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Found 4 results

  1. Items of Renown / Power Items of Renown / Power are items with great importance to the universe at large. These items are powerfully enchanted items, historical items, and those that have risen to gain a name for themselves. This, simply put, encompasses a wide variety of items both born of Blizzard and of Paragon. The proposed system below will cover both items such as Ashbringer and player items like Epilogue. My goal with the explanations below is to open the door for multiple avenues of roleplay & events - while also allowing the promotion of creativity. The reason this was made was because we cannot / should not close the doors on these things. This is the last of my projects that I wished to present. One final goal behind this is to make things standardized. I may flesh this out further, or leave it to the moderation team to take their own direction. I do want to say that this was made in mind to prevent prior problems surrounding these items. It also ensures that things are archived with unity between the teams. Blizzard's Items Proposed Limitations: A maximum of two items per player Contact Moderation / Ticket with the Admins/Moderators + Managers Multiple events (2+ events) Blizzard's Items refers to anything not custom to Paragon. This means anything like the Ashbringer, Aluneth, Ashkandi, the Scythe of Elune, and even the "Legion Legendaries" - items of renown and power connected in some way to Azeroth or the wider universe. They have a great power or history to them, but have for one reason or another fallen into specific hands. There are two routes one can take with Blizzard's Items - Wield or Turn In. This allows for a choice to be made, but it must be made carefully. Those choosing to wield will be expected to be mindful. The misuse of these items of renown could lead to consequences - primarily IC ones. That is not to say there can't be OOC consequences, but IC will be focused upon first and foremost. Should one turn in the item of renown to a respective faction / order / individual then there shall be rewards to be had. What those rewards are will be up to the DM overseeing the events. This will then put said item in the hands of an NPC or the vaults of a faction. These items will not be forbidden from being achieved, but to get them off an NPC or out of the vaults will require good reasoning. "Legion Legendaries" are one of the types of Items of Renown that are allowed to be hunted down. This means things like Chain of Thrayn, Death March, Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice, and more. These are items that are imbued with a single great power. They all have one main trait to them that stands out - however, it is this great power that comes with a responsibility. These items will have their effect determined by a mix of the teams (Mods, Managers, and the DM in charge) to ensure the effect fits. These cannot be a copy-paste of the item's equip effect. Lore Items are those that have a deeper connection or some tie to the lore from its history / name. These include the Legion Artifacts and items like Ashkandi and Bloodsurge. Something about them is tied to the world or universe at large. The weapons will follow a new standard inspired by Freedom's Trait system for artifacts - which will be expanded upon below. Any character using specific items poorly will be dealt with IC at first unless otherwise needed. Paragon's Items Paragon's Items are items not intimately tied to the world as made by Blizzard. These are the items applied for or earned in events. These are not items of renown or legend at the start. They might have some small legend to them centered on the character, but that is as far as it goes. These are items like Epilogue. They might have power, but they don't have a legend behind them quite yet. These items can attain legendary status. This is done through events and roleplay simply put. You cannot simply apply for legendary status with your items. The reason for this is to promote getting your character out there. An item has to be seen and used for legend to build up around it. How this is done is, as mentioned, through actions rather than simply writing it so. Weapons wanting to go legendary can use the Weapon System as detailed below. It should be noted that abusing these items' powers still fall under the verdict of the moderators/admin if abuse is brought to their attention. Weapon System Weapons are offensive items of power that, under this, have attained great power to the point of being noteworthy. This is meant to be a goal for one to strive for with their character's weapons. I take inspiration from how Freedom handled their Artifacts. That is to say there are Traits - which, in other words, are Major Enchantments that empower the weapon to grand status. The linked image shows how Snax approached it for a custom weapon, and that will be what I base the system off. A weapon under this system will have a total of four Traits. They follow the standard of x per encounter or x per event. What this means is that a Trait can happen up to a certain amount of times per encounter OR a certain amount of times per event. The former means it can happen multiple times in an event whereas the latter will be more limited. How this is decided is on the strength or the details of what the trait is doing. A thing to be noted is that Traits are either Active Abilities or Reactionary Abilities. Active abilities are things that we know a lot about. They are some sort of ability or spell coming from wielding the weapon. These are often powerful strikes or it can be a 'this or that' type of active ability. However, on the flip side is Reactionary Abilities. These are triggered by something being met - grievous injury being the most common trigger. However, a trigger can be anything that seems good enough. The Traits will have, based on review, cooldowns as is the standard for items before. These cooldowns are more so to ensure things aren't being abused. The standard is 3 days to a week. However, depending on the trait, it may become longer. Changelog / Notes: None, yet.
  2. @Hydra I told you I'd be doing this. This is based off specific replies from here. Prestige Classes are an RPG-based type of class that is, generally, a more advanced version/variant of a base class. We see this in the Argent Dawn Templar (now made as simply Templar here) and other RPG classes. In MM&M we see this in the Ley walker, in APG we see this in Ursa totemic, and more. These classes are strong, specialized, and some spin on a base class or something of the sort. They are particularly potent in what they do, and have special abilities that have a style unique to that class/profession. Some classes in the RPG we have more ranking too or have done simplifying to. Some classes aren't even really defined here anymore due to the stupid RPG destruction a while back. So, based on the fact that Paragon doesn't have it defined? I wanted to propose something simple: All prestige classes that have a clarification / guide / addition post up must do a couple of things / answer any number of the below questions: What class are they a variant / prestige variant of? What does this class specialize in? What makes them stand out from their base class? What warrants them being a class/variant? This particular question is answered to make sure you avoid getting the questions of 'why not just do x' and other such questions. Are there any special rituals/rites involved? What are the boons and the shortcomings of the class? Do they have any special Order/Organization? Do they, if no to the above, have any pull within a current order/organization? Are applications involved in becoming one/in any part of the class itself? If it involves a class that was deprecated before: Do you want old players to be able to grandfather themselves back in? Generally, the idea I want to propose to set out is that a Prestige Class clarification/addition/guide needs to set out why they should be a separate class / a variant class that is recognized by Paragon. As seen on the templar thread, it may be raised that what a class does is just what 'x' does but with a special flair. There's probably a bunch of other concerns raised to go over - such as if they have pull in another group/organization/military vs their own, what they can do another class already does, and more. This isn't a full guide to what I think prestige classes should look like, but something I wanted to put forward to help the discussions about them. I know I love the idea, personally, of some of these prestige classes of ye olden days. The themes to ley walkers, runemasters, sisters of steel, or even templars all sound pretty cool for characters. However, I also acknowledge that Paragon has had a love-hate relationship with the RPG and with other areas - like applications! I do think that if more things similar to the Templars are to appear, they do need to be weighed carefully. I do think, in the future, some concerns should be thrown out the window. Magic is so versatile that it's going to overlap into other territories. One thing isn't going to be as unique to a class anymore, but their variant/spin on it could be special to them. The end goal is to show that they can be a thing. I'm sure it would get annoying to get asked 'why not just use it as a title?/TRP class?' or 'why not just play x but with this spin on it'. These things are bound to happen! People will try to oversimplify a prestige class into 'okay but its just a really strong bulky warrior' (Bonecrusher) and rinse/repeat as needed. Yeah, soggy out here making more threads. I've been inspired today.
  3. Greetings everyone. I am putting forward this thread, suggested to do such also from Moderators, with the intention to try and suggest a system for those who, like my character Elena, run a mercenary company that requires contracts, work and money to properly function- but that cannot always either find people interested or events where they can properly play out their company. Of course, this system- as I will say in the end, could be promptly build upon by others to be adapted to other kind of forces, be it military or else. Stealing the concept of the Garrison and the Class Hall missions, I've worked with Cagi (though he has done most of the work, admittedly, to keep it balanced) on creating a simple system that would allow one to monthly send out one or multiple of their mercenaries with the prospect of them succeeding, in order to bring back home money that they'll earn, with a cut remaining on their 'manager'. As mercenaries, the need to keep on the move needs to be given form, and concepts such as passive income isn't as prevalent in such a group as they're commission-based. As such, the system would involve monthly objectives for the NPCs to take, that may result in rewards, failure, or even death. The system would work like this: Low-danger 1-5: Death (Possibly due to an unforeseen circumstance) 6-20: Failure 21-80: Success (50s per merc success) 81+: Great success (1g per merc great success) Moderate danger 1-10: Death 11-30: Failure 31-85: Success (1g per merc success) 85+: Great success (2g per merc great success) High danger 1-20: Death 21-50: Failure 51-90: Success (3g per merc success) 90+: Great success (5g per merc great success) The rolls will be logged and screenshotted in Elephant for each merc, and explained for each result and intended mission, and the final accrued payment will be requested, as well as confirmation of any dead mercenaries. For those who wish to add a further aspect in the system, which I believe would fit the RP more, there would be an additional line for experience gathered by the individual mercenaries. Mercenary Experience As mercenaries do jobs, they get 1 exp next to their name that provides a +1 to rolls on the character in the field, except for nat 1s. A new recruit always starts at +0. To further keep note of any mercenary busy, their experience and eventual fallen ones- a sheet will be used, like this- so that the GMs can keep check of anything weird if they wish, whilst also be able to see the eventual progress, able to ask for proof of certain numbers and whatnot to make sure the system is not being abused. Hoping to find playerbase support and approval as I do believe this system could benefit the whole community and could also adapted to not only suit mercenaries, but any kind of force- perhaps changing rewards from money to items or materials- or even just for a Military application when BFA will hit. Such, whilst remaining optional. Thank you for your time.
  4. So, this is a rather simple thread in regards to the moderator post about the future of Paragon, seen below: Something that caught my eye in particular was the Allied Races section, and the potential future for void elves and nightborne in our world, compared to that of Blizzard. I believe there is an easy way to resolve this. A segregation of military and civilian factions. The idea is simple. There are two major locations, post-Legion, available to the Nightborne. The first of course is Suramar City. A large, lush city port with trades, art, and countless civilians. The other is Shal'Aran. The source of the Arcan'dor, an ancient ley site, and the base of operations for the Nightfallen during the entirety of the Suramar Storyline. Split them. Thalyssra, Lady Valtoix, and Occuleth agree to join the Horde with a portion of Suramar's military presence, breaking off their direct association with the city and becoming their own faction, The Nightfallen or Dusk Lillies, in Shal'Aran. This gives the Horde Thalyssra as a Horde Leader, Horde Nightborne, and a Horde Base of Operations for said Nightborne. It prevents major disruption in the storyline but also gives us a secondary option for Nightborne: The Suramar Citizens. This would be a neutral faction. The city of Suramar would become a neutral city-port ruled by a council, headed by Lady Ly'leth Lunastre. It allows the city to be used by Alliance and Horde as a major trading hub and prevents one of the best zones in Legion from being limited severely to one group of people, promoting more RP in an elegant urban landscape. This plays much into the same role as Horde Goblins vs. Neutral Goblins. While some Goblins are horde, not all Goblins are horde. Now one may argue this makes the Horde Nightborne presence far too weak. To this I must remind you that the Alliance allied races are both small groups and subraces. Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei do not exist in massive numbers. There's no reason for Nightborne to be a massive Horde population. Suramar isn't going to be revisited by Blizzard. Let's face it. The only revisits we see happen when an area is specifically in the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor instances. The Broken Isles won't be seen again in future content, so this change won't actually harm the storyline. All it does is provide more opportunity for roleplay, and more locations where multiple factions can interact without the looming hostility of a race war.