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    Moderation Team Application


    Welcome to the information & template over applying for for a moderation team position on Paragon.


    The Moderator Rank

    What is a Moderator?

    The Moderator role has many responsibilities and roles that it places in the server. On one side, the Moderator is responsible for enforcing the rules on the server in all vectors, however, the Moderator is looked at by the community as the Loremaster, and with such is expected to have an intimate understanding with Warcraft and Paragon custom-developed clarifications and additions. Lastly and most importantly, the Moderator is a mediator, finding a resolution for conflict in a viable way. Below are some of the basic outlines of what a Moderator should strive for: 


    • The Moderator is able to moderate everywhere (Discord, Forums, In-Game) to ensure the Rules on Paragon are followed, to assist Players both new and old in any way they are able and review Applications on the Forums.
    • Ideally the Moderator should be striving to have the utmost coverage. Players RPing on the game server should always have a means to contact the Moderator (In-Game or Discord works the best).
    • Whenever possible the Moderator should help promote Roleplay whether it's by creating content for a while or share rumors and event schedules. They shouldn't have the idea they sit on a high chair enforcing rules but rather help Paragon and it's Community be active and flow with Roleplay and ideas.
    • Finally, the Moderator will have to show sufficient activity In-Game or their rank will be taken from them. Their presence on the Forums and Discord is also expect to handle with In-Game matters but not so much for moderation of these mediums.




    The Application Process

    • The application process usually (but not always) lasts for up to a week and begins with your filling out the form of questions below. Make a new thread under this section of whatever topic name you want, and copy and paste the below questions into your new thread and answer them. Please consider formatting them in a legible state: Whilst you probably won't get credit for making it appear fancy, it's still nice to see a change from monotonous grey text. Make sure to pick [MOD] prefix tag, so the community understands what you're applying for.
    • After the application process has ended, the voting process starts -- how long it will last is at the discretion of the Administration. This is done through a full community alternative voting system. A form will be created and everyone is requested to vote on their preferred Candidate to become a Moderator. Depending on the size of Paragon's population at the time the minimum percentage someone needs is 51-60% to get a Trial run.
    • After the Voting Process is closed, the voting rounds and results are published to the community in a thread. The most popular candidates are picked in order to fill trial slots as required. The normal trial period follows immediately hereafter and the Community is expected to give feedback through forms anonymously.
    • The voting process functions in the following form: The Community, the Moderators, and the Administrator each represent 1 vote. If the Community votes reach the required percentage mentioned earlier in this Template, it is considered a Yes. Less than that means No. In the Moderation Team, an impasse is considered a negative vote automatically. And then the Administrator gets 1 vote. Abstentions makes the vote invalid. 
    • A candidate requires 2/3 votes to be granted a Trial as Moderator. It is valid to remember that the 3 groups voting can always outvote one another depending on the situation.
    • At the end of the trial, the community's feedback will be compiled and the administration publishes the outcome.
    • Depending on the reason for a trial being failed, if at all, you may receive a Punishment on your Warning sheet (Ex: If you failed because of harassing players or abused your powers)
    • Keep in mind it is entirely possible for the Administration to pick a candidate without needing to go through the Application process as well. If the Administration believes someone would be a good pick for a Trial they can talk to the person directly about being given a Trial Moderator run.



    Application Template





    Hey there! Feel free to replace this text with some 'hello' to the guys who will be checking over your application.


    How long have you been a member on Paragon?: We're not going to penalize you, it just clarifies why we know you if we do: Long standing members will be known by most of the moderation team, for instance.


    What country do you live in?: This is just so we get an idea of when you're on compared to the rest of the server.


    What inspires you to become a Moderator?: Do you have a need to help Players? Maybe you enjoy solving conflict rather than being on the sidelines? 


    What do you aspire to do as a Moderator?: You probably have an objective, or a need to become Moderator, to fix something you find broken. At least, hopefully. What do you plan to do as a Moderator?


    What kind of situations do you anticipate dealing with, and how would you solve them?: Sometimes it's a decision between a fed 9 bullet handgun being allowed or not, and sometimes it's about a player reporting harassment that doesn't seem all that insulting. How do you approach these situations, and others that you can think might crop up?


    A Moderator has various responsibilities. Outline some of these responsibilities and conduct you should display: How do you present yourself when solving problems? How do you treat people, even those who are breaking the rules?


    What are your thoughts on Paragon as it is now?: This is not going to be the basis of your application. We're just curious.


    Do you have any past experience as regulating/monitoring/moderating/administrating a community?: Do you have experience with dealing with people? Over the internet? In a roleplaying community? Whilst not the basis of an approval or decline, this is nice to know.


    Do you have anything else to say?: Actions speak louder than words, but this is a means of confirming you understand what the Staff rank asks for.





    After the Application

    • If you succeed in becoming a part of the Moderation Team, you will be on trial for up to a month (if not longer), with the same abilities as a full-fledged team member. This title means nothing and is just a means of saying "you're settling in" so as not to throw the entire ton of bricks over your head with no notice.




    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the admin on the forums or in-game. They will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding Moderation Team applications.


    Good luck!

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