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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    An (un)noticable problem.

    I am posting to present more of a statement than an argument regarding the use of applications, power restrictions, and other unnecessary rules that have been indoctrinated, I will not argue your conflict to this as I will not view it as meaningful in any way given my absolution in this, please, feel free to reign clever one-line remarks/picking apart this post in retaliation as I would expect no less from what I have experienced in my very short time here, or don't to prove my initial assumption wrong, it matters not.. <3 The minor inconvenience of filling out an application that would take a small portion of ones time to be a deterrence and a reason to complain would be ridiculous, it is instead the system itself, needing rules to regulate something that is entirely unneeded as RPing with a unique and unorthodox character would require two or more agreeing parties as all RP is initiated with a general understanding of the consequences as playing such a powerful force such as a Loa, Dragon or Eredar wields incredible power, and the idea enforced by Paragon to "wield it responsibly" betrays not only the very concept of those races but also degrades them into a pitiful shell of what they are designed to be. Take note if somebody does not like what a character is doing then they simply disregard it and opt out of the scene and go about their business elsewhere, the concept is no different when applying the aforementioned. The only reasonable conclusion that I have reached as to why these rules exist is that at one point ongoing people complained tirelessly (perhaps even the staff as well) of everyone not just solely "abusing," but RPing the unique things they could not on retail as they were convinced they had the freedom of committing actions that would be scoffed at anywhere else, which explains why even non app races such as Ethereals, Arakkoa, Saurok and the like are held in such disdain by the general populace of Paragon because they do not fit -their- quota of RP hence the backhanded hostility, an example of which was when I was creating an Ethereal (as high fantasy is my personal preference) I was informed by several people not to RP an Ethereal for reasons that they would not 'fit in' with everyone else and nobody really wants to engage with them, secondly when I was in the hub as Ysar filling in and removing information of her character I was also there to observe the general consensus people would have toward a new Eredar, a small few were enticed (lovely people they were~) while a great deal displayed hostility in the masking form of an innocent immaturity in a joking manner however the truth of their judgement was obvious nonetheless, more interesting were the people that had blatantly presumed and harassed myself without regard just for displaying Ysar, nothing more, with all of this supporting my initial perception. I cannot nor will not spend my time with a biased community while they are fixated on their own enjoyment of RP while restricting, limiting and chastising anything that is beyond their idea of 'the norm,' meaning you're either in or you're out with rules to indirectly enforce this toxic behavior. Now to implement my stay I would see the entirety of the community apply themselves to reform themselves and the staff to lift these overt-silly rules within a reasonable margin of time, however when you apply the general stubbornness of the human persona and the authoritarian complex that infects so many in positions of power, I am instead ready to make my departure to unrestrained oddities that sate my interest. As a final bit of advice: Exercise your freedom without restraint before it is taken from you, do not forget the inevitable fate of all private severs, enjoy it while you still can.
  2. Out of your many exerpiences of ERP you have had (don't you lie) what would you say was the most lewd thing you have ever done? Or.. What you're willing to share? No need to be ashamed, we're all friends here.
  3. Guest


    I saw nothing in the forums about it so I'm here to ask: What is the general idea of Character x Character enlsavement? And other questions.. >Has it been done before? And how was your personal reception of it? >Would you allow your character to (perhaps indefinitely) become someone elses bitch for the sake of "progression?" >Have you thought about doing it to someone..? If so then to whom? >Would you make your slave perform labor, sell them on a black market, personal guinea pig for "experiments" or maybe for other... Purposes? Pray tell I'm curious to know.
  4. Guest

    Rise of the Legion!!!

    I havent played Mist of Pandaria and I know that Paragon still needs to get there, but I have been reading about It and they gave us a hint of the new expansion coming Wrathion predicted the coming of the legion and some cultist in Felwood predicted their return I would like expose a few theories about the expasion that I heard and what I think It will be Plot:After the end of the Alliance-Horde war,the dark titan Sargeras somehow recovered his strenght and has now unleashed the full might of the burning legion to conquer Azeroth once and for all,now everyone must band together to stop this new invasion before all is lost forever. The Shadow council finally found a way to summon the Legion Back and they have turned into a greta army spreading chaos around Azeroth Main Characters: Varian Thrall Velen Lortherom Jaina Sylvanas Tyrande Malfurion Kalegos Alextraza Mephistoroth Kil jaden New Pit Lord King Malganis and the dreadlord brothers Cenarius Adal and Katgarth Kelthuzad Medivh Turlaryon and Alleria Wrathion New class:Demon Hunter and Tinker Weapons: One Hand sword,daggers and fist weapon Role:Dps,Tank Armor:Cloth and Leather Races:Blood elfs,orcs,humans and night elfs New Races:Oger and Akora They will have glowing eyes along with runes on their bodies and somethign to cover their eyes New Faction reputation: Council of Balck Harvest:warlock circle ready to turn the legions power to beat them Army of light: the army of the Naruu has come to aid Azeroth Vanguard of Azeroth: an Alliance-Horde army combined and lead by Jaina and Thrall ready to work together to stop the legion united as one The Iron Leaf:The regiment of elf rangers and kngiths that were lost along with Turalryon and Aleria,they have returned from beyond the portal the legion used to cross and they are now ready to defend Azeroth The shadow Hunters:A group of demon hunters ready to train new ones to fight the legion,mainly elfs The Back Prince:Wrathion will be back to help and he will finally befriend Alextraza New Areas:Xoroth,Argus,A big piece of Dranor,The Broken Isles Raids:Tomb of Sargeras,Dreadconclave (the dreadlords base),Shadow Council chambers New creatures: a dark angel like demon Fel sworn unique model Mounts: a green flame warhorse,a fel dragon Armor sets: