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Found 4 results

  1. The Kingsbay Auction house is open for business, open for any and all! Rules of the Auction House 1.) The auction house takes 10% of the profits of anything put up for auction whether it's legal or not. 2.) 'Officially' no dark magic is to be sold on the Auction House, but on occasion it can be found under wraps. Items like this are likely to be inspected before being allowed up whether 'officially' sanctioned or not and some may still be denied on an individual basis depending on their function and purpose. 3.) Bids may be posted anonymously to the public, but the people running the auction house will require a name and a point of contact in the form of an address. (these rules are subject to change) How to bid The bid can only be posted as a response to this thread itself as to avoid price trickery in direct messages. Items will be recorded in the main post alongside bidding posts on the thread itself. After the first bid has been placed, the item will remain available for a week, at which point the last remaining bid will be taken. Bidding format Item Description: Give a description of the item and it's function Item Condition: Is the item broken, fully functioning or slightly damaged Starting Price: What price are the bids starting at Buyout Price: Completely option, how much would you be willing to take to part with it immediatly Shady or Not: Will this be advertised in the legal area, or kept within the shadows Current open bids Item Description: Jade Tiger Statue – A statuette of a Tiger lovingly crafted out of Jade, very similar to the large statues seen in Stranglethorn to the south it would fit nicely on a hearth as an ornament! – This item allows someone to the user a Tiger companion made of solid Jade for three turns a day. The statue must be held in the palm of your hand and concentrated on for a full round. For the three consecutive rounds after, the Tiger grows and fights for the one who woke it! (event reward) Item Condition: New Starting Price: 10 gold Buyout Price: 20 gold Shady or Not: No. Item Description: Runestone of Protection (x3) A 5-turn lasting arcane barrier that protects the user of the rune for 2 normal attacks or 1 heavy attack. Consumes a runestone on use. Item Condition: New Starting Price: 20 silver Buyout Price: 1 gold Shady or Not: Legit arcane magic ____________ Past Bids Item Description: A magical Nightborne glaive. Deals Arcane damage on impact. (From Marky quest.) Item Condition: New Starting Price: 5 gold Buyout Price: 7 gold Shady or Not: No. Put up by Vito Flops. Post is semi-wip and subject to change or be added to
  2. A Draenei Artificer by the name of Andisos has started what he's calling a "MagiTech Emporium", a storefront of goods made using his knowledge of both magic and technology. The following goods are available for order, but will include a waiting period before the item can be delivered. ALL Delivery Times are considered to be OOC lengths of time ((I looked over the Misc App rules and I'm 90% sure all of these are fine to sell without an application. If I'm mistaken, please inform me so I can correct that)) Goods: 'Aegis' Shield Generator: The Aegis is a small Dodecahedron contraption made of arcane crystals and Steel. Use: The Aegis can be held anywhere on one's person. Once per day, when an attack would hit the carrier, the carrier may will the Aegis to create a rudimentary Arcane Barrier around them for the duration of the round, protecting them from moderate damage. Price: 5 Gold on Commission - 10 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 2 Weeks 'Shockerballs' Caltrops: Shockerballs are small steel pellets, no larger than a grape. They are ordered in groups of ten. Use: Ten Shockerballs can be thrown out to cover an area in caltrops, intended to trip up opponents. However, when stepped upon for the first time, the Shockerballs erupt into a grid of magical lightning, hurting any creatures within their area. After this initial attack, they become inert. Price: 1 Gold on Commission - 2 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 3 Days 'Mute' Silencing Grenade: The Mute Grenade is a cylindrical metal device about the size of a soda can. They are ordered in groups of three. Use: The Mute Grenade can be thrown like any grenade. After a small delay, it does not explode, but rather casts a spell of Silencing on all creatures within 15 yards. This spell can be senses before it is cast, and can be counterspelled if an enemy is quick to react to it. Price: 5 Gold on Commission - 5 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 1 Week 'Seer' MagiGoggles: The Seer MagiGoggles are a pair of magically-infused goggles able to be custom-built for any race's specifications and measurements. Use: Once a day, the Seer MagiGoggles can be activated, giving you magically-enhanced sight for two rounds. While this effect is active, you can see the auras of active spells, such as spells of invisibility or shielding. Price: 5 Gold on Commission - 10 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 2 Weeks 'Ironwand' Wrist-Mounted Blaster: The Ironwand Blaster is a wrist-mounted device containing a single magical crystal inscribed with runes of Arcane Blast. Use: At any point, the Ironwand Blaster may be used to fire an Arcane Blast. If used twice or more in immediate succession, there is a chance for the crystal to overheat, rendering the Blaster inert for a time. 2 Consecutive uses: 20% Chance of failure (1 Day Cooldown) 3 Consecutive uses: 40% Chance of failure (3 Days Cooldown) 4 Consecutive uses: 60% Chance of failure (1 Week Cooldown) 5 Consecutive uses: 80% Chance of failure (2 Weeks Cooldown) 6 Consecutive uses: Irreparably damaged. Must be replaced. Price: 5 Gold on Commission - 10 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 2 Weeks 'Spiderwalker' Boots: These Boots are made for any race's specifications, including Draenei and Tauren, and are covered in a thick outer shell of steel. Use: Once a week for three rounds, the Spiderwalker Boots can be activated to magically ground you to whatever surface you walk on. This allows the wearer to walk on verticle or inverted surfaces, as well as liquids as if they were solid. Price: 5 Gold on Commission - 5 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 1 Week 'ArcWinch' Weapon Tether: This is a magical wrist-mounted device that comes with a small receiver meant to be attached to a weapon of your choice. Use: At any time, the user of the ArcWinch can create a magical tether between their wrist and the weapon onto which their receiver is attached. This tether pulls the weapon back to the wielder's hand, or can be used as a normal, physical tether. Price: 5 Gold on Commission - 5 Gold on Delivery Delivery Time: 1 Week Custom Commissions are also open. If you need magitech gear made by request, seek out Andisos, Chief Artificer of MagiTech.
  3. Merchants of Menace Catalog of Goods and Services For years after coming into business, Merchants of Menace has been providing fair goods at fair prices to help you solve your problems and settle your disputes. If you're new to our work, why not look through our services and ready-made weapons to get you started? With prices and quality like ours, you'll never regret your purchase! But maybe you're a frequent shooter instead, and you just need of stocking up. Not to worry, we've got plenty of essential tools and supplies to suit your needs. Or perhaps you're a veteran or a returning customer looking to expand your collection or upgrade your arsenal. No problem, Merchants has you covered! Our wide selection of options for custom-made weapons is sure to have what you need. Whatever challenges you face, you can be confident when you're carrying the Merchants of Menace at your side! Services Ready-Made Guns Supplies Powders Projectiles Primer Cartridges Reloading Tools Custom Orders Metals Calibers Loading Mechanisms Firing Mechanisms Repeating Mechanisms Optics
  4. Strike Industries Several tenants: of hard work, honesty, profit seeking and expanding the reach of science. The House of Strike throughout time has been renown for it's mercantile dealings, such as but not limited to food, alchemy and general commerce. One of the staunch proponents of technology and supporters of integration, Strike has been cemented in the market as an investor and a provider. An opportunist, most of all. You can find his wares practically anywhere in Stormwind's territories as well as more exclusive services within liaison. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Food -/- The basic commodity for all life to sustain it self in any given kingdom or setting. People must eat. House Strike provides special aeroponics for home-grown foods on large scale plots for a self-sufficient crop as well as traditional agriculture and earth treatments. Contractors for chefs, farmworkers and landlords are often provided by a standard-bearer and one can easily arrange a deal beneficial to both the House and the body in question. : Independents, vassals and profit seekers are welcome. Particularly, herbs and spices otherwise too hard to reach or too expensive to be bought are within Strike's main-stay products; they're grown in Strike land under special conditions and care. These can be found in any corner of the Stormwind market. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alchemy -/- A mysterious school which bends laws and physics to its will, oft times. Alchemy is one of House Strike's main staples. It produces potions, elixirs, droughts and medicine en masse for the House and the Kingdom it self, supplying the Army on long-standing basis and investing to the wider market in subsidiaries. Secrets are held to the House of their renown formulas and exceptional distillation qualities. People from all walks of life are attracted to the House and often seek custom orders or generic requests and in some cases, whole sale demands. All commodities are accommodated, there is no criteria for buyers or sellers. Like wise, the work field for House Strike's alchemists and apothecaries range from maintaining high grade aeroponics, to cultivating herbs and herb quality, soil treatment, water and food treatment, potion and flask creation, and many more things within the vast realm of alchemy. Their fair and often cheap prices make purchasing from them desirable and their reputation attractive to investors and people seeking to expand their own business or introduce their formula to the market. Or the world. People on rare occasions can also learn from the prestigious school of Alchemists within Dyrwood to try and glean a similar effect for a steep but rewarding tuition. Dawid Strike himself, a grand alchemist, takes exclusive orders for rare and genuinely unique requests. : Workers, entrepreneurs & buyers are welcomed here most. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Science -/- The crux of society. Without it, man would still be toiling with rocks and stone axes within the planes of Arathor, no better than a vrykul. Often disreputed and in some cases outright rejected by certain communities within the Kingdom, who spurn these advancements to preserve certain identities, traditions, beliefs and superstitions. Strike accepts the course of history and integrates it. Among the first few slew of houses to implement dwarven technologies and practices, they use engineers, mechanists and tinkers from all walks of life to build and craft, and innovate to their hearts content. They do not spurn the growth of ideas that might challenge religious beliefs or every day preconceptions and instead encourage people pursue the theatrics of gnomes and the ancients to try and replicate simpler times where automation may remove the excess hardships of life, and improve the standard of living as well as the quality of Stormwind's army or private bodies, for the protection of the realm or the Grand Alliance it self. Indeed, a diverse cast of people from even the most far-flung areas of Azeroth come here for opportunity and profit. Among them most, are entrepreneurs without the funding or the platform to get their invention out there and so Strike offers a way to do so, with arrangements by the Lord Strike himself. Main-stay products here are mechanical parts, engineering and construction related feats, and implementation of smaller scale doodads and gizmos from cosmetic, domestic and practical usage to military and combat applications. : Workers, contractors, tinkers & plethora of other things are welcome here.