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  1. The source is kind of the fact how it works in the game. There are Azerite Traits dedicated to certain lore events. Elune's Starfall if the player took part within the Darkshore Battlefront and stuff like that. - While we shouldn't treat this either lore fact/assumption/addition as the foundation of what Azerite is, it can give a perfect ability system. Let's say Rowyn takes part in Arathi's Warfront. - It is much more based (and closer to lore/blizzard narrative) for him to receive an Arathi-related Azerite Trait, instead of him just getting some weird Kamehameha ability. The source is "Azerite Traits" wowhead. - It will list all the lore event-related azerite trait abilities. - We should also consider how Azeroth is aware of the things happening -on her- and that her blood is likely adaptive to the events of her denizen. - Even if this is just a half-lore fact, I believe once again, better than getting a random ability totally unrelated to what your character is, and what is his role in the story. Compared to getting a fury warrior. Ah wanted to say Heart of Azeroth, as the necklace yeah, sorry. - In short, my idea is to get rid of the Necklace of the "Champion" and modify our lore to "Necklaces of Champions". - There would be 3 types of Imbuement (so far) a player character can pick, and may only have one: 1: Heart of Azeroth: Unlocks Azerite Traits 2: Eye of N'zoth: Unlocks Corruption 3: Shadowfrost Shard: Unlocks ICC abilities (my custom shit for ICC) -- Basically, a player can have an SFS and an HOA in their inventory, but may only wear one, and may have only one active at a time. - No switching out when one is on cooldown. But can switch out weekly. Yup! Plus coming from myself as an example. I'd rather have Dioren get a Silvermoon-related trait, instead of an Arathi Warfront one he will likely not attend, or if he will, he'll just offer small support. - I am sure it is the same for characters such as Baltux, who will likely pick Lich based traits, instead of the basic "Frost Mage" traits, etc.
  2. Syn's Imbuement System (Azerite, Corruption, SFS) If you don't care about my explanations, reasonings and you only wish to see and understand my system, please skip to the 3. Section. If the CT/Community agrees to use this System. Please make all Dungeon Masters, Moderators, and Storytellers read the 3. and 4. and 5. Section for Azerite Guideline. 1.: The Problem with Azerite and Corruption in RP. How I perceive the issue with Azerite, Corruptions, and any other "next-gen" power source for characters is the following: 1. - Blizzard made it extremely easy to attain these for anyone, as they were thinking with a Game Dev Perspective and not a Loreplay-Roleplay perspective. 2. - The "Champion" should be altered into "Champions". Heart of Azeroth should be altered into "Hearts of Azeroth". Everyone wants a piece of the cake. 3. - Imbuements are way too op to not make a tasteless difference of player characters, based on OOC availability. 3.2. - No one wishes to force their characters into unfitting events, just for the sake of receiving Azerite. 3.3. - In the game, you can attend a raid/Warfront anytime. On Paragon, you need to be available for the event. 4. - Everyone has a different idea of what Azerite can do. Someone might just want a Lightning Shield. - Another wants to summon Sargeras's Panties. 5. - Unlike in-game, Azerite will be painfully slow and frustrating for players with our RP procedures of Apps, CMODS, ERs, etc. 6. - Giving out passive effects is underwhelming. - Giving out active spells, turns RP into a Moba Game. 2.: Blizzard's Solution - Lifting Azerite out of Lore context. Studying the way Blizzard Structures the whole of Azerite Traits, you will notice that these traits are based on "unlocked" content. If you view the Blizzard-made in-game traits, you will notice how if you add all the traits together, they tell a story. Their Story and Role within BFA's world. Essentially, even the description of Blizzard hints, that the power raw azerite/corruption grants, is dependant on the very essence of the area it was drawn from. What do we need, to prevent the Problems presented above? - Effects that are endorsing the player's action - One effect the player can pop if they wish to display their big di-power. - Availability and Equality for non-progression traits. - Uniqueness and reward for progressed traits. - Easy Communication Methods and Rules. - Separate Azerite Metal (Magic endorsement) from Azerite Trait (Heart of Azeroth) - Store the Azerite Traits in an OOC TRP3 Item. An Example of John Doe in this system by Blizzard's Perception: John Doe. A young shield-warrior who believes his greatest achievements are defeating Azshara, and conquering the flag of the Horde. Warrior - New Ability1 Protection - New Modifier Azshara's Wrath - New Ability2 Flag Capturer - New Ability2 Passive Core - New Ability1-2 Trait 3.: Rules and Modified Methodism. - A player may use Azerite/Corruption/Custom Abilities in the same turn as their action. Thus using these abilities is not blocking their character from acting their turn. - A player may only request a Heart of Azeroth for a maximum of three characters. - A player must make a misc app for them to receive Heart of Azerite. - All players can decide whether they wish to have Azerite Traits, Corruption Traits, or Custom Traits. But may have only one type. - A player may receive traits passively, depending on what the character was doing. - Specific events will grant attendance traits at the end, made by the DM. - DM-s may make their own custom "Imbuement" (Like I created SFS for ICC time walking.) + Make Azerite Armor offer only magic resistance and boost. - Make Azerite Traits a necklace instead. (It doesn't even need to be IC.) + Use of TRP3 Custom Items is the best way to do so. 4.: The System and Traits Class Trait Class Trait is an Azerite Passive/Active ability, that defines and complements the specialty, concept of said character. This Is not only a class-specific trait, as it can be "Engineer, Politician, Fisherman, Bake." whatever your character is. For the base classes and their 3 Talents, I suggest the Admins and CT create template skills. However, the Class Trait is the most important out of all. The other traits are going to complement the Class Trait. Thus players can request their class traits in Discord. (Explained at the bottom). This class-based trait could even complement the new TRP Rule of Paragon regarding classes. Lore Trait: The Lore Trait has essentially two forms. At the end of a lore event, the DM can give the event's lore trait (which he should prepare before the event) to the participants. On the other hand, a player can request his own Lore Trait in Discord, focusing the trait about the character's role in the world at the moment. To offer a solid example: Grease Vault, Quel'daer, Timewalkers, Freeport, Arkanford, Silvermoon. - All and any ongoing area and faction's role may have become a Lore Trait. The Lore Trait's creation should be done by the Dungeon Masters and Storytellers. War Trait: The War Trait includes both PVP and PVE content. The War Trait is offered from big lore events, that aren't considered a quest/novel. To put it simply: Dungeons, Raids, Warfronts, Battlegrounds, Arena. The creation of these traits, should be done by the Creative Team, Storytellers, and Admins. Role Trait: The Role Trait should have three basic traits. "Tank, Support, DPS". The Role Trait is offering passive modifiers to certain actions. Core Trait: The Core Trait represents the material aspect of the player. For every "Azerite Armor", the Core Trait gives +1 Attack and Defense modifier during pve lore events. Each active trait in this system has 1 Week OOC Cooldown. Activating the Core Trait in a Lore-Raid, resets the cooldown. During the N'zoth Fight, activating the Core Trait destroys the necklace, and wins safety for the whole raid. 4.: Discord Request and Trait Guideline. The Method I came up with regarding Discord Request, solves the slow process of applications. The Full Procedure of attaining a custom trait would be: Step 1: Send Misc Application for Heart of Azeroth on character. Step 2: Create your own trait as a player, fitting into the guideline. Step 3: Post into the Discord Channel in the following format: Step 4: Moderators and Admins must use reactions to Agree or Disagree with the custom Trait. Step 5a: Reaching 3 Agree will result in the message getting deleted, and a Moderator informing you of your Trait being approved. Step 5b: Reaching 3 Disagree, your message will be deleted, a moderator informing you to rework the trait. -- I might rework this post, depends on how Turtle Reacts to it. -- - Your superstargangster Syn.
  3. Hellyeah. Also, I removed Bloodsurge from the loot list when I made the loots, knowing you already own it. Figured you wouldn't want someone wielding the same weapon.
  4. Just as Grease Vault, this event chain is going to be hosted in separate parts. Current plan for the sections: Event 0: Players can soft-rp inside of the Caverns of Time as a HUB. Event 1: Light's Hope Trash Group -> Lord Marrowgar -> Cultist Trash Group -> Lady Deathwhisper / + Rescue Darnavan Quest Event 2: Rampart Trash Group +Gunship Battle + Deathbringer Saurfang / + Slay Frost Giant Quest Event 3: Trash Group -> Rotting Giant -> Stinky and Precious > Rotface -> Festergut + Traproom -> Professor Putricide / + Return with Blight Samples Quest Event 4: San'layn Trash Group -> Blood Prince Council -> San'layn Trash Group -> Blood Queen Lana'thel / Save SI:7 Operator Quest Event 5: Vyrkul Trash Group + Sister Salvana -> Valithria Dreamwalker -> Nerubian Trap -> Frostfang and Hoardfrost -> Sindragosa / + Sindragosa's Essence Quest Event 6: The Lich King -> Frostmourne -> The Lich King -> Frostmourne -> The Lich King Event 7: Bonus Boss I can not really give you any schedule, so I can advise you to watch out for the pings. I will usually ping 2, but likely only 1 day before I host an ICC Event. I ping it in Events Discord Channel. In short, same ol as I did Grease Vault. In the Event section, the colors are detailing how much time each encounter can take/their type. For further clarification to all players who reads this: Yellow: Easy - No roll, can grind through these. - Short length Green: Optional. - Unknown length and difficulty Blue: Medium - No roll, medium difficulty, short length Purple: Medium - May Involve Roll - Medium Difficulty, Short length Red: Boss - Hard Difficulty, May involve rolls, Long length Crimson: Heroic Boss - Long Length, Will involve rolls, Character Warning
  5. I agree with the majority of your opinions, and an Azerothian Music Culture guide would be beyond based. - But we should never enforce/bully players if they ever desire to play their unique ideas regarding music, as well... it kinda represents how we shouldn't restrict the creative freedom of artists IRL. But I agree that they shouldn't try to bring Cardi B to the royal dinner of Anduin... or neither they should try to force acid rock / grudge onto an elf. Your opinion is based on the instrumentals, but I think the topic of the poetry they are singing is important as well, unless it is only instrumental music. I'd rather players who decides to have a character (let alone a main character) be a musician in wow, they should research wow music lore (or follow a written guide on paragon), then they research the IRL genre their character will play... and most importantly, make a backstory for it. Music is overly expressionist, and if there is no reason/meaning, the character will just become a singing shaman I guess.
  6. Considering the technology wow proven to musically has (ETC, Auction House Disco, Gramophone, Audio recorder and player devices, Magic.) = Truly, any music. Considering the dance styles, and how usually the speed, pace and form of dance is based on the groove of the music = Truly, any music. Truthfully, as much as someone might dislike the idea of implementing real world music styles in wow... Wow does have the cultures and technologies for any of it to develope. I personally think anything is game, as long as your character is not slapping out an FL Studio 20 or Ableton Live 11 on their engineered device.
  7. Syn


    +1. Thank you for writing it up Yoeris!
  8. [Icecrown Citadel] ~Timewalking~ (Raid Event-Chain) It's been six years since the united forces of the Horde and Azeroth broke through the entrance of Angrathar, the Wrathgate. Amidst the chaos caused by the constantly arising evil that tries to destroy the denizen of Azeroth, to claim the planet... It was not hard to forget the feeling they felt, when their guts wrapped around due to the anxiety, fallen on the frozen ground Icecrown, holding the tabard of their faction against their face to avoid inhaling the blight of Professor Putress. The worry they felt, when the ravaging Scourge were sent to the capital cities, to serve as the invitation of the Lich King, for them to travel to Northrend. The sadness they shared when Bolvar Fordragon disappeared, and the rage arising from within, when they saw Saurfang carrying the tormented shell of his son, away from the cursed citadel. A citadel built upon the corpses of those, who were not strong enough to answer the might of the Scourge. The glorious victory of the Heroes, supported by both the Horde and the Alliance. Equipped by the sanctified saronite of the Ashen Verdict... and led by the Argent Crusade, and it's honored leader, Tirion Fordring. Both the everlasting traumas, and the long living glory, are nothing now, but a memory. Whether forgotten or not, it is only an echo of the past, when we hear the name: Prince Arthas Menethil. These echoes of the past... are lingering into your ears, and piercing into your hearts once again. This time, it serves as an invitation to the Caverns of Time... As the Timewalkers are looking for your assistance once again. They are calling the bravest, and most fitting champions to answer the Wrath of the Lich King once again. They desired to be the silent observers of the past, in order to understand how much danger Saronite was posing in it's own time, to connect the dots between materials and war. But something happened which they did not expect. A temporal rift was gaping in reality, growing wider and wider, as it began to fill the Caverns of Time with the freezing snow, and the howling of the wind from the past. Something, or someone is trying to manipulate the past once again... hiding behind the Frozen Throne. Champions are required to unravel the mystery behind the portal, and to defeat the dark minions of the Scourge, hoping that history will repeat itself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Information --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Time Walking Event takes place within the raid of Icecrown Citadel. Which the players can enter through the Caverns of Time. The Event is Neutral. The Players will play the raid from Horde Perspective. The Alliance NPC-s are disguised Infinite Dragonflight. Each Quarter of Icecrown Citadel will be an event on it's own. Despite how the Champions overgrew the raid, they can not expect an easy job, as a third party seems to be offering it's blessing for the enemy. Turtle's F&F Loot System / Grease Vault Loot System (Turtle is based) The Raid follows the quests, narratives, enemies, and mechanics of the hardest in-game difficulty. (ICC25HC) The bosses are honest to the in-game mechanics, but they will not ignore the realism of situations. Collect Shadowfrost Shards, to achieve an elevated state of power for your weapon(s) Receive iconic lore-loots dropped from the original raid. Or craft your own using Primordial Saronite and Sanctification. Small chance to redeem Invincible or a Frost Wyrm. All the gear you receive, is Sanctified by the Ashen Verdict (unless the player is DK) (The Ashen Verdict by lore, knew how to sanctify Saronite and rid it from it's corruptive influence) Progress your Reputation Ring by killing the Quarter Boss of each Halls, while wearing it. Table of Contents Loot Table (Work in Progress) SFS System How to Buy Items? You will collect Primordial Saronite after bosses! In-Character you can: Exchange Primordial Saronite @Alchemist Finklestein inside of Icecrown Citadel, Ashen Verdict. P(r)ogress your Reputation Ring freely @Ormus the Penitent, by the forge in Icecrown Citadel, Ashen Verdict Or you can Approach any Timewalker Vendor inside @Caverns of Time, in MU Tanaris. Out of Character you can: Message me on Discord once you have enough Primordial Saronite. Each loot in the table, can only be received by one player. Discord: Syn#4778
  9. Syn


    Welcome to Paragon! If you poke anyone in the starting area for help or explanation regarding certain aspects of roleplay (commands, lore, transmog, emotes, etc.) I am sure anyone you might poke will be more than happy to help! I hope you will enjoy the server, and wow rp in general.
  10. I always wanted to send my character's books here, but always forgot... Sorry for dumping this huge list on you... Probably... I will write my other characters another time. This all be Dioren. ----------------------------------------- Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Aranal Written Work Description: The magnum opus of Dioren Melar. A hefty, red book with no author displayed on the cover, only the Thalassian word: "Arise". - The book contains Dioren's philosophical views on the past and current state of elves. His vision regarding the future, and how and what people should do to elevate society into a supreme status. Seeking to motivate the citizen of Silvermoon to follow the very same visions he upholds in regards of the sin'dorei. - The book, contains several hidden runes inside of it, only able to be noticed by Magister level mages, and those who speaks Thalassian fluently. - Once the puzzle of runes figured out, tapping mana into the rune that is the page indicator of page 617 (Year Quel'thalas fell). - The book would transmute in context, turning into a political map of Azeroth, with descriptions for each zones. Containing contriversal, supremacist ideology that favors the Sin'dorei. However, he was not suggesting the murder of anyone aside of the forsaken. Deporting orcs to Draenor, using Kaldorei as the tenders of the forest, locking trolls in Zul'aman, which he envisions to be reworked as reserves. Offering a solution on how to restore Azeroth into a state where the sin'dorei would rule again, as the new generation of "Children of High Birth" - The book also serves as an autobiography for the anonymous Dioren, with his experiences as the Ambassador of Silvermoon working together with each factions of the horde, during recent wars and skirmishes, connecting the origins of his philosophy, as it was born from his experience working with the Kor'kron and The Forsaken, fighting against the Alliance, and competing against the Silver Covenant, as a former Sunreaver. Written Work Type: Political Philosophy, Political Manifesto, Autobiography Language: Thalassian Ease of Discovery: Can be found only in the Library of Silvermoon. Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Arise Written Work Description: The modified version of Aranal, translated into Common and Orcish. - This version is much more sugar coated, and excludes his special enchantment. Telling the same thing, yet it's manipulative choice of words gives the impression that the author has a vision to create a world, where everyone can live free and in peace. Instead of departing the orcs, this explains the expanding of their territories to Draenor. - For fellow Magisters, this book might serve comedic, after reading the real version. Written Work Type: Translation - Propaganda - Political Philosophy, Political Manifesto, Autobiography Language: Common, Orcish Ease of Discovery: Library of Dalaran, Undercity, Sold in Orgrimmar as well. Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Roots of Supremacy - An Account on Elven History and Heritage. Written Work Description: Throughout academic research into elven history, that roots back all the way into Zin'Azshari. Using the references of other authors, he connects together clues about the origin of his kin, and the exact path they took. Written Work Type: Academic Research - History - Anthropology. Language: Thalassian, Common, Orcish Ease of Discovery: Can be found only in the Library of Silvermoon, and Dalaran. Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Magi Suttra - Breathing Techniques for Mages. Written Work Description: An explanation on meditation and breathing for mages. How to stay focused, and how to be in-balance with the body while weaving or chanting spells. Wholeheartedly dedicated for all and every students of magic, especially for those who suffered the chemicals of the scourge or the forsaken, having lung issues. Written Work Type: Textbook Language: Common/Orcish/Thalassian Ease of Discovery: Can be found only in the Library of Silvermoon, Dalaran, and traveling booksellers of Pandaria. Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: The Perfect Living Bomb Written Work Description: A nearly 200 pages long spelltome, explaining only one spell: Living Bomb. The book contains studies over the magical and elemental essence of flames, the management of mana and it's movement and weaving. Researches of the phenomenon of ignition and heat. Written Work Type: Spelltome Language: Thalassian Ease of Discovery: A common read in all cities across Azeroth that has an Academy of Magic (Silvermoon,Stormwind,Dalaran, etc.) Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Atonement Written Work Description: A small tome elaborating the traditions and the mannerism young sin'dorei should follow when approaching Agamath, the gates of the Sunwell. It explains the history of it's creation, and the history behind it's reignition, encouraging to offer great respect and gratitude for the draenei. It also offers mention of how to connect to the omnipresent font of it's energy, in order to utilize the Sunwell for your magical feats. Written Work Type: Religious Studies Language: Thalassian Ease of Discovery: Silvermoon, Quel'danas, Sunreavers. Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Acute Cut I.-II.-III. Written Work Description: A three series collection, that ellaborates on the methodism of Jewelcrafting using gems and metals from Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, Pandaria. Written Work Type: Profession Guide. Language: Common, Orcish, Thalassian Ease of Discovery: Any libraries, or any Jewelcrafting Shop may have it! Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Lineage - For the future generations of Silvermoon Written Work Description: Writing in the memory of his father. Dioren wrote a book for the citizen of Silvermoon. A guideline for parents, teachers, young elven couples, in regards of how to treat your elven children. How to communicate with them, and how to function as a proper family. It explains how important the youth of the elven kind is, and pressures and encourages elders to let the youth of the sin'dorei have a life that encourages them to represent their people. Written Work Type: Memoir / Pedagogy Language: Common, Orcish, Thalassian Ease of Discovery: Silvermoon Character Name: Dioren Melar Written Work Name: Fallah Alann Written Work Description: A romantic story of two elves, a female sin'dorei, and a male quel'dorei. Growing up together, their families decided to pick two different sides, to raise them to become war representatives of the Sunreaver and the Silver Covenant. Living in the same city, fighting for the same goals, yet to reach it for different people. A truly heart melting story that most people with a minimal sense of romance could appreciate. Love, Drama, Tension, Death, Depression, Steam, Grease. - All this, with both philosophical and psychological questions. The story ends with both person in the couple leaving the Sunreavers and the Silver Covenant... to "Go back home" to Silvermoon. - Obviously, offering a duality for the quel'dorei leaders, with the subtle hint that Silvermoon is the true home of elves to belong. Written Work Type: Romantic Novel - PROPAGANDA Language: Thalassian, Common, Orcish Ease of Discovery: Library of Silvermoon, Dalaran, Undercity. - Offered free during Valentines inside of cities where elves could be found.
  11. Updated Loots! ----- Hahaha
  12. Loot Table (I will keep this updated as my loot list gets approved) How do I buy loot? - Once you defeat the second boss... Grease Vault will turn into an allied area. You can ask Pan the Quartermaster to turn your Grease Vault Tokens into items. How do I get Grease Vault Tokens? - By defeating bosses! You receive 100 / Bosses. Thanks Turtle for letting me steal your system ily ==-Misc Items/Services-== ==-Items-== ==-Class Specific Items-== ==-Pet Battle-== ==-Mounts-== ==-Pets-== ==-Steam Suits-==
  13. Assault on Grease Vault -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: A former Kor'kron engineer, Kiska Boombelt fled from her sentenced execution earned by the war crimes she had committed under the reign of Garrosh Hellscream. Hiding for many years inside of her underground shelter that lies beneath the lands of Southern Barrens, she turned the small fallout shelter into a labyrinth of engineered horrors. What awaits inside of the Grease Vault, is a horde of mechanical abominations, who were created for nothing but one purpose: To ensure Kiska’s escape, should someone discern her location. With the presence of the yet-unknown material of Azerite forming beneath The Barrens, this underground facility became extremely dangerous, tainting and affecting the creations of Kiska. The volatile energies, mixed up with the oil and waste this facility produces, the taurens of Thunderbluff have researched this disturbance, and found the entrance to Kiska’s cave. The Warchief, among the other leaders of the horde, concluded to put the blame on Jastor Gallywix, as Kiska once was the member of the Bilgewater, thus the Warchief commanded and tasked him, to solve the mess caused by the remnant of his cartel. Risking the balance of nature, and the reputation of Gallywix, the taurens and the goblins decided to hire heroes and adventurers, to descend into the Grease Vault, in order to stop Kiska. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your arrival: Wanted posters appeared on the walls of each Horde capitals, and their surrounding towns, detailing the mission. The posters all had the official wax seal of Jastor Gallywix printed on them. - Additionally, the word spread around the engineering communities of each faction and companies about this mission, as whatever is inside of this dungeon is not just intriguing, but perhaps profitable. The Mission sign reads: -Horde- "Adventurers and Heroes of the Horde! I, the great Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix, request your assistance inside of the Southern Barrens, at the entrance of the collapsed mine of Frazzlecraz. Anyone who contributes to the elimination of Kiska Boombelt, should expect handsome rewards! The task is important, and dangerous! Note: Adventurers of the Alliance are tolerated, but not welcome. - Sincerely yours, Big G." -Druids- "Druids of Azeroth! The earthmother is crying for your help! We request your aid inside of the Southern Barrens, in order to stop Kiska Boombelt, the one behind the disturbance of nature. The matter is urgent, and heroes will be rewarded for their help. - Mull Thunderhorn." -Engineers- "Engineers of Azeroth! Word got carried into my ears about this mechanical dungeon of Kiska Boombelt. Had you found the time and chance to partake in the expedition... Report the events and the mechanical discoveries of the cave, in exchange for monetary reward! - Grand Master Engineer - Timofey Oshenko" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Information: What is It? A Dungeon that includes the theme of engineering, mainly vehicles and robots. Once you finish the Dungeon, Grease Vault becomes a passive-faction players can visit. Mainly serving as a Horde/Engineering RP Hub, with the possibility of further quests and adventures regarding the faction. - "The Heap" is allied to the Horde, but neutral in nature, welcoming any engineers who are interested in technology over the war of the factions. Who can join? - Horde Characters - Druids of any race - Neutral Engineers - Alliance, with a good reason. They are not supported or represented by anyone here, thus they must arrive understanding this. What are the Rewards? Finishing the Dungeon, rewards 10 gold. - Additionally, the Dungeon offers a loot/reward system, much like Turtle's system in F&F. Players will receive Tokens for bosses, and they can spend these tokens to buy the loot. IC, the Loot can be purchased @ Pan <Quartermaster of Grease Vault> once the chain is finished at the Grease Forge. The Loot List is Work in Progress, and will be posted under this post. Content & Conclusions (spoiler) -Adventure Guide- Conclusions: -