen years ago after Prince Tortheldrin died. Just a mage, nothin' special. I eh--tried to rejoin up with the elves up in Darnassus but at the time, the racism was pretty freakin' rife, namsayin'?" "Preach, preach." "So, I came to a place where anyone could be accepted so long as ya had the skill and tact to make your way, over in Gadgetzan." "Holla to our boys in Gadgetzan! Keep it real, you sweaty boys, ha-HAH!" "Aaah they're a great buncha guys. Real glad they dealt with that bandit problem. Anyways, I used my illusion 'n' evocation to be a street performer; fireworks, clone acts, the wizworks, ya feel me? Anyway, I got my big break 'n' signed up with a gal up in Ratchet, got a job as a supermodel for Vel-Tec 'n' any tech-nut with taste is starin' at me each month!" "Aaah don't remind me. You doin' calendars yet though?" "Soon." "Trademark?" "Trademark." "Dang. Alright, let's get into the meat of it all." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The initial assault: what was that all about?" "Aaah I'ma keep it real witchu, chief. the help'd already loosened up the front lines for me. I came in through the grody-ass sewers to find this thing called a 'Trilliax'. HUGE fothermucker, looks like a robotic centaur, blastin' all lasers 'n' crap all over the place. It was bipolar, I swears!" "Daaaamn, sista! Whatchu do to that thing?" "Put me through a friggin' truth serum if ya want, but it was ya girl here who blew that sucker into PIECES! One o' my biggest blasts I ever did done!" "Straight off the kick assertin' dominance, eh?" "Fo shiz, my guy. Anyway, I jus' wanted to get outta the sewer. I could go on about the mooks we beat on the way up but we're on a small time frame so let's get to the part where I sliced the Grand Magistrix in half!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ooooh girl, you know I'm gonna call some major--" "Nah nah nah, I got dis, homie. See, we were at the big focus for the Nightwell at the time, that crazy BIATCH havin' shoved herself in the thing to get loopy time powers! Folks got old, folks got young...your main girl got an extra twenty years on her lifespan. Didn't notice?" "Eh--yeah...sure." "Anyway, we had to kill her like three times because time jus' kept rewindin' for her. Eventually, all that temporal distortion got the better of her. After all--" "Yeah yeah, school-grade quantum physics. Echoin' timelines in the same world is jus' askin' for side effects to occur. The fabric o' reality can only take so much." "Preeezizzly, my good goblin! After the third one, WHAM! Chopper straight down the traps and she goes 'n' friggin' disperses into the Nightwell. A few moments later, she's cheerin' us on because apparently she couldn't predict a timeline where we'd beat these Legion mooks! Shows her, right?" "Hah! Yeah, elven rulers were never any good with strategy." "Preach, preach...remind me to come after that Queen o' mine sometime. Really tie up that cycle of incompetence." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "A'ight, main piece! Gul'dan. What's the sitch there? What really happened?" "What'd ya think I did? Asses were kicked, our planet got saved! That big green cripple was channelin' energy straight from Ol' Sargy himself. Each time he was like 'AAUGH JuSt a LitTle MoRe PoWeR!', and each time, we were stompin' 'em to the curb! So he gets all pissy and red and starts pile-drivin' people--I'm a lil' hazy there. Bloodlust and blood LOSS. All I know is I had my chopper revvin' into those abs--which were oddly impressive for an old dude, lemme tells ya." "Weird flex but okay." "And uh...yeah, he opens a portal to a Legion homeworld." "Come again?" "Yep, straight-up. Giant-ass portal that takes up the tower's tip. So it's like this big phallic tower leadin' into a gaping--" "A-BA-BA-BA! PG13, Miss Starshifter!" "Oh--right. So uh...we also had to fight the big Illidaddy too." "Wait--really?" "Yep. He was bound by Gul'dan, and he was jus' WRECKIN' face until we managed to break that shell on him which let 'em break free." "And that's when he--" "Stole my friggin' kill, yes." "He still playin' with that skull?" "Broke it to shards this time. No worries there, portal's gone too and the Eye at the Nighthold is in Dalaran now." "So the Five Pillars?" "You know it, baby! War's almost over!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "HOT DAMN! Alright, what's the next step?" "Broken Shore, Electric Boogaloo. We're gonna take that sucker and put the Pillars up so we can free Azeroth from the Legion." "Ya think we can do this? You afraid?" "..." "Yo, Azeroth to Big Mama P." *Snap snap* "Huh?! Oh--yeah, sorry I was thinkin' about what to get at the Broken Keel. Nah I'm not afraid. We got this, yo! Ya got the most devious elf in Azeroth backin' ya's after all! MWAHAHAH...AHa...hah." "That's what we like to hear! So what's your plan?" "Well that's simple, my dear...BOMB. EVERYTHING." "Spoken in true Steamwheedle fashion. Thank ya for this. Any last messages?" "This month's issue is fittin' the season o' love! Ladies, don't forget to buy this month's Vel-Tec for your stressed-out hubbies! Men, buy a copy for your bi-curious ladyfriend! And for both and those in between...ya'll know I'm watchin' ya's." "Weird--anyway, this is Krizz Inksploder, signin' off--!" "WHO LOVES YA BABY!" "Hey--hands off the mic--!" *SKRT!*
  2. Pirris: Construct Personality Sphere (Handed in) Etraeus' Celestial Map Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire (Handed in) Cloak of Temporal Calibration Convergence of Fates (Used Seal from Aluriel) Phial of Fel blood (Given to Cerrin)
  3. High Botanist Tel'arn Azumak, Dalton, Senn, Talharcen, Shuza, Darion Breath of Dusk A Dusk Lily flower preserved in a glas-covered locket. It appears to be pulling the shadows towards its center even in the broadest of daylights. Strangely a natural shadow pulses from the magical object. Attach this relic to a piece of armor, replacing the relic will destroy it. When attached to armor you are able to temporarily shadowmeld, cloaking your form but not silencing your presence. This effect breaks upon movement or action and can be used up to three times per day. Removing the relic will destroy it, only one relic may be attached at any given time to your armor. Parasitic Spore An oddly large, throbbing spore that seems nigh harmless in your hands even though you can feel it's trying to creep over your body and spread throughout. Attach this relic to a weapon or shield. From here it forms a symbiotic bond with the item, slowly covering up to half of its surface - replacing the covered parts with equally dense fungi and giving it a sickly yet natural sheen. Passively provides successful melee attacks with a lesser lifesteal effect, altering an opponent's damage into your own lifeforce. Spells cast with the aid of such a weapon increases the next three Nature-related spells by 1/5th and gives them a fungal appearance. Removing the relic will destroy it as well as the replaced parts, only one relic may be attached to your weapon at any given time. Sunflare Coal A radiant, blazing coal that feels warm to the touch. A natural heat reverberates outward from this enchanted coal, never extinguishing even under extreme cold or wet circumstances. Attach the Coal to your weapon. Weapons with the Coal attached will passively deal lesser Radiant (Fire/Holy) damage upon hit. The weapon has a small chance (D20, 17+) to alter the nature of your next spell into Radiant damage. Alternatively, once per day perform a cleaving motion that sends a short distance wave of major Radiant damage forward up to 8 yards. Removing the relic will destroy it, only one relic may be attached to your weapon at any given time. Woven Lashen Tendril Bracers All plants have their value, even those who could be considered as lesser or inferior. Fashioned from these lesser plants and enchanted by the Nightborne's magic these bracers now gained a new purpose: Fashionable, yet useful. Twice per day the wearer can call forth entangling roots of ironbark quality that ooze with arcane residue which in turn sears the bound target with minor arcane damage over the next three turns. While not inescapable, the person bound within will find that the roots' grasp become stronger the more they physically struggle against them. Trousers of Cultivation A pair of leather pants that seem to befit more of a druidic style than that with which the nightborne are more familiar with. Still, the gardener's practices wove into these pants a natural rejuvenation for their wearer. Each turn the trousers send a wave of restorative energies throughout the body of their wearer, nurturing them and healing minor wounds like cuts and bruises. In addition to this they also slow down the downsides of old age by roughly a decade. Once every week cultivate a magical tree that pulsates an aura of tranquility, greatly healing allies within 20 yards of the tree for three turns. Using this effect disables the passive effect for the cooldown duration. Fury of the Burning Sky A crystalline flower seed that radiates like a fiery jewel in daylight. Ornately fashioned from Tel'arn's personal garden and empowered through his experiments have the crystal hum a soothing melody that distracts one from the burning energy stored within. The flower has a total of 5 charges with 3 spells. Sunfire (1 charge) calls down a pillar of energy that deals moderate fire damage with the initial blast and low fire damage over time for the next 3 turns. Flare (2 charges) releases an immediate burst of moderate fire damage, also hitting creatures or people within 5 yards of the target. Solar Flare (5 charges) inflicts major fire damage to everyone, including allies, in a 5x10 yard cone - blinding them for one turn as well. Each charge takes one full day to recover.
  4. Drugon the Frostblood Drugon the Frostblood has terrorized the tribes of Highmountain from atop its frozen peaks for ages. Now, seeing opportunity in the chaos, this powerful ettin descends from his perch to claim the region for himself. Thunder Totem has called for adventurers to rise up and defend the area from the destructive power of this rampant towering figure. It is believed that Drugon has collected various objects of interest over his time, and offers up the chance for guardians and opportunists alike to put this threat to the sword. Date: Friday 30th August 3pm ST Loot table: (Lumidor got) Drugon's Snowglobe (Only one in event): PASSIVE: All spells and attacks while the user has the relic on an attached item gain the frost trait. Fire spells become firefrost, lightning spells leave frozen patches on impact, etc. ACTIVE: This enchanted orb allows the user to focus on a target once per week. For two turns, their image is cast within the globe and the target becomes the focus of a hail of icicles that follows them wherever they go. Giant’s Handkerchief- Someone needs to deep clean this… This “cloak” is absolutely disgusting, covered in frozen ettin boogies. Once per event, you may use this cape to inflict a sneezing effect on a target, interrupting spellcasting if applicable. Assorted Dragonscale Bracers- Drugon has been a slayer of many a small dragon over his years. These bracers appear to be an amalgamation of various types of scales! Once per event you may use these bracers to absorb a moderate strength nature or arcane spell! (DM discretion.) Ettinbone Bracers- These bracers were crafted from what appears to be the ettin’s bones. They make you feel… more powerful. Once per three days, you may invoke the power in these bracers, giving you strength to pick up an environmental item (within reason) that you may not be able to lift… it lasts until you throw the item, set it down, or five turns at most. Snowdrift Bracers- This set of wristpads were definitely buried in the snow for a while! The user gets a small increase to frost spell damage, as well as a slight resistance to frost spells. Wax-Sealed Leather Bracers: These may have been intended as a gift item at one point, but now they have a really odd texture. The user can conjure a puddle of hot wax over a target every 5 turns. The wax will harden after 1 turn. Drugon's fingernail: You did WHAT?! Eww! Drugon's fingernail can be applied to any weapon via the grimy mass that kept them in place on the ettin's hands. All melee attacks with the weapon are granted a minor nature damage application. =============================================================================================== Attendees: Valzan, Zaenius, Falgrim, Patch, Rhae, Dalton, Keral, Haith, Lumidor, Izusa
  5. ((Below is a list of IC bounties and quests offered across the world by different NPCs and/or organisations. Players can pursue these quests by contacting the DM who posted in the list via in-game or Discord, rather than waiting to have a large-scale public event posted to deal with something of a lower scale. Naturally, only DMs can offer their own quests, and if it's not on their post anymore, it is either no longer available or already completed. I also encourage other DMs to make entries of their own quests in this thread.)) ((This thread is NOT for discussion. Its entries should be done by DMs. Anything that needs discussing should be done in PMs on Discord or in-game.)) Bounty: "Pokey" Thornmantle Bounty Holder: Chief Hawkwind Location: Mulgore Reward: 30 silver Red Herring - Wait, is that fish still alive?! The Red Herring appears to be a fish cursed with eternal life, likely by some vengeful caster back in the day. The Red Herring is fitted with serrated teeth and will latch on and devour the flesh of whoever it bites, growing a stronger bond with its wielder over time. Description: A vile quilboar by the name of "Pokey" has slain Seer Graytongue, a well-respected member of our community several years ago. We would see this miscreant slain and the remains of Graytongue recovered so they may be given a proper burial. Bounty: Narg the Taskmaster Bounty Holder: Marshal Dughan Location: Elwynn Reward: 25 silver Ratty Old Belt - NOT THE BELT! This clothing piece is laden with the blood and fur of kobolds punished for disobedience. On a DC10, the user may attempt to stun all lower-ranking kobolds with fear, and maybe even force them into servitude. It's something, right? Description: A kobold taskmaster who escaped Fargodeep Mine who goes by the name of Narg is starting to gather forces to try and reclaim it. Slay Narg and prevent further disruption from arising in this fair forest. Bounty: Threggil Bounty Holder: Moon Priestess Amara Location: Teldrassil Reward: 15 silver Threggil's Keen Machete - A fel-tainted blade belonging to Threggil. Deals minor fel damage to targets. Description: The mischievous grell, Threggil has been assailing travellers and wildlife with a small party. We would see him slain so that balance may be maintained from this fel-twisted creature. Bounty: Snagglespear Bounty Holder: Harken Windtotem Location: Mulgore Reward: 60 silver Snag Net - This net is specially fitted with hooked barbs that dig into the flesh of the netted target. The target may attempt to get free of the net, but will suffer physical damage as a result. Description: A gnoll of the Palemane has been trapping and slaying both tauren and beast alike. They pose a threat to our people. Slay him. Bounty: Captain Flat Tusk Bounty Holder: Gar'thok Location: Durotar Reward: 1 gold Razor Mane - This pelted cloak appears to be enchanted with thorns, draping down across the user's back. Melee attacks on the user's back will be met with triggering the cloak's enchantment, causing thorns to shoot out and attack the assailant's hand(s). Description: Captain Flat Tusk leads the Battleguard west of Razor Hill. She is one of the two leaders, alongside Mottle who controls the quilboar in this region. Defeat her, and their morale will be shattered. Bounty: Blackmoss the Fetid Bounty Holder: Denalan Location: Teldrassil Reward: 20 silver Blackmoss' Bloom - The wielder can now summon a timberling companion when in fertile lands. If the timberling is slain, the bloom requires a recharge time of 1 week OOC before reuse. Description: I have a theory that the Timberlings in this forest are affected by something strange. One such being goes by the name Blackmoss, and has proven to be quite powerful. Take their heart and bring it to me so I may conduct research. Bounty: Doomsayer Wiserunner Bounty Holder: Zarlman Two-Moons Location: Mulgore Reward: 30 silver Water of the Seers - A ritual item used in Mulgore's society. If turned in to Zarlman, will grant a favour from the Bloodhoof Tribe, within limitations, of course. Description: Seer Wiserunner, once a respected figure among our community, has fallen to the madness of the Twilight's Hammer, resorting to sick and twisted teachings. Slay the maddened seer and help restore peace to these lands. Bounty: Enforcer Emilgund Bounty Holder: Ahmo Thunderhorn Location: Mulgore Reward: 70 silver Emilgund's Loincloth - EGAD, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! For some reason or another, you opted to take the stench-riddled loincloth of this ogre, and your disgusting ingenuity is rewarded. If tossed towards an area, all enemies within 5 feet will suffer minor nature damage from sensory shock. Description: An ogre of considerable strength guards the Venture Co. Mines, a testament of disrespect for our land and a symbol of corporate greed. If we stand any hope of freeing Mulgore's lands from their destructive clutches, he must be defeated. Bounty: Fury Shelda Bounty Holder: Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak Location: Teldrassil Reward: 70 silver Sentinel's Favour - The Sentinels of Darnassus thank you for your service, and will grant one favour within limitations for avenging their fallen. Description: Fury Shelda, leader of the Bloodfeather Tribe has been leading her people to attack our messengers and kidnap our men for their sickening mating rituals. Slay her and see that they are without a matriarch. Bounty: Felweaver Scornn Bounty Holder: Blood Guard Kang Location: Durotar Reward: 80 silver Felweaver's Staff - This staff comes with a spell that allows the user to shoot bolts of fel fire. The size of the balls are akin to a mage's fire bolt, and the crystal at the end of the staff contains the corruption. The staff can be held safely without fear of corruption. Description: Skull Rock is currently closed off due to reports of demonic activity within. A warlock by the name of Scornn has been in residence there for some time, and is seen as a threat. Save us the risk of good men and slay this disgrace to our people. Bounty: Tregla Bounty Holder: Lieutenant Dawnrunner Location: Eversong Woods Reward: 70 silver Tregla's Mojo - They drank it?! Woah mon! The infusion of this troll's essence has granted the imbiber a 10% boost in strength. Description: Tregla, a forest troll in charge of Amani'shi remnants, has taken root at Zeb'watha, proving to be a challenge for our units that have taken station at a nearby set of huts. Defeating this threat would allow us further claim over our own woods. Bounty: Eldinarcus Bounty Holder: Groundskeeper Wyllithen Location: Eversong Woods Reward: 30 silver Surging Shard - A shard of mana filled with energy. A one-use item that grants the user a guaranteed critical on any spell. Description: These mana surges, causing trouble on the grounds I'm supposed to care for! I've got issue with them like the sin'dorei and the trolls! Or the sin'dorei and the kaldorei! Or the sin'dorei and the sin'dorei! Damned sin'dorei, they ruin Eversong! Bah! Destroy this mana surge so I can work in peace! Bounty: Muad and Deeb Bounty Holder: Deathguard Simmer Location: Tirisfal Glades Reward: 70 silver Muad'Deeb - A mouse named after the two fallen murlocs. While akin to any regular mouse, he seems to love the sand and always sleep with their tail facing north, no matter where he is. If you try to move it another direction while sleeping, he will get cranky and try to face it north before sleeping again. Keep trying it and he'll probably bite you. Cranial Thumper - GO FOR THE HEAD! This seemingly mundane but enchanted mallet deals critical strikes when attacks are successfully made against a target's skull. Description: You know, despite the fishing and sailing purposes, sometimes even Forsaken like the beach, okay? Along the Whispering Shore to the north, the murlocs Muad and Deeb rule the region with their hostile tribe, and we would see the leaders dealt with so we might get freedom along the coast. Bounty: Lost Soul of Tirisfal Bounty Holder: Junior Apothecary Holland Location: Tirisfal Glades Reward: 1 gold, 10 silver Cloak of the Wailing Dead - A ghostly remnant of the Lost Soul of Tirisfal. Every 3 OOC turns, you can draw the cloak and flap it outward to force out a ghastly scream from the cloth's haunted folds. It is recommended you cover your ears, because it is quite piercing to hear. Description: While Arthas has fallen, some of his servants remain loyal. A wandering banshee has seen to weaponise the mindless undead near Brill and is causing problems for transports coming in from the west. Venture out and put the spirit to rest so we can continue unimpeded. Daglop Quest Holder: Tehd Shoemaker Location: Azsuna Reward: 2g (each) Copy of Daglop's Contract: The user can summon Daglop to ride their shoulder for 5 turns OOC or 30 minutes out of combat. The imp may feed his rider some Champion Chow once during this stage before disappearing. Champion Chow increases strength and spell power by 25% for 1 turn OOC. Description: Tehd is on the lookout for his imp, Daglop. The creature has always been known for mischievous actions and an obsession with his contract. See the imp returned without destroying it. Bounty: Deathspeaker Selendre Quest Holder: Carlin Redpath Location: Eastern Plaguelands Reward: 1g each 20x Enriched Manna Biscuits: The Argent Dawn seem more than pleased to share food with someone they're friendly with. These biscuits soothe the soul of the ones who eat them, providing healing of a spiritual nature as opposed to physical as well as nourishment. This is literally soul food. These biscuits can be bought for 18s a biscuit if more are needed. Damn, that's pricey. Description: The Scourge persists even to this day on our side of the world. Deathspeaker Selendre has teamed up with a necromancer in the region to fortify their position with the undead, and may seek to engage in an assault on a nearby post. Destroy their efforts and see all parties laid to rest. Border Reinforcements (Priest Order Hall) Quest Holder: Alonsus Faol Location: Highmountain Reward: 1.5g Training in Body and Soul: A training session lasting 3 weeks OOC will be offered upon completion. This training allows the user to further understand Power Word: Shield, and grants a 50% speed boost for 1 turn on any target the spell is cast upon, with a 1 turn cooldown period. Description: As a show of good faith to our Sun-worshipping brethren within Netherlight, and to the people of Highmountain, we have offered our assistance in dealing with a threat on the current border. A drogbar by the name of Brogrul has slain a lookout in the Snowblind Cliffs, presenting us the opportunity to show that priests are not mere men and women of the cloth, but deadly combatants to boot. See the people of Highmountain are lowered one threat and we will teach you a special technique among priests of various cultures. Danger: Beacher Quest Holder: Marin Bladewing Location: Azsuna Reward: 2g Endless Sands: A pouch containing an infinite amount of sand. The containment unit allows the user to grab and toss a handful of sand as much as they please, though after the second throw, the previous sand tossed will return to the pouch. Description: Once more, the Grey Shoals are met with a beachside threat. The sand elemental Beacher and their Sons pose a threat to movement through the western roads. Defeat the elemental and return for your reward. Bounty: Kazon Quest Holder: Magistrate Solomon Location: Redridge Reward: 1g Cutthroat's Pauldrons: These iron mail pauldrons, while seemingly regular in appearance, has been the accessory of one who has taken many a life. It thirsts for the blood of the fallen. For every life that has been ended permanently, a 1% charge is stored in the pauldrons, going up to 100% maximum. A percentage of any wounds will be healed once the charge is expended, bringing it down to 0% after. Description: Not all Blackrocks have thrown their hat in with the Horde, preferring to stick to the ideals of the Dark Horde. Kazon is one such orc who has opted to do so, and has gathered a small band to slay transports along the road. They are at Render's Camp, which was once a site of the Blackrock used over the years. Dead or alive, make him answer for the slain. Danger: Whitewater Typhoon Quest Holder: Sky Admiral Rogers Location: Stormheim Reward: 2g Skyfire Supplies: The salvage from the wreckage of the Skyfire may prove useful yet. This can be returned to Rogers in exchange for access to a 5-man Alliance troop for one excursion or to an order hall of your choosing to obtain one specialist to aid in an excursion. Description: The Skyfire has been somewhat of a nuisance to salvage with the presence of an elemental getting in the way of our objective. Take this entity down and you will get a cut of the salvage and pay. Bounty: Nefaru Quest Holder: Watchmaster Sorigal Location: Duskwood Reward: 1g Beastwalker Robe: The passive effect of this robe seems to give a minor level of favour when dealing with beasts. If engaged in group combat with beasts, the wearer of this robe will be the last target of hostile intent (Note: if you're alone or the only one in the group being a bit of an arse, you will still be targeted). Description: Nefaru, known as the 'Den Mother' of the Nightbane, has set up camp by a cave just south of the Rotting Orchard. In order to prevent further incident, we ask that you slay these beasts before their pack grows. Bounty: Gluggl Quest Holder: Ajeck Rouack Location: Northern Stranglethorn Reward: 1g Spittleshank: Most of Gluggl's weapons wind up melting due to his acid, though one victim was carrying a weapon with an enchantment that absorbed so much of the acid, it became a part of it. Spittleshank is a dagger with a corrosive property, allowing it to eat through basic armour like iron in 2 turns when a slash is made against it. Description: My tiger hunts are being brought to a screeching halt by the presence of the murlocs in the Kal'ai Ruins. Gluggl, a sizeable white murloc amongst their ranks is proving to be a nuisance, and is likely their leader. See it that I can hunt without this one in my way. Bounty: High Priestess Hai'watna Quest Holder: Livingston Marshal/Kil'Karil Location: Northern Stranglethorn Reward: 1g Hexin' Stick: This staff is infused with some dark voodoo, evil, voodoo...tasty voodoo if you have the right herbs and spices. The wielder of this staff is able to utilise an instant cast of the 'hex' spell once every day, turning the target into a chicken for 2 turns, requiring a contested roll to succeed. If the roll fails, the charge is not spent. Description: The Hakkari priestess Hai'watna is drawing in the souls of the fallen to sacrifice to Hakkar. Parties have been sent out to deal with her but met a somewhat...feathery end. The death of this priestess would be met with appropriate award. Bounty: Mosh'ogg's Butcher Band Quest Holder: Ajeck Rouack Location Northern Stranglethorn Reward: 6g Butcher's Spice: Just how has the Butcher made his food tolerable? Good question, let us answer that! This bag of spice, when applied to food, is a mix of ground horn, bone, rare earths and just the TINIEST hint of venom to give that special kick to your meal. When a spiced meal is consumed, the consumer will find their senses awakened, their mood raised and their bloodlust raised a small amount too! It's good for 20 meals! Description: We may be hunters, but the Mosh'ogg are going to kill the whole jungle at this rate! Their new leader is someone they call the Butcher, who has convinced his way to leadership by making lavish meals for the band of ogres. We can do without Stranglethorn becoming a feast, so how's about curbing their appetite some? Urobi the Walker Quest Holder: Jade Temple Location: Jade Forest Reward: 3g Pathwalker Greatstaff: A staff infused with vast amounts of chi. Chi and fire magic can be cast through this staff, amplifying the effects of the spell by 50%. Other magics will operate as normal, but if fel magic is cast, the effect is amplified twicefold, but the staff's effect will fail until purified. Description: We seek to test the next generation of combatants. At Shang's Valley, the champion Urobi awaits to see you prove your worth. Should you succeed, we will have confidence in entrusting a boon to one we can trust to guide this world out of the darkness.