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    Creative Team Application


    Welcome to the Information and Application Template of the Paragon Creative Team.



    Our server, being a roleplay community, relies heavily on events and the constant change of the environment we find ourselves in

    in order to provide the immersion necessary to conduct our fun, basically.


    While in the past we kept 2 Teams, those Teams are now unified as the Creative Team though the roles of

    Builder and Dungeon Master remain, with a third one encompassing both for those people who seek

    to either be more productive or have the time and effort to employ in both areas of our content production.



    • The Dungeon Master provides danger, story, quests, puzzles, and purpose to the roleplayer and community.
    • They are expected to be adaptive, creative, and to manage interactions impartially and responsibly with the community's wishes always in mind.
    • Their powers consist of spawning and manipulating creatures, objects, spells, environments, sounds, and even players.
    • Their goal is to provide an elevated and satisfying roleplaying experience above the norm.
    • Adventures can be short and sweet, or span weeks; they can be mundane, or epic; they can be for one man, or twenty.
    • The Dungeon Master can repurpose retail content or work from scratch. There is no rule forcing them to do either. 


    • The Builder is responsible for building interiors and exteriors, and occasionally redecorating environments or helping Dungeon Masters make event areas on request.
    • The Builder has access to .gameobject, .npc, .tele, .waystone and .wp commands, among a few others.
    • The Builder may do unofficial builds or redecorate existing areas if they inform the Builder Manager beforehand and document their work.
    • The Builder may use their powers to DM if they wish to, but must inform a DM Manager beforehand for permission.


    Abuse of these powers or failure to uphold these requirements will result in loss of the rank,

    and possible additional punishment for cases of abuse.



    Pre-Application Requirements:

    • At least 1 month of community membership.
    • No past records of abusing your position, if you are re-applying.


    Application Timeline:

    • Make a new application here using the template below. No special title is required, but the application must be easy to read.
    • Your application will be reviewed as soon as a Manager is available.
    • Upon acceptance, you will be given Builder or Dungeon Master powers and your evaluation period starts.


    Evaluation Timeline:

    • Your evaluation will last one month, during which people may give feedback about your events to an Event Manager.
    • You are expected to make an attempt at your duties within one week. Inform an Event Manager if real life circumstances prevent this.
    • If applying for Dungeon Master, you will occasionally be checked on during this period and taught the basic customs of being a DM.
    • At the end of your evaluation, a decision will be made based on the Event Manager's observations and any feedback they may have received.




    This area may be used by the applicant to write a paragraph or merely a few lines to greet those reading your Application. This is entirely optional, of course. 


    For how long have you been a member on Paragon?: Purely for documentation purposes.


    What country/timezone do you live in?: This is necessary so we know your schedule and availability.


    How can we get in touch with you?: Discord tag, primarily. You'll need Discord to access the Creative Team Channel on the discord server.


    What positions are you applying for?: Dungeon Master, Builder, or both?


    What motivates you to become a Dungeon Master and/or Builder?: Please bear in mind you can apply for the freedom of having both responsibilities. Please outline in your application on what you desire to do and what drives you to do so.


    From the below questions, please answer the ones relevant to what you are applying for and feel free to leave the rest blank.


    Do you have previous experience in DMing?: Valid experiences range from but are not limited to; classic tabletop or game design to creative writing and critical analysis of cinema.


    What kind of events do you see yourself running?: This is for us to gauge on what to expect out of you as someone running events.


    How many players do you feel makes a good event size?: What is your comfort zone, and why?


    How would you handle OOC disturbances during an event?: Lore arguments, dissatisfaction, petty conflicts, grudges, inappropriate behavior, etc.




    Have you built interiors or environments before?: This includes experience with Skyrim's Creation Kit, the Warcraft World Editor, World of Warcraft itself or even the Warcraft 3 RP maps like SotDRP.


    Portfolio: Show us things you've built! This is optional for those who have past work to show.


    Do you have anything else to say?: Feel free to add anything you feel may be relevant.



    After you have been approved as a member of the Creative Team, you will need to remain somewhat active on the server to keep your rank.

    Even attempting to host an event counts as being active. You're also expected to spend your time helping other characters progress.


    For more information, please check the Paragon Rules' section dedicated to Dungeon Masters and Builders.

    Good luck in your Application!



    Kind Regards,

    Paragon Administration.

    Edited by Hydra

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