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    Welcome back man! Glad to hear things are looking up for you! :)
  2. It is primarily a Roleplay server. Kind of like Epsilon. The main distinguishing difference is that Epsilon has a focus on phased roleplay. Whilst here in Paragon we have a focus on main phased over arching story and content.
  3. The story continued: Part II: Aka and the Horde crew take on the Drywhisker Kobolds and their leader Geomancer Flintdagger. They fight on and fight hard, but slowly start to become overrun by killer bunnies made entirely of stone within the cavern depths. Noticing their folly Aka charged forth and leads the horde deeper into the cavern, passed the horde of rabbits to kill Flintdagger. Once flintdagger is dead, they aptly begin to fight their way out from the continuing endless spawn. Finally, noticing the totems hidden within the cavern walls, they destroy them and then fight their way out hastefully in order to escape with their lives. The constructs later, turn to the rubble from whence they came. Allowing mining efforts to be planned within the confines of said cavern. Part III.I: The horde group once again has a sit down with members of the alliance, particularly Knight Captain Aldrin outside of the confines of stormegarde near Go'shek farm in order to facilitate another conjoined effort to take back both Go'shek farm and Dabyrie Farmstead. After much deliberations, Knight Captain Aldrin agrees to the terms set forth and the group is sent on their way to Go'shek Farm. But, all is not what it seems. The Syndicate were aware of their attack ahead of time and had prepared trap doors underneath the farmland. All the Peons that could be seen were mere illusions to lure these stalwart adventurers into the trap that would aspiringly kill them. When the fight seemed to be a struggle several Syndicate mercenaries came out from underneath the farmland and alighted the under passage ablaze with the real citizens of Go'shek farm still inside to be burnt alive. With Aka, Eadweard and Nadia left completely useless in the after effects of a hallucinogenic poison. It was up to the Shamans of the horde and Eadwards men to save the day and rescue who they could from the fires. Several died, a handful were left to live. But all in all, Go'shek farm was saved from the direct control of the Syndicate. Part III.II: With Go'shek farm liberated it was now time for this crew to turn their focus upon the Dabyrie Farmstead. Though, how the Syndicate knew of their attack was something that had been perplexing Aka Warblessed this entire time, even as the fight for Dabyrie ensued, it remained. More illusion magic was set upon this farmstead. As every single civilian within it was made to be a look alike of Darbel Montrose. As the crew went to clear out the Dabyrie Farmstead it was upon this moment that Aka had an epiphany of how the Syndicate may be so well informed. Upon his request, Koraie was asked to use soul sight upon Knight Captain Aldrin. And sure enough, as it so happened Knight Captain Aldrin was Darbel Montrose in disguise this entire time. With the Death of Darbel and the removal of the enchanted trinket upon her neck, all of the illusions within Dabyrie farmstead would dissipate. At the conclusion of the events surrounding Dabyrie farmstead, Eadweard makes his way to refuge point where he requests protection and supplies for the survivors at the farmstead. Which is taken under advisement upon everything else going on in the area. And with that conclusion, both farmsteads find themselves liberated of Syndicate influence. At least, for the time being. Part IV: The horde crew prepares a direct assault upon the Witherbark village. Met with just the forces of Direwing bats, witherbark Broodguard and a few witherbark shadow hunters, this group of Horde militirists finds it difficult to push forward even with their lives. It is with solid tactical communication between Aka and Britney that the demolisher is used to take down the Witch Doctor ritual that keeps bringing back the bodies of those slain. However, once they begin down the final descent and into the village center. They find several Spirit Link Totems and Witherbark Bloodragers as far as the eye can see. It is with this in mind that Aka finally calls for a retreat, feeling that his current number and force can't take the Witherbark village with such a direct assault. It is with this the he puts in a formal missive to declare the end of his campaign within the Arathi Hinterlands. Feeling that with the removal of the Naga, the Drywhiskers and the Syndicate presence, the main goals of his campaign have been achieved and the Witherbark Trolls as well as the Boulderfist may be taken upon another time. OOC NOTE: I will be leaving this topic as it is for around two days or so. Allowing those that have participated to post anything they would like to. As well as allowing any that didn't participate to get involved in what's left or what has transpired. After which I will be archiving this event as per request of the player that had requested it.
  4. Event Request Link: Operation Cleanup - Event Request Who can participate in the Events?: The event chain is designed for Alliance/Horde/Neutral characters to all be able to participate. There will be several parts to the event, all along the Arathi Hinterlands, tied to different factions in an area both Alliance/Horde share. There for, any character may very well have an active stake in the event, regardless of affiliation. How many events will there be?: There will be at least between 6-7 events in total. Arguably more depending on how many players actively interject themselves in the story. 6-7 will be the minimum for said chain. What are some of the overall premises for the event?: Given the Event request takes place in the mids of a conflicted zone, there is a lot of area for political tension and agendas during the entirity of this event chain. Some players have already actively promoted agendas directly against/for the aims of the Horde representative thus far(Aka Warblessed) and may very well try to foil any attempts to solidify peace/success within the Arathi Hinterlands. So, whilst the event may seem like just an ordinary cleanup of the Hinterlands, there is quite a lot of political and diplomatic affairs at work here that may very well influence quite a bit of story content going forward. Story thus far: Part I Aka Warblessed appears for a diplomatic meeting as a Horde representative within Menethil Harbor. To much resentment of many members of the Alliance. Proposing, not only a temporary ceasefire, but a truce. A truce designed to have the Alliance and the Horde collaborate against threats to both of their efforts within the Arathi Hinterlands. His Proposal? To use a trade ship housing nothing but Horde and Alliance soldiers to sail across the Arathi reef. In order to draw the hostile forces of Prince Nazjak the Naga into a trap. Despite many uncertainties from amongst the room, Captain Stoutfist would find himself agreeing uncertainly to the proposal. Albeit his uncertainties would aptly vanish as Marquis Montarville would appear and support the plan presented by the Orc. Aka Warblessed, Johnathan Jones, Lord Eadweard and Eleena would sail upon this merchant ship with an assortment of Menethil Sentries and Horde troops northward to deal with the Naga threat. Their mission, would be an overall success. Aside from returning the trade ship with massive holes both in it's side and the bottom of it's hull. Aka Warblessed would have Prince Nazjak's head as a trophy. As well as Johnathan Jones would have kept a jeweled necklace of Prince Nazjak's as a trophy of his own. Both signifying to both the Alliance and the Horde, the fall of Prince Nazjak at the hands of a collaborative effort between both factions.
  5. This would be interesting to me. I'll be honest.
  6. Oh in that case that makes a lot of sense. Based upon what was talked about I thought it was meant to more mainstream discussions through voice instead of textual forum debate. Which, aptly leaves a lot of people without a voice. That idea I'm generally okay with. Especially when things get heated between people, sometimes the best solution is to add a voice to the words for people to take a step back and realize the true intent. As that's generally where I think a lot of people seem to become conflicted. Is that they have a hard time discerning between the two.
  7. The other major problem with voice aside from simply the lack of logs, is that people shouldn't be obligated to talk with a microphone in order for their voices to be heard. Whilst even arguably most may have microphones and can potentially use them. Some don't have microphones at all and some just aren't comfortable talking in voice in general. But, back upon the concept of logs. Not only is it handy for something to be back referenced to recall and idea/event it's also pertinent for moderation reasons that there is an actual log of things that happen, discussions had. Especially because, with voice, it's far easier for people to get emotional and erratic than it is for people to do so in a text conversation. Text you have all the time in the world to think about what you want to say before you say it. Could be ten minutes, it could be an hour. Voice on the other hand. General etiquette with conversation is three seconds before the floor is considered open for another person to begin speaking. Three seconds in a conversation that people can become passionate about is not enough to be able to consider words or what you want to say in an elaborative and informative way and is prone to risking to spiral into an emotional storm that much easier because of it. So: - not everyone can use voice, so it's best to keep things via text so that everyone has an equal voice in the discussion at hand. - text gives you more time to think about what you want to say before you say it and as such leads to a lot more elaborative and constructive feedback in the community. -text gives you logs of those discussions which are severely important in many different ways than one whilst there are no logs of voice chats that are had. The simple solution to the concept of an open mind in a general conversation whether it be text or it be a voice discussion. Is that people need to come at a conversation with the notion in mind that absolutely nobody is out to attack an idea/belief/concept. They are simply stating their opinions the same as you are. Whether that opinion aligns with that idea/concept/belief or not. Approach every single discussion in an objective and factual manner and actually listen to what people have to say. Compartmentalizing emotion from objectivity is an important life skill and one people should just learn to develop. If they can't handle that in a text conversation with the ability to sit on something for several days before a response. How can it be a reasonable conclusion they can do that in a conversation that you only have a few seconds to conjure a decent response.
  8. The Cult of Arthas Background: "The Cult of Arthas is a fairly recent group formed by Lady Arieme The Wraith Commination, a Necromancer that 'believes' that Arthas is the one true Lich King. That, as long as his followers are loyal, may return him to his rightful place upon the frozen throne, which means carrying on the work that had been left unfinished after his demise. Their goal is the destruction and enslavement of all mortal life so that their kind will not only no longer have to hide in the far corners of the world to practice their devoted arts, but may use their devoted arts to rise above it as gods amongst the fallen of men. That, loyalty to Arthas and Lady Arieme, even in Arthas' absence will go rewarded heavily upon his return." Ranks: Lord/Lady: Cult leader of The Cult of Arthas. The individual believed to be the self-proclaimed protege of Arthas himself through acts of loyalty to Arthas. As well as the one leading the way forward towards Arthas' return. The Chosen: The inner trusted circle of The Cult of Arthas. Those that have shown their true devotion to the cause and will do anything in their power to maintain it to that end. These are the high council of the cult that keep the day-to-day operations running and ensure the longevity of the end goal. The Devoted: Those that have proven themselves through loyalty and service to the cause to act as the direct hands of the chosen. They enforce the will of the cult directly on those that would otherwise question it. The Sworn: Those that have proven they are believers to the cause and are full members of The Cult of Arthas and will reap the rewards of all that it entails upon his return. The Acolyte: Those that have just found themselves amongst the Cult of Arthas and have shown interest in the vision that the cult has. These are the new members and as such are not permitted to the location of the Hall. But will require themselves proven in order to be welcomed in. The Undying: The undead armies of the Cult of Arthas. Those that are anything from bone golems, ghouls, abominations and so on. How to join? Simply message Angelis96 on the forums, DM Angelis96 in Discord, or message Arieme or any of the chosen in-game or through any of the previously mentioned means if you are interested in being involved. OOC Info: This is an evil group that is generally centered around the teachings of Arthas. A group that is designed to believe that someday Arthas will return and return to his proper place upon the Frozen Throne of Northrend. Though, in actuality the cult is simply using Arthas as a pedestal, a martyr for their own power. The focus is generally centered around Necromancers/Death Knights/Undead but will also include spies and other evil/criminal elements that wish to share in that vision and may potentially wish to reap the rewards of undeath and immortality themselves. Though not solely limited to undead either, you may very well join living and wish to become undead later if you so choose to. One of my main goals with this group is to create a permanent group that will last long after the death of my character. The leadership and the torch being passed consistently between players as time progressively goes on. Because I am not under the delusion my character, or anyone's will last forever. But my goal is to make a permanent antagonist group of scourge characters with a group of players that can share in the vision of a long standing community effort.
  9. I haven't been part of the DM team very long. But, I have seen a lot of give and take between the community and the teams in the very short time that I have been here. When, at the end of the day, the split between the general community and the teams is simply a perception. It is our job and our goal to make a living, thriving and dynamic setting for everyone to enjoy, that includes us as well as you. We are all in this community together, all of us. Every single person, be it the DMs, the Moderators, the builders...have all joined their perspective teams for the single aim of making this community a more enjoyable, vibrant and alive place for the community to enjoy. We all have sacrificed our free time to make that happen. Just as the community has sacrificed their free time to spend it with us and make the world that vibrant and alive place we strive so hard to create. In truth, there is no separation. We are all one community, that works together for the betterment of the rest of us and to simply have a great time in the company of one another. It takes two to Tango, as they say. You can't have a working and functioning admin team without the community to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The community, in turn has less events, stories and areas to enjoy without the work that the teams put in to make that happen. We all need one another. Quite honestly, that's the most beautiful thing in the world to me. A community that grows together despite differences in backgrounds, ideals, opinions and inspirations for the betterment of everyone involved. Comradery and community is what makes Paragon great. The more we work together to achieve that, the better it becomes and the closer all of us get. This is what makes me look forward to what is to come and what I myself, and all of us really, can do to help this community to grow, to prosper and to simply be a wonderful place to have fun.
  10. Xanthe Grendiel, Street Performer and illusionist from Tanaris : 1.Currently staying in Thundertotem, performing at the local inn 2.Occasionally making trips to the Greygarde camp close by