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Found 2 results

  1. haha pun title. Who is this event for?: Elisswyn, my Sin'dorei Warlock. What is the event?: My character has been utilizing her voidwalker, known only as Krak 'Garth' The Lesser for some time. She feels it is time to broaden her horizons. She is fairly shadow-focused, in terms of her warlockery specialization, and tends not to call upon run-of-the-mill demons such as fel/wrathguards. To that end, she wishes to pursue binding a Voidcaller as her first serious addition to her demonic repertoire. Details on the nature of voidcallers are pretty sketchy in terms of lore, afaik. I would prefer a summoning ritual for the event, but, if the DM would prefer my character actually trek to Outland and find a wandering voidcaller I would be a-ok with that option. What rewards are possible?: The addition of a voidcaller to my character's summon-able minions. Timezone & Availability: I am in EST. However I'm insane irl and sometimes I am up at really retarded hours. Contact: My skype ID is oddysee25. My discord is Nomit#0193. I am more likely to quickly reply to skype msgs since it pops up with a little number in the window's bar when I get a msg.
  2. Who is this event for?: Lili Stronghall and Ambreth Thalorien are integral to the story. The Stormravens will also be involved heavily. Besides that, this is an event for adventurers and those interested in Kaldorei ruins. What is the event?: A few sailor friends of Lili Stronghall mentioned to her a large Kaldorei ruins to the north, nestled somewhere in the waters between Quel'danas and the Howling Fjord. They didn't get too close, for fear of the various naga plaguing the site. One of the more foolhardy of their crew took a scrying orb with him, and made for a scouting mission. Inside the temple proper, he only managed to just find a hole leading deeper before he was picked up and hurled away by something very large. Lili is enlisting the help of the Stormravens to investigate the ruins for research and the recovery of any possible artifacts hiding inside. The only payment she was able to offer was a share of any interesting weapons or trinkets discovered inside. It was noted by the sailors that some of the naga seemed to be holding Highborne weapons, noting that there was something worth recovering from the ruins. There's not much I'm really specifying, as I want to give the DM as much free reign as possible. I only ask that there are two sets of enemies: Naga on the upper ruins, and Highborne in the lower ruins. I'd like the naga section to use the Riplash ruins, while the Highborne are in the Blackfathom instance model. There is one more thing. Ambreth, as a half-elf, will have a blood relation to one of the leaders of the Highborne. I'd like for a heritage based lock on one of the doors that requires Ambreth assist in unlocking, as well as a bit of a personal confrontation between Ambreth and her ancestor. It doesn't have to be big, just relevant. Perhaps she unlocks a barrier leading deeper into the chambers, considering I'd assume the Highborne have a way of keeping the naga out of their hole. Besides this, please work the scenario to your heart's content. I only ask that adventurers actually be rewarded for their hard work, and that there is an actual storyline besides "kill this kill that." I'd like to be left out of the loop for most information outside general questions, because I'd like to participate. What rewards are possible?: The only thing that is assured currently is that there are Highborne Relics spread over the ruins. Considering there are mainly Naga and Highborne, it would be assumed the loot would have to do with them. However, as I'm sure adventurers would have found the place before and failed, other items are completely possible if found on corpses and the like. If I come up with any interesting ideas for rewards or loot to discover, I'll let you know. I only ask that the items be interesting, and be hidden out of plain view. I'd like for the adventurers to have to really explore to find these things, or have to face some true challenges. Timezone & Availability: I'm in Eastern Standard (East Coast US). However, I'm awake at weird times. Anytime from about 4:00pm server to 11am server is usually a good time, but not assured. I just quit my job recently, so I'm free daily. Contact: Forum PMs work, but my skype is Pipboyfallout if that makes it easier. You can also find me on one of my characters. Lili, Yla, Emalia, Laia, or Riccard On a small side note, I appreciate that you give people the chance to ask for events, so thank you very much!