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    Rome, Italy
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    Italian, but not quite, though friends consider me one so I'll listen to them. (Southeast Asian)

    Gender pronounce: He/Him
    Sexual orientation: Gay
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Into: Mariah Carey (Hello fellow Lambs!), Sushi, World of Warcraft (duh), Lord of the Rings and Guild Wars universes, Communicative and open-minded, nice and polite people
    Pet peeves: Narrow-minded and non-communicative people, People talking behind other people's backs, Dickheads. Come on, fellas! We don't need no negativity around here anymore!
    Flaws: An infinite amount of things! I guess you'll find out? You're also free to ask! The important things are smol brain and forgetfulness, though the latter is probably incapsulated within the smol brain... and lots and lots of anxiety and insecurities. Oh, and maths!

    Looking forward to roleplaying with you in the future, if you're reading this!
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    Kheldorian, Richard, Elrodir, Elizabeth, Elyrianara, Serala, Pruesheila, Svetlana, Rosanna, Snoolkie, X'zenia, Liastra

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