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    Lore Clarification Application


    Welcome to the information & template over applying for clarifications in the lore, be it for expanding some concept of a class or explaining a grey area of lore in detail.


    The Point of Applications

    • World of Warcraft, Legion is an expansive story which covers many classes - from buccaneers to the Skardyn featured in Night of the Dragon. The WoWRPG books refer to many more, and the universe that Warcraft is in is much larger than what we have seen.
    • However, not everything can be added. We can't be allowing far off planets to suddenly have species such as modernised mankind, and we certainly can't have Pacific Rim occurring on Azeroth for no apparent reason.
    • Thus, custom lore applications exist to filter the ideas that don't fit in or are taking advantage of the 'infinite possibilities' that the Warcraft Universe might allow, and restrain custom lore to adjusting Blizzard Lore or detailing classes that suit already exist in Warcraft.
    • Bards, Dancing martial arts are examples of things that don't break the current mechanics of magic or combat in Warcraft, and clarifications exist in order to correct what Blizzard might have overseen as contradictory.
    • Lore Additions either based from current Warcraft Lore or the WoW RPG will be taken with more criticism by the Moderation Team and possibly the Community, but they have the chance of being included in the server canon as long as they are aligned with the logic and environment of the Warcraft universe. 
    • This system does not accept custom races.



    The Application Process

    • In most cases your application will elaborate on what Blizzard hasn't.
    • In some cases your application will bridge the gap between logic that Blizzard hasn't necessarily made. For instance, the motives of the Night Watch turning to the Legion.
    • The application must be sound and fit within the constraints and requirements of Blizzard Lore.
    • Upon approval, applications will either be filtered into 'Homebrew', which is used for very detailed outlines of a classes capabilities, or Blizzard, in which it modifies or clarifies some lore.
    • Lore applications are never considered declined, but will be archived if not approved in their current iteration or no longer worked on for a long time.
    • All Lore applications must be left up for review for a minimum of 14 days, prior to being approved.



    Lore Clarification Application Template




    Before you start filling in this application, please ensure you have read the entirety of the Lore Clarification Application Format thread, and the rules that govern it again to ensure you're not missing out on any crucial changes to the system.




    It is in your interests to add additional questions to answer with your Lore Clarification.


    How have you chosen to title your lore modification? : Is it a new magic combination or a clarification to history?


    What is your lore application doing? : Here, you need to detail the basis of your lore application - what is it you're clarifying or changing. You would want to include the reasons behind your clarification.


    How does Warcraft support your lore change? : Demonstrate that the WoW Lore is tolerant to your clarification or that we'll benefit more from your clarification than without - we can only accept home-brew lore if it fits into Warcraft lore soundlessly and makes sense. Use as many sources as you want, just prove that your lore doesn't change anything to allow the mechanics to exist.



    Both moderators and players are able to provide feedback,

    and moderators can either support or vote against the application.


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