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Sweet Revenge

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Thursday, at around midnight, explosions could be heard from Elwynn's vicinity, near Duskwood. Hundreds of people were witness to a fire spreading quickly through a fellow lord's county. We sent a scout as fast as we could to observe the happenings and report back. 


The man came back as frightened as ever, both his hands shaking heavily. He barely retold the event that took place there. It was attacked at around night time with heavy explosives. After some time passed and the villagers were busy putting out the fire, an army of more than one hundred hacked and slashed everything in their way. Most of the villagers and guards were captured, tied in front of the Holy Church. A man and a woman climbed to the rooftop, addressing the people in front of them.


"Two years have passed since the smoke and ash lifted to the skies...Two years since my beloved father killed the traitors one by one. Over one hundred lives lost, all planned by one man. His name was Marcus Whilbern, my father, and he led the Liberty Army with pride and care. All he wanted was your well being and your safety!


But you, you stupid animals, you butchered him in cold blood. You asked your assassins to do your bidding, your dirty work! No more...I swear on my father's grave that I will carry out his plan to the end, but before that, I will kill anyone who stands in my way, starting with you!" 


After no more than ten minutes, the captured people were brutally killed. The count's corpse has also been found, hanged in his own house, as well as his whole house and family members. Only a few survived and walked all the way to Stormwind to ask for help before returning to their ruined home.


It's just like two years ago, but now, nearly two hundred lives were lost. It was all confirmed by the authorities and and it was declared they won't stand for such criminal acts. An investigation shall begin soon. The best assumption is the attackers are what remains of the Liberty Army defeated two years ago. 




This is not a regular slash & hack and loot 'em event. This is more of a hunting style and the first parts of the event chain will barely have any enemies around.


There had been put several papers across the kingdom where Stormwind is looking for help to solve and deal with the culprits. Payment is promised and whatever items are found along the way can be kept by the participants. 


This is a continuation of the former event chain hosted by Akua Shuzen. (


Time and Date: 2 of August Friday, 21:00 GMT+2

Number of participants per event: 6-10. First come, first served.

Difficulty: Very High ( Will rise as the event chain advances )

Risk of Death: Very High ( Will rise as the event chain advances )

Requirements for Joining: Characters need to be a part of the Alliance and have some sort of affiliation to it rather than race. ( Ex: 7th Legion, SI:7, Stormwind Assassins' Guild etc )



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First Part:  Completed 


The group investigated the county in search of clues and evidence. They found a few enemies disguised as citizen, blowing up a house in the process. A tunnel in the inn's basement has been found, and with the help of a certain man belonging to the Assassins' Guild, they figured out that the tunnel may lead to a hidden base. 


Second Part: Completed


The tunnel the team had previously found was full of terrifying creatures, from heavily mutated geists to constructs built only for destruction. Quite sadly, the tunnel's entrance collapsed and the team was stuck in there, awaiting further orders.


Third Part: Completed


The enemies have all been killed, the group has successfully captured a high ranked individual to gather information from and the abandoned town is now, once again, Alliance Territory.


Fourth Part: Failed


The group failed in capturing or killing Cassandra Whilbern, but was successful in killing off two of her main puppets. 


Final Part: Ongoing


The Blackmist have reached Stormwind's gates and the Liberty Army is now attacking. Stormwind must be defended at all costs!

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Date and first parted added. Post the most convenient hour you would want for this and I'll see what I can do.

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All done, hope you guys had fun. :) Second part is on Wednesday, same hour!

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I was very tried last night and I forgot to update the thread. Thank you for posting the time in my absence!

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