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  1. The Cult of Arthas Background: "The Cult of Arthas is a fairly recent group formed by Lady Arieme The Wraith Commination, a Necromancer that 'believes' that Arthas is the one true Lich King. That, as long as his followers are loyal, may return him to his rightful place upon the frozen throne, which means carrying on the work that had been left unfinished after his demise. Their goal is the destruction and enslavement of all mortal life so that their kind will not only no longer have to hide in the far corners of the world to practice their devoted arts, but may use their devoted arts to rise above it as gods amongst the fallen of men. That, loyalty to Arthas and Lady Arieme, even in Arthas' absence will go rewarded heavily upon his return." Ranks: Lord/Lady: Cult leader of The Cult of Arthas. The individual believed to be the self-proclaimed protege of Arthas himself through acts of loyalty to Arthas. As well as the one leading the way forward towards Arthas' return. The Chosen: The inner trusted circle of The Cult of Arthas. Those that have shown their true devotion to the cause and will do anything in their power to maintain it to that end. These are the high council of the cult that keep the day-to-day operations running and ensure the longevity of the end goal. The Devoted: Those that have proven themselves through loyalty and service to the cause to act as the direct hands of the chosen. They enforce the will of the cult directly on those that would otherwise question it. The Sworn: Those that have proven they are believers to the cause and are full members of The Cult of Arthas and will reap the rewards of all that it entails upon his return. The Acolyte: Those that have just found themselves amongst the Cult of Arthas and have shown interest in the vision that the cult has. These are the new members and as such are not permitted to the location of the Hall. But will require themselves proven in order to be welcomed in. The Undying: The undead armies of the Cult of Arthas. Those that are anything from bone golems, ghouls, abominations and so on. How to join? Simply message Angelis96 in Discord, DM Angelis96 in Discord, or message Arieme or any of the chosen in-game or through any of the previously mentioned means if you are interested in being involved. OOC Info: This is an evil group that is generally centered around the teachings of Arthas. A group that is designed to believe that someday Arthas will return and return to his proper place upon the Frozen Throne of Northrend. Though, in actuality the cult is simply using Arthas as a pedestal, a martyr for their own power. The focus is generally centered around Necromancers/Death Knights/Undead but will also include spies and other evil/criminal elements that wish to share in that vision and may potentially wish to reap the rewards of undeath and immortality themselves. Though not solely limited to undead either, you may very well join living and wish to become undead later if you so choose to.
  2. According to the Stormwind authorities and general gossip around the taverns in Stormwind, a mother had recently made a complaint about her child missing and all the valuables in her house abruptly being stolen. The last time the child was seen was when she brought the child home from a performance in Goldshire the previous day. The local authorities have been looking into any leads they could discern from the scene but have come up with little. A reward of three gold has been posted for anyone that can come forth with any information about the missing child and stolen valuables.