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Found 2 results

  1. FOR CRIMES BOTH TREASONOUS AND MOST MEPHISTOPHELIAN, BY THE PREVIOUS DUKE OF HOUSE STRIKE, LORD DAWID STRIKE, & THE STATE POWER BESTOWED UPON HIM, A BOUNTY OF {5,000g} CONCERNS ANY WHO WISH TO CLAIM A GRAND LIFES WEALTH, BE IT THEY A STAUNCH DEFENDER OF THE REALM OR IN THE SUMMATION OF THEIR INTERESTS On further unraveling, you find the elf's charges and a short description of his notoriety. Guilty of but not limited to KNOWN LOCATIONS Stonecrown Chiselgrip Stormwind City |Crimes| Murder Slander Spycraft {Espionage & private party violation} Sedition Racketeering Grand Larceny False Pretenses Conspiracy
  2. Name of Bounty: Kerith (Name not given IC) Description Bounty: Black-haired Sin'dorei Female, Dark Green eyes, approximately 5'8" tall and with a lithe build. Information suggests a novice Mage. Possible Locations/Last Seen: Last seen within the Crossroads. Reward for the Bounty: Reward if killed and proof of death given: 1g. Reward if captured alive: 2.5g. Information that leads to capture: 25s.