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  1. By order of the High Chieftain of the Tauren, Baine Bloodhoof, Efforts will begin on this day to strive towards the rebuilding of the city of Thunder Bluff, and recovery from the attack of the Overlord Baelorax. Following the Battle of Thunder Bluff, in which brave heroes defended the city as best they were able against the Demonic Overlord Baelorax the Ruiner and his flagship, the Black Tower, the city of Thunder Bluff was left in ruins. While some structures survived, the scar of the Black Tower cut so deep that, unless they act soon, the Tauren may be driven from their home completely. To this end, Baine Bloodhoof has announced the beginning of efforts to reclaim corrupted parts of the city, and rebuild what was broken, most notably the Wind Rider Totem in the center of the city. Donations are accepted from the Horde and anonymous sources, and those affiliated with neutral organizations and the Legionfall may provide labor. The following commodities are being requested by anyone willing to give them: * Gold, any amount will do. * Raw materials, specifically timber and leather, for the remaking of homes. * Metals, ingots, and tools, to assist in the rebuilding process. * Willful labor in the construction of new houses. * Willful labor in the purification of corrupted soil, specifically by Druids, Priests, or Shaman. * Willful labor in the healing of wounded defenders, specifically by Druids, Priests, or Shaman. * Medical supplies, any amount will do. * Rations and food. If you're sending food through the post or via magic, make sure it is non-perishable. Baine has agreed to grant honorary titles to those who contribute great amounts of Gold or other assistance, and has sworn that when the Wind Rider Totem is rebuilt, it will be carved with the names of everyone who donated money, supplies, or their physical skills towards the rebuilding of Thunder Bluff. Current Honorary Chieftains (Tier 1 Donators): None Current Honorary Heroes of Thunder Bluff (Tier 2 Donators): Alvia Dawngaze (50g Donation) Aelid (30g Donation) All current contributors: The Grimtotem Tribe (73g Donation) Azgrim Stormblessed (15g Donation) Karn Ironback (10g Donation) Urdren Moonblossom (Contributions of Food, Healing, and Purification) And All Anonymous Donators OOC Notes: Hey, Mushan here. This is a chance to showcase lasting consequences from an event, and to offer a chance for characters to earn renown and do some RP by contributing to the construction. If you'd like to do something concerning this, comment on this thread, or message me in-game or on Discord. I'd ask you please don't pester other DMs to handle your concerns with this, they've got their own projects.
  2. "My blood for the Duke, So he may bleed others for me. My loyalty to the Duke, So he may reward me with power. My life for the Duke, so we may all be united. My faith in the Duke, To free us from this curse of life." The Court of the Red Duke A new power grows in the frozen lands of Northrend. While Bolvar the Lich King struggles to hold the endless Scourge in check, some of the most intelligent and willful of the former Lich King's lieutenants have managed to break free and operate on their own. An enigmatic San'layn known by most by the moniker "The Red Duke" is one such scourge. Now free of the Lich King's command, he has begun to gather a new court, filled with San'layn, Vampyrs, and any who seek the powers of death and necromancy to further their gains. Ranks: The Red Duke: Lord of the Court, Master of all ranks below, and Benefactor to the plans and schemes of the Court. There is only one Red Duke, and none may challenge his title. The Inner Circle: The Red Duke’s strongest and most loyal lieutenants. Overseers of his plans and machinations, as well as advisors to the future of the Court, the Inner Circle is reserved for powerful undead, such as other San’layn or rogue Death Knights. Others however can earn their way into the Inner Circle. Members of the Inner Circle are frequently awarded the title of Count or Countess Champion: Powerful enforcers and guardians, usually right hands to members of the Inner Circle. Known for their combat prowess and raw power, Champions command fear and respect from other members of the court. Courtier: Members of the Duke’s Court, the main body of his forces. Courtiers have proven their loyalty, and mortals who earn this rank are often offered the gift of Vampirism from the Duke himself. Companion: Unaffiliated allies of the Court of the Red Duke. Afforded respect for their assistance given to the court, but locked out of the inner workings of the Court. Initiate: The dregs and lowest grunts of the Court of the Red Duke. Placed here either due to their weakness, questionable loyalty, or being otherwise unable to prove themselves to the Duke and the Court. How do I join? The Court of the Red Duke is open to any willing to trade their loyalty for power, or willing to dedicate themselves to a greater purpose: Uniting the world in the embrace of Undeath, and ending the Curse of Life. You can whisper "Larathon" if you see him in-game, or you can message Mushan on discord if you're interested in swearing fealty to the Red Banner. OOC Information! Just to clarify, this is a guild designed for evil members and events, based in Northrend for now. Character-wise, we're particularly focused on necromancy, San’layn and Vampyrs, though other character ideas are happily accepted. From rogue Death Knights to Necromancers and beyond. If you have an idea that might fit we can work out how that will work out. Our plans will soon come to fruition, for as soon as we have enough people to schedule an event, our reign of terror and doom will spread across the Howling Fjord, across Northrend, across AZEROTH!! HAHAHAHAHA.... *Ahem* ...Anyway. Let me know if you're interested!
  3. I demand the Horn of Mephistroth. It will be mine!
  4. Also worth noting: we're accepting investors! If you want a stake of the company, we're selling shares at the low-low price of 2 Gold for a 1% share
  5. "Fairness, Trade, and Profit for All." The Goldengear Caravan From the mind of innovative Goblin businessman Rozmyn "Pops" Goldengear comes a new trade network that will take Azeroth by storm: The Goldengear Caravan. Pops' long-time networking efforts and connections to Azeroth's major industries has secured him several avenues of sourcing raw materials for craftspeople and traders at a discounted rate, meaning Pops is earning a profit while his clients' payments remain the same. But that's not all! Because Goldengear is making a profit off this, he is able to own and operate the Goldengear Caravan Company, a collection of traders, merchants, and craftspeople sponsored by the Goldengear family to travel the world utilizing Carriages, Horses, and Lodging paid for by Mister Goldengear. What are the benefits of becoming a Goldengear Caravan Trader or Affiliate? Simple! No more headaches or effort trying to source just the right materials for your next project. Are you an enchanter that needs an Elemental Core, but is much too busy to go out to get it yourself? Maybe you're a Blacksmith commissioned to make a Mithril sword, but you don't know any Mithril mines to buy the ore from. Well, fret no more, simply give Pops a list of what you need sourced, and for the same price as buying it off the market yourself, Pops will take care of the administration of sourcing your materials for you. (Disclaimer: Particularly rare or hard-to-come-by materials will require an additional 10% price fee to be sourced by Pops Goldengear) Not only that, if you're the type of person who likes to travel the world selling your goods, then say goodbye to paying for travel from place to place! The Goldengear Caravan has sponsored carriages paid for by the company that you can live in on the road and sell from at major cities. Affiliates of the Company, however, are exempt from this benefit. Only full employees are allowed to partake in the Goldengear Caravan's carriages. The most notable advantage of being a full employee of the Goldengear Caravan is your affiliation with a Neutral-Standing Trade Network, meaning you cannot legally be punished for entering territory that may have otherwise seen you as hostiles. This dramatically opens up more and more locations for you to sell your goods with the Company's help. So what's the difference between a full employee and an affiliate? Well, full employees gain the full range of benefits and protections, and stay with the Caravan for at least 8 months out of the year or 3 weeks out of the month. The rest of the time can be spent at home as an affiliate, or wherever else you like. An affiliate can still source their materials through the Company and still owes a contractor's fee for particularly expensive materials, but they are not officially sponsored by a Neutral-Standing Trade Network, and they cannot benefit from any Company goods or protective policy. Getting these benefits does come at a cost, however. If you're a full employee utilizing the Company's carriages, you owe to the company a 10% royalty of any profits made from goods sold with materials sourced through the Company, or from a Company carriage. This sounds great! How do I join? Simply approach Rozmyn "Pops" Goldengear and say you're interested in joining the newest future Trade Empire, either as a full employee or as an affiliate. The Caravan also engages in independent contracting to source materials to larger organizations, and since the company is a Neutral-Standing Trade Network, they are able to sell to either faction, including government and military organizations. If you're interested in joining the Caravan or just sourcing your materials through Goldengear and his company, feel free to contact our administrative assistant. He calls himself "King of the Mushan". He's kind of a weird guy, but you can find him just about anywhere as "Mushan". Or find Pops Goldengear directly. "Onward! To Profit for All!"
  6. It seems a little weird to post the story descriptions of events in a chain before they happen. Probably just me being nitpicky though, no major spoilers or anything.
  7. I would've thought that obvious from the post, but oh well. The County of Kingsmoor is situated along the southeastern coast of the Swamp of Sorrows
  8. "The Human Spirit, Always Survives" Formerly Deacon of the Church of the Holy Light, Thomas MacGroener has claimed a right to inherit the noble County of Kingsmoor in the Swamp of Sorrows. Kingsmoor has been in ruins since the First War, but Thomas believes that its revival is of paramount importance spiritually, politically, and defensively. House MacGroener seeks to return to the Swamp of Sorrows and rebuild the County of Kingsmoor, and to this end, the aspiring Count has created: The Knightly Order of the Black Morass This order is dedicated to purging the Black Morass of its dark secrets and rebuilding a beacon of the Light where once a proud arm of the Kingdom reached. Those who seek out adventure, riches, and a good cause should find the former Deacon and request entry into this new Knightly Order to become a Knight of the Black Morass. The Order is currently young and accepting almost any applicants. In time, a system of ranks and titles will be established and the Order will become concretely intertwined with the development of Kingsmoor. For this reason, it is much more appealing to join the Order now, when requirements are loose, than to wait for it to become an established organization. Requirements: One must only be loyal to the Alliance first and foremost, and own a desire to stand up for those endangered by our tumultuous and chaotic world. Those with 'questionable' service records will be evaluated on an individual basis. Upkeep: As many of the Order's charges will be to recover items of wealth for the rebuilding of the County, Knights will be entitled to keep a portion of the wealth they recover as payment. As it stands, weapons and armor cannot be provided by House MacGroener, nor can reliable shelter. As the County of Kingsmoor is rebuilt, a Knightly Hall will be one of the first buildings to be constructed, which will serve as a common area and bunkhouse for the Order. As the County's economy begins providing for itself, Knights will also receive reliable wages, and will be given armor, weapons, and heraldry per request. Leadership: In its current state, the Knightly Order will answer directly to Thomas MacGroener, and by proxy to the Kingdom of Stormwind. As time goes on, the rank of Champion will serve as a leader for the Order. OOC Information: The Knights of the Black Morass will be a faction of the "House MacGroener" Guild, and will go through a series of events to rebuild the County of Kingsmoor. These will be guild events pertaining to a wide range of objectives, and even when the County has been rebuilt, there will still be jobs to be taken on. Once the Knights have 5 members total, I will make an Event Request to begin the Rebuilding of Kingsmoor.
  9. Part 4.1: The Liberation of Nor'danil Following the successful defense of Val'sharah, the Faronaar Front has declared that the Tactician has been allowed enough ground, and the time to fight back is now. The Kirin Tor has targeted the first loss of this campaign: The Nor'danil Wellsprings. Where once there was a camp for adventurer's in Azsuna around these Wellsprings, the Tactician's first attack with the Soulrender crushed its defenses and occupied it with Demonic forces. Scouts have reported that Kol'roz the Everburning, a powerful Doomguard and one of the Tactician's most trusted Lieutenants, is in command of this camp, which has been outfitted with three large portals that have been constantly transferring soldiers from the heart of Faronaar. There are many potential gains in the liberation of this area, including restoring a staging camp to Azsuna's adventurers and defenders, the defeat of one of the Tactician's closest Lieutenants, and halting of the Tactician's advances in the area. The Kirin Tor warns that the camp will be heavily defended, artillery will no doubt have been installed as well as magical and mundane defensive measures such as barriers and wards. They suggest their allies call for any aid they can, and the Kirin Tor are doing the same. The Illidari, Court of Farondis, Wardens, and even the Cenarion Circle have offered soldiers for this endeavor, but even that, they worry, may not be enough. Volunteers are encouraged to gather any aid they can and report to a Siege Camp being established at the base of the Wellsprings whenever the Kirin Tor decides the time to strike is right. The Wardens are insistent that more of the Tactician's Officers be targeted and eliminated before attempting the Siege. OOC INFORMATION Part 4 of the Shadow of the Soulrender will be split into two parts: Part 4.1 and Part 4.2. Part 4.1 will be held FRIDAY, JULY 19TH at 3PM ST and will consist of a lengthy Siege to break the demonic defenses around the Nor'danil Wellsprings. Part 4.2 will be held the following day, and an announcement on the specifics of Part 4.2 will be posted in the aftermath of Part 4.1. If your character can muster any allies, siege machinery, any sort of aid for the Siege on Nor'danil, let me know, because that will have an effect on the difficulty of the Siege. I know the defenses the Legion has in place, and I know what it would take to match that. The more aid you can offer, the better, but let me know through Discord or In-game, because I will need to DM that to make sure it's up to snuff.
  10. The build itself will technically be permanent, yes, but following in the true Darkmoon Faire tradition, it will only be open to the public one week a month. I do intend to repeat this for future months, but we'll see how it does in its first few goes.
  11. Listen All, but do not Fear, Something Old, yet New, is Here, Perhaps, in Time, it will be Clear, But be Ready for us to soon Appear, We do not Seek to Frighten or Scare, We Seek to Show you Things Quite Rare, To Enjoy Yourself, Without a Care, Come One, Come All... To the Darkmoon Faire! While originally, the cryptic poems posted on parchments around Azeroth's major cities was unsettling and mysterious, now they all seem to have been amended to include a second verse, revealing a point of the postings: The Darkmoon Faire has returned! World-renowned entertainer and ringleader Silas Darkmoon has reopened his famous fair back to Azeroth! Experience the mysteries of magic, the wonders of the world, and the challenges of the Faire's many games and activities. Test your wit in battles of pets and cards, test your speed in races across the island, and test your mettle against other fighters in the Darkmoon Deathmatch! And, at the end of the day, when you've tired yourself out and expended all your tickets and tokens, dance and drink the night away with not one, but TWO special musical guests, including the world-famous group: ETC. The Darkmoon Faire opens its portals next Sunday, the first of the month, and extends to the next Saturday afterward, at which point Silas Darkmoon will host a series of Finale Events! "Do not think this some sort of blunder. Do not think this a one time occurance. The Faire has stayed out of the limelight for a time, of course, but we're back, and we're bigger and better than ever! So pre-order your Admission Tickets so you can get a nice heap of Coins as soon as you enter!" -Silas Darkmoon, founder of the Darkmoon Faire. OOC INFORMATION: I decided to do something a bit more fun and laid-back, what with the world-threatening evils we face on a daily basis. So how this is going to work: The Darkmoon Faire will open at 12PM Noon Server Time on Sunday, July 6th, and will last until 10PM Server Time on Saturday, July 12th. During this time, the Faire will be a place for passive RP open to anyone, and games and activities can be played per request at any time. I'd also like to coordinate with other DMs in order to run an assortment of events throughout the days, split among the DMs so as to allow the most available time and participation. As stated above, on Saturday, July 12th, there will be a series of Finale Events, scheduled occurrences generally focused around each of the unique games and activities, offering greater rewards! On that note, you will be able to earn the standard Darkmoon rewards of replica gear, mounts, pets, and exotic goods, but there may also be some special rewards being offered for specific games and activities. Stay posted and keep an eye out for the Darkmoon Faire incoming!
  12. Part 3: At the Edge of Val'sharah The Faronaar Front is working hard to stop the momentum of the Tactician's armies in Azsuna, but while they've been planning to push back and reclaim lost ground, the Tactician has chosen to assault a new location: The Border of Val'sharah. The Kirin Tor has been working to receive the aid of the Dreamweavers, but while the Druids have been working hard on their own business, they have agreed to meet the soldiers of the Faronaar Front at the Tidal Marsh, the border between Val'sharah and Azsuna, to stop the Tactician's advance. If the Legion is to win another victory here at the border, they risk gaining a foothold in Val'sharah, which would make the Faronaar Front's offensive against them significantly more difficult and put many, many more lives at risk. We cannot allow the Legion a victory here, they must be stopped at the edge of the forest. Jace Darkweaver and Warmage Kath'leen have met with Celestine of the Harvest, the Dreamweaver Commander, to aid in their defense of the ancient lands. All able-bodied soldiers are requested to offer their own aid as well, as is becoming a common protocol. OOC INFORMATION: Soulrender, Part 3 will be held FRIDAY, JULY 5TH, at 3:00PM ST
  13. Soulrender Side-Quests: The Tactician's Officers Following the surprising victory against Legion attackers at the Battle of Nar'thalas, the Faronaar Front, the Alliance between the Kirin Tor, Court of Farondis, and Illidari, has officially received the aid and entry of the Wardens, and morale has skyrocketed. While the Kirin Tor work with their allies to plan counterattacks against Legion positions in the area, the Wardens have taken it upon themselves to track down the Tactician's Officers, and assassinate them. The Wardens have identified Ten known Officers to the Tactician, including: Altariax, Nathrezim - Whereabouts Unknown Commander Kalvixes, Eredar - NEUTRALIZED Houndkeeper Axivis, Lesser Fel Lord - NEUTRALIZED Felbat Matron, Felbat - Whereabouts Unknown Inquisitor Eshilik, Inquisitor - Creating Wards in the Crumbling Palace Krexxis the Engineer, Race Unknown - Whereabouts Unknown Watcher Vygalos, Darkglare - Whereabouts Unknown Captain Gorebane, Jailer - Whereabouts Unknown Ashavara Embermantle, Eredar - Whereabouts Unknown Fel Crusader Xar, Eredar - Whereabouts Unknown While few of these Officers' locations are known at the moment, the Wardens are working with the Illidari to pinpoint their locations and begin attempts to assassinate the Officers. The Wardens are asking any able Volunteers to be able to answer their call once they identify a vulnerable Officer. The Warden mission has been classified by the Faronaar Front as "Non-Essential", meaning that it is not a requirement to continue in the Front's counterattacks against the Legion, but the Wardens insist that their actions will help the Front in their future attacks on Demonic Positions be eliminating certain strengths each Officer possesses or forces they command. The Wardens have targeted Inquisitor Eshilik: "Recent developments concerning the supposedly failed operation to infiltrate the Soulrender lend credence to the belief that the Soulrender has been destroyed, and with it, its caretaker, Inquisitor Tivos. Inquisitor Eshilik is more evidence towards this theory, formerly Tivos’ apprentice who has now taken a much more active role in the operation and upkeep of the Illidari Stand. Eshilik’s role is in creating defenses around the Stand designed to psychically deter attackers, and in interrogating prisoners to earn their loyalty or gain information on our offensives. Eshilik is currently away from the Illidari Stand, creating forward defenses near the Crumbled Palace. If we can ambush him and his servants and kill the Inquisitor, we will be able to keep the Illidari Stand from becoming an unassailable position." OOC INFORMATION: These will be weekly events aimed at eliminating certain mini-bosses and their entourages. These events will be announced on Monday and held on Saturday of each week once I can get going, and the target will be randomly chosen from the list of Ten above. These side-quests are just that, side-quests. They are not essential to the development and continuation of the Soulrender Arc, but participating in them will offer unique rewards and help in future main events focused on attacking Demonic fortifications. For example, if you went after an Officer known for commanding Felbats and eliminated him, in a future attack you may encounter less resistance from Felbats. If you partake in a Warden Event and receive a piece of Unique Loot (Each Boss has a single Unique piece of Loot), you are INELIGIBLE to receive Unique Loot on any character from any other boss. This may change to allow for different characters of the same player if it comes to that point, but in no scenario may one character receive two different Unique items from these events.
  14. REWARDS! Congrats to those that participated in Part 2 of the Shadow of the Soulrender above. You are entitled to some rewards! I'm usually pretty stingy about unique rewards, but it was a long and hard event, and my last one for awhile, so I feel you deserve it! There are 3 Unique items that you will have to inform me of your intent to claim through DMs in-game or on Discord, and they will have to be rolled for on the Auction Date (Which we'll say is MONDAY, June 3rd! Also called tomorrow) There are also 2 items that EVERYONE who attended will be entitled to claim if they so choose, though these rewards can be denied. Those who are eligible for rewards: Urdren, Holmes, Kay, Mellene, Balgrum, Aelid, Azumak, Bevin, Blackeye, Grug, Lanara, Modrin, Ronric, Slaksesh, Sosara, Druzlek, Brandasi, Gromeal, and Rhiz'ga I would ask that if you attended the event with two separate characters, please do not try to claim the same unique item between two characters, to keep it fair. All characters will receive the extra two items. You can find the items below: UNIQUES: [Gem of the Sword Wraith]: “The people of Nar’thalas have always toiled to reach a balance between their living souls and their wraith-like bodies. Gems like these were created to try and return their ghostly weapons to a physical state, but ended up having the opposite effect” [Relic] When socketed into a weapon, the Gem of the Sword Wraith provides the following ability: Twice per day, for one attack, this weapon takes on an incorporeal appearance, allowing it to bypass any sort of armor and deal psychic damage to the target. As soon as the one attack is over, the weapon reverts to its normal state. (WON by Grug) [Belora and Elunis, Sisters of the Sun and Moon]: "These blades were given as gifts to Prince Farondis by the Temple of Elune before the War of the Ancients. The two blades symbolize the balance of the night and day, the Moon and the Sun. Achieving perfect balance between the two can create miraculous acts." [Two Swords] These two swords each deal marginally extra damage of a certain type: Belora, Blade of the Sun, deals Holy Damage, while Elunis, Blade of the Moon, deals Arcane Damage. Once a week, the two swords can be combined to create a flash of energy, damaging all enemies and healing all allies within 30 yards, as well as removing any crowd-control effects from the user and any allies within 5 yards. (WON by Gromeal) [Wall of Nar'thalas]: "Back before the War of the Ancients, the Nar'thalas Academy flourished with students learning the arts of Magic. It was the Magisters of the Academy that first built the Wall of Nar'thalas, a symbol of the city's strength with plenty of magical tricks embedded into the item." [Shield] This unassuming Shield cannot be scarred, damaged, or broken by any magical means, but can be scarred, damaged, and broken by mundane or physical means. Whenever the Wall of Nar'thalas is struck by a spell, it retains a small portion of the spell's magic, which can be used to restore the wielder's Mana relative to the strength of the damaging spell. Once every three days, you can use this shield to recreate the last spell that struck it as if you were casting it yourself from the shield. The recreation of the spell is less powerful than the original spell. (WON by Bevin) FREE ITEMS: [Prince's Commendation]: "A Commendation from Prince Farondis himself is an impressive honor, especially for those who are not native to Nar'thalas or Azsuna. It reflects the pride and gratitude that the Prince's Court places in carrier, and the weight of the Commendation is recognized by all peoples of Nar'thalas" [Mundane Item] This Commendation from Prince Farondis himself can be redeemed at any time to request a favor of the people of Nar'thalas. Upon accepting this favor, assuming it is equal in value to the Commendation, the Court of Farondis is bound to complete it to the best of their ability. The Commendation can be used to request a single favor, after which it cannot be used for the same purpose again, but still holds weight among the people of Nar'thalas. [Soul Harvester Fragment]: "Whatever the need for deploying this foul machinations of the Legion at Nar'thalas may have been, the fragments left over from the battle for the city may still be put to good use as shields for one's psyche." [Reusable Item] Expending a charge of the Soul Harvester Fragment allows the carrier to steel their mind against invasion for 2 turns, rendering them immune to psychic damage or mind-altering effects such as fear, confusion, or domination. Each Soul Harvester Fragment has 3 charges total, and once it is used for the third time, the Fragment turns to dust. THE AUCTION: I will be collecting "bids" for each of the Unique items (In reality just letting me know you want them) up until the time of The Auction, which I have decided will be at 6PM SERVER TIME, on MONDAY, JUNE 3RD. Inform me of your intent to claim ONLY ONE of the Unique Items before then, and I will gather rolls throughout the day to determine the "highest bidder". At 6PM on MONDAY, I will announce the winners through Discord.
  15. Part 2: Fighting the Incursion In the aftermath of the Battle of the Illidari Stand, the Kirin Tor, Illidari, and Court of Farondis have split up, each pursuing their own path to victory. While the Kirin Tor work to attain the assistance of Azsuna's Wardens and Val'Sharah's Dreamweavers, and the Illidari focus on their plans to infiltrate and sabotage the Soulrender directly, Prince Farondis has dedicated his forces to protecting Azsuna as best they can. Nightwatcher Idri, Farondis' most trusted commander in this ongoing conflict, has alerted the Prince to scout reports claiming that the Legion has a small outpost behind the Nightwatcher lines, on the outskirts of Llothien, and are attempting to create a portal to flank the Prince's forces. Idri has asked for any available aid to help rid Azsuna of this outpost. She hopes that a victory against the Legion, even a small one, could help turn morale back in the favor of Azsuna's defenders. The scouts report that the shell of a portal has already been built, and the outpost is populated by a squad of elite Eredar and a handful of Wyrmtongues, lead by a powerful Eredar Warlock and a fearsome Doomguard Commander. The camp is also currently home to at least ten prisoners, who are believed to be acting as fuel to open the portal. Idri believes that with a powerful enough strike, the outpost can be eradicated and the Nightwatchers can gain their morale. With no clear route of reinforcement and the element of surprise, she believes that they have the advantage over the Legion for once, but is asking for extra aid regardless. OOC INFORMATION: Shadow of the Soulrender: Part 2 will be held SATURDAY, JUNE 1ST, at 1:00PM SERVER TIME. This time, we're taking the fight to the Legion and the tables may be turned! Unlike part 1.5, there is no player cap for this event, and while it may seem simple enough, I can assure you that it's worth as much attention as any other event in the Arc.