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    Storyteller Application


    The Storyteller Request forums are for you to be able to request temporary DM powers to run an event of your own design. Your request will only be visible to the DMs, staff, and yourself.

    The storyteller role can be used to run chain events, or simply one off events. Players are able to provide RP for the public in their own medium, without the commitment to the actual Dungeon Master role. You are expected to provide the proper details and scope of your event. Not every details needs to be given, however, but the more specific you are the better. You can also request a co-DM from the Creative Team as a resource (i.e help with commands, spawning, and other event details).

    Approval of your role will pass through the Managers or Moderators.

    Applications can be denied due to: vagueness, severe lack of detail,  inability to fill out the format, or if they violate server rules. You are not guaranteed the storyteller role, and your events might be subject to change. Changes might include: location, scope, or rewards.

    Creative Mangers may tell you that your event does not require the storyteller role and can be done without the need of commands.

    Please understand that our Creative Team works to provide you with a quality experience within the warcraft-universe. If you wish to share in that experience, express your creativity, or work with the people behind the scenes on Paragon, then this is the appropriate role for you.

    Please note, that if your Storyteller Request has been approved, but not progressed in the course of 1 month (due to player fault or without excuse), then the Manager(s) reserve the right to revoke the temporary status of the applicant and they must apply again. 

    Storyteller Request Format:



    1. What event are you planning on running?

    This can be just a general outline of what you’re planning on running.

    (i.e orcs establish an outpost in the barrens)


    2. Is this event intended to be private or public?

    Specify if this event is for a closed group of friends or will your event include the entire server?


    3. Is your event a one-off or a chain of events?

    Is your event going to require a single hosting or will it be over the course of many other events? Please specify here.


    4. What is your event?:

    This should be the meat of your event. Please outline, in detail, your proposed event. 


    5. What are your desired results/rewards?:

    Please describe the outcome of your event and specify any specific rewards, etc. that you’d like to give out.

    Notes: In the case of pursuing the unique weapons/lore items, it must be approved through the Event Manager. They will be the ones to decide the traits and/or abilities of the weapon.


    5B. Is the goal of the event for the purposes of another character?

    Optional, but please fill this out if you intended to host this event for a faction or other characters


    6. How long do you require DM powers?
    Please specify the amount of time you’ll require (i.e “till the end of my chain!”)

    6B. Do you wish to request a co-DM?
    Please answer this yes or no, or specify which DM you’d like to help you.
    Note: Sometimes members of the team are not available, but they are open to you as a resource.

    8. Contact:

    Please provide your Discord # or some alternative form of communication a part from in-game so a DM can find you!

    Note: Storytellers must abide by the same rules as the Creative Team and are expected to keep in communication with the current Manager or Co-DM.


    Once your application has been reviewed and approved by a Manger or Moderator, you will be contacted in-game or directly on Discord. If your application sits for longer than one week, please contact a Creative Manger or Moderator.

    If you have any further questions about the format of the application or "what can I apply for, and what can't I apply for", contact an Creative Manger or Dungeon Master, thank you.

    This forum post is subject to change.

    Edited by Hydra

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