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Found 5 results

  1. 8.0.1 Starter Pack This is a step by step guide on how to install WoW and allow you to log onto Paragon 8.0.1. In-Game Account Your forum account, contrary to popular belief sometimes, is not the same as your in-game account and can not be used to log in to the game server. You'll need to register (and verify) an account through the website's registration system found here. Instructions As Blizzard no longer provide data for 8.0.1, we need to use a torrent to get all the retail information and then use Paragon's Launcher to download additional patches and connect to our server. -Paragon's Torrent: We have a torrent hosted on the game server which will give you all of the Blizzard content, however it does not contain a launcher or some of the custom patches that are required on the server. You can download this torrent from the download links provided below. -Alternate Torrents: It is also possible to use alternate torrents to get the required data. While we don't officially support these, many players have found success with using Firestorms 8.0.1 torrent - you will be able to find this on google. 01: Download and set up the torrent of your choice 02: Once the torrent download is complete, also download our Starter Pack from the download links provided below 03: Copy the files from our Starter Pack into the folder with the torrent. Skip any files or folders you are asked to replace. 04: Run Paragon Launcher.exe and wait for the program to open. Note: Choose English (US)! It won't open immediately, don't worry though! This means it's downloading the necessary files from the server. Note: For Mac users you will be prompted to enter your password into a Terminal window. Your password won't display, but type it out and then press enter. This is a one time prompt needed to run the World of Warcraft application as admin. 05: Close your World of Warcraft when you see the login screen and check if WTF/Config.WTF has SET portal "", this resets after the first opening of the Starter Pack and otherwise you won't be able to connect to Paragon once the server is live. 06: Log in with your account (@paragon isn't necessary anymore, so user@paragon becomes user, both options still work however). What version is it? The Starter Pack is version Note: Keep in mind all versions are x64, we (and blizz) no longer offer x86 (32bit) support as of 8.0.1. Download Links Below are the download links for these torrents & files. The torrents are raw files while the starter packs are offered in .zip and .rar versions (.rar is generally smaller, but requires winrar or 7zip to be opened). Note: All links are protected through so bots can't sniff them out and have them deleted. They, generally, only ask for you to fill in a captcha. No ads or anything. Updated by Razmataz as of 10/08/2021 Paragon Torrent GitLab (2019-11-17) Mediafire (2019-11-17) Mega (2019-11-17) If the links above do not work, please use: (Temporary) Starter Pack (Windows) .zip compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) .rar compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) Starter Pack (macOS) .zip compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) Troubleshooting If you still have problems with this, first check our common errors thread, and if none of the solutions work post your full error message in the Technical Support forum or join our Discord and post your issue inside the #tech_support channel for real-time support. Alternatively, PM Razmataz or DataCore the error and they will attempt to help you.
  2. I just noticed this today as I've had more time to play on my new computer, but some game objects just aren't there anymore. Tables, houses, etc. I just copied my working WoW folder with paragon files to my new machine and this happened. What do?
  3. Hi, I've always had a knack for finding the worst bugs in games from my days of game testing and development, but this one's a spark of inspiration to bugs themselves. So, I went to teleport to Stormwind, ended up by mistake in the Eye of the Storm. Fell, like to the point my character disappeared and teleported back to Darkshire to just escape that nightmare. Now for some reason my camera is fixed and I could move my character around, but in a third party view sort of a way. Now I can't even see my toon the second time I logged in trying to shift it. I've hearthed, relogged, shut down, restarted and done whatever has come to mind to refresh the account as such, but nothing's working. ​My thoughts are that the character has died from falling in the Storm, but obviously, it's hard to die here so whatever magic coding there is combined with that of teleports may have skewed my playability here. ​Please help and allow me to play again. Pretty please! Ruth. (Trilby)
  4. Greetings Paragons, I wish my first note on your forums wasn't a technical issue, but seeing as how it is, I'll make do. I ran through your page and followed each step to the letter (obviously I still managed to bugger it up)! Now before I get to rambling I'll show a picture of the issue I'm experiencing: Just a disclaimer, here's my patch info: After downloading the client, all the extra bits and bobs, I've still had no luck. Even though I've ran both the standard patcher from the windows folder and the "v2" edition. In short, here's what the folder looks like, in all its glory: Initially I suspected it might be the file; however, I actually haven't been able to locate it in the folder whatsoever.. normally, my alarm bells would be ringing already, but I thought I'd come ask anyway to be on the safe side. I've already tried constructing additional pylons and it's done bugger all for my concerns. Maybe I should press B to jump instead. At any rate, if you lot have any ideas/suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  5. This post details and explains some of the most common errors, their causes, and suggests solutions. The thread was last updated for version BLZ51901021 Explanation: Your client attempted to connect to the Blizzard servers instead of Paragon but doesn't have the proper portal, so it can't even do that. Solution: Ensure that tc_bundle.txt is in your World of Warcraft folder with the client. BLZ51901001 Explanation: Your client attempted to connect to the Blizzard servers instead of Paragon but doesn't have the proper portal set in your Solution: Ensure the first line of your file in your WTF folder is set to SET portal "". BLZ51900003 Explanation: Your username and password combination was not recognised. Solution: Make sure you're logging in using the correct account name: Username@Paragon, and the correct password. BLZ??????? Explanation: Pending new common issues. Solution: Pending new common issues. Troubleshooting: Pending new common issues. If these solutions do not work, please post the full WoW Error Report in your thread and anything else you might find necessary and informative to help solve your issues.