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Forgotten Overlord

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It been over a decade since the vile Warlord Gath'Ilzogg led his Dark Horde raiders through Stormwind's lands. Committing vile acts ranging from the sacking of Lakeshire to the occupation of Northsihre in their suicidal campaign for glory. Even though the events revolving around the Dark Horde's advances on Elwynn ended in failure, including the death of Gath'Ilzogg, his lieutenant; Overlord Barbarius had disappeared. A brutal orc who was responsible for many of the crimes his Warlord had enforced against Stromwind's people.


Now, Barbarius location has been discerned by the capable agents of SI:7, though the orc in question no longer poses a significant threat like he once did. However none shall be excluded from the retribution of Stormwind's justice against such violent perpetrators. With forces focused mostly focused elsewhere, Stormwind has sent a call to local heroes for assistance in 'permanently' removing any trace of Barbarius from Azeroth.








So this date back to an old event chain around 2012 when the Dark Horde attacked Elwynn forest. I learnt that Overlord Barbarius was never officially killed on the server so being the sentimental kid I am I decided to make this event based upon server lore as well to having a concluding wrap to an old story I was once involved with. Regardless it pretty straight forward Barbarius has been discovered and Alliance heroes are tasked with eliminating him along with his band. Perhaps learn some of the history of Paragon.


TIme: Will try hosting this event on Sunday 17th at 2pm server time, looking for around 3-10 people for this event. So rather small.

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