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    Housing Application




    Welcome to the information & template for applying for an interior which your character can inhabit and you can roleplay as your characters house.


    • Please only make an interior request when you know it will be used frequently. Don't make one just because you can.
    • Whilst your interior is being built it helps substantially if you keep in communication with the builder who has undertaken your interior build.
    • These interiors are on a scale for an individual character, so keep your request within the constraints of two to three buildings.
    • Tents (with or without outdoor utilities) that don't exceed 75 ingame square yards do not need to be applied for, but inform a builder or staff when you're done using it so it can be removed.
    • All private interiors must not be in public phases.


    The Application Process

    • Upon making an application you have to wait for approval of one staff member in order for it to be approved. They will update the prefix of the thread to 'Waiting for Builder'
    • Once approved, a builder is free to pick it up and assign it to themselves. They will also update the prefix of the thread to 'Being Built'.
    • Upon completed, your interior will be moved to 'Finished'.
    • If you fail to maintain contact with the builders, your interior may become Shelved instead.


    Housing Application Template



    Before you start filling in this application, please ensure you have read the entirety of the Housing Application Format thread, and the rules that govern it again to ensure you're not missing out on any crucial changes to the system.




    What is the in game name of your character? : This must be the exact name your character uses in game, so that they can be properly tracked by the staff.

    What is the full name of your character? : Title, name, surname, anything distinguishing titles that they use.




    What interior would you like? : Please provide an image of the object, the name of it, or the ID of it.


    The following questions are to help the builder understand what you want without having you be online for it. Be as detailed as possible to get what you want built. You can discuss fine details with the builder after seeing their changes / talking to them whilst you're both online


    Inhabitants? : How many people live in the house?


    Style? : What furniture type is found in the house? Dwarven? Elven? Human? Specify if there is a type that should be used.


    Wealth? : How expensive is the furniture? How much of it? Many objects or is the house relatively empty?


    Design? : How is the house divided? Living room? Kitchen? Bedrooms? If you can give a detailed description how you want each room, and what you want where, then it will make it easier for the Builder to carry on building if you have to leave for sleep, other Roleplays or what other reason. Please be as descriptive as possible to paint a picture for us what the interior's design will be like. If you can't put it in words then drawing a sketch helps.




    Extensions? : What additional props does the house have? A smith? An enchanting table? A small library? An engineering section?


    Servants? : Does the house have NPCs? If so, specify them and where are they supposed to be spawned at. Unless they're within your 5-free NPC limit, they'll first have to be applied for through character applications or NPC applications in contact staff.


    Exterior? : Outside decoration? Does it match the surrounding scenario? Does it have a fountain, a pretty garden, a stable?




    Where do you want your house? : Please provide coordinates given by .gps


    Where is the house located ICly? : Please include what zone and a general geographical region IE; north coast, forests in the east, the mountains at the border between ____ and ____, etc.


    How would your Character have obtained it ICly? : You need to do more than just say "they saved up money". You can't do that in real life for a posh house when you're poor, and neither can you do it here. If possible try to avoid "inherited by family" or "mommy /daddy bought it because I was an angel" clichés.




    Contact Details / Timezone : The builders need some means to contact you so give some method they can contact you here, as well as your timezone so the proper builder can be allocated.


    Do you have any additional information? :




    Do you want a Waystone? : If you want to have an entrance to your interior in the main phase (phase 0), you can request a Waystone to be placed.


    Waystone function : Here you get to decide how the Waystone works. Do you want to click it to be teleported or do you just want to walk over it?


    Waystone design : How is the waystone entrance designed? How do you want it to look. Keep in mind these are only small builds.


    Waystone location : Please add the GPS location of your desired entrance in the main phase.


    Waystone name : When using the Waystone in the main phase, what name would you like to show up? (typically the name of the interior; if it's a tavern it could be 'The Blue Pub')




    Do you agree that the roleplay revolving around your character and their interior follows Paragon's rules? : A formality. This means playing your character appropriately and responsibly, not abusing the WoWRPG, and having sensibly earned the funds for the interior.



    Your application will be in public for a total of three days before a final verdict can be made.
    During this time, however, both staff and players are able to provide feedback,
    and staff can either support or vote against the application.



    Edited by Hydra

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