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Server Changelog [623-4]

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Another large update has arrived for DMs and Builders, allowing both to make Paragon have more life when it comes to NPCs and objects. This is done in the 623-3 to 623-4 update.

  • Waypoint System: Rehauled Waypoint system for improved accessibility to DMs and Builders who may use it, involving add, insert, delete, ping, duplicate, move, anim, wait, walk, run, load and unload.
  • Brief explanation to waypoints: Waypoints are considered of a path (a list of points in ascending order from 1) and points (a place where a npc walks to). A NPC walks from point 1, then to point 2, then... etc, until they reach the end point, then they travel back to point 1. They can perform actions at each point, or move between points at difference pace. All commands either require the GUID of a creature (which is connected to their waypoint) or they need to be targeted. Demonstration Video
    • Waypoint Add: Adds a point onto the end of the current path of either a selected creature or their GUID.
    • Waypoint Insert: Inserts a point into the position given, causing all points after it to be incremented in one place.
    • Waypoint Remove/Delete: Removes the point position given, causing all points after it to be decremented one place.
    • Waypoint Duplicate: Copies the path of the given creature GUID, and all its points, to the target creature or their GUId if specified
    • Waypoint Show/Ping: Shows a spell effect at the current positions of all waypoints and a number to show their order.
    • Waypoint Info: Shows information about each point in the NPCs waypoint.
    • Waypoint Move: Moves the given point to the players position or given x, y and z coordinates.
    • Waypoint Anim: Prompts the NPC to play an animation specified at the given point position.
    • Waypoint Delay/Wait: Prompts the NPC to wait a specified time at the given point position.
    • Waypoint Run: Causes the NPC to run after reaching the given point.
    • Waypoint Load: Loads the waypoint, prompting the NPC to begin their patrol. This will automatically happen at reboot unless unloaded.
    • Waypoint Unload: Stops the NPC from following the waypoint.
  • Gobject Schematic: Save a group of gameobjects into a named schematic that can be spawned identically except facing a new direction and located at new coordinates. Demonstration Video
    • Gobject Schematic Add: Adds to the named schematic the object $guid, last, target or recent.
    • Gobject Schematic Info: Obtains information such as the members and positioning relative to the leader of the given schematic name.
    • Gobject Schematic Remove: Removes from the named schematic the member ID.
    • Gobject Schematic Erase: Completely deletes all entries in a schematic with the given Name.
    • Gobject Schematic Spawn: Spawns the named schematic, retaining the positioning of the objects in the original setup.
  • Gobject Axial: Rotate objects in 3D. Currently you can only yaw an object, but this implements pitching and rolling it (think of it as a plane). Demonstration Video.
  • Additionally, all Blizzard spawns that made use of axial rotation actually now have it, but if you modify their axial at all it will be lost forever, as the data is stored in Quaternions which are difficult to represent in Euler coordinates.
    • Gobject Axial: Sets the pitch, roll and yaw (if the yaw is not specified, uses the current object orientation). Available in Radian format too.
    • Gobject Pitch/Tilt: Sets the pitch, starting from 0° which is upright to 90° which is tilted forwards, retaining the current roll and yaw of the object. . Available in Radian format too.
    • Gobject Roll: Sets the roll to a specified degree, starting from 0° which is upright to 90° which is rolled right, retaining the current pitch and yaw of the object. . Available in Radian format too.
    • Gobject AxialAddDegree: Adds to the current pitch, roll and yaw angles by a set degrees. Available in Radian format too.
    • Gobject PitchAddDegree/TiltAddDegree: Adds to the current pitch angle by a set degrees. Available in Radian format too.
    • Gobject RollAddDegree: Adds to the current roll angle by a set degrees. Available in Radian format too.
  • Command Help: Help for all commands used on Paragon will be improved and made more colourful over the course of 623-4 being live, starting on the most common player-used commands.
  • Phasing: The back-end of our phasing system was re-written and while you won't notice anything really different, it does allow us to create new commands that depend on phasing if we ever have to.
  • Phase: You can just type .phase ID now instead of .mod phase, quality-of-life I guess?
  • NPC Fix: Ever been to a (custom) location and noticed NPC's falling through the floor? Triggering this command will fix that issue.
  • Dress NPCs: This is a new feature that allows us to "dress up" NPCs to use custom items. A big step forward in NPC customization. How it works? Basically it puts a mirror image visual on an NPC to wear the items we dictate in our database.
  • Loading Screens: You should no longer see a loading bar go to full and then disappear while you're still stuck in it. Plus it should, depending on your system, make teleporting between maps faster.
  • Additem: Now once again listens to its (optional) count value (.add item (-)1), positive means add and negative means deleting.
  • Barber: Using this command with natives will now be less prone to cause client crashes.
  • Item Upgrades: This is a blizzlike thing, no clue why you'd want it but it works now.
  • Pet Specializations: Also a blizzlike thing, but it should work now.

Take care,

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wanted that stuff for AGES before

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