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[Test concept] The Grand Alliance (Umbrella guild)

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The Grand Alliance

"Humans, night elves, dwarves, gnomes, draenei, and the savage worgen make up the illustrious Alliance. Proud and noble, courageous and wise, these races work together to preserve order in Azeroth. The Alliance is driven by honor and tradition. Its rulers are champions of justice, hope, knowledge, and faith.
In a time when chaos and uncertainty reign, the Alliance remains steadfast in its determination to bring light to the darkest corners of the world."

What is it?: The Grand Alliance is an umbrella guild for all Alliance military characters. An umbrella guild is a single guild (name) composed of several smaller guilds (unnamed). The purpose of an umbrella guild is to show activity and hopefully promote RP.
Every Alliance military character can join The Grand Alliance and do their own stuff. There's no reason to have several guilds for essentially the same thing; military roleplay!
Ulgarf is leader of his own company of soldiers, named "The 51st Squadron", and has created a guild for it. By joining "The Grand Alliance", it would seem Ulgarf loses ownership of his guild, that's not the case!
Instead Ulgarf changes his guild name to become a member of "The Grand Alliance", while in a note in the guild he writes "Leader of 51st Squadron". 
Ulgarf is free to continue doing what he was doing prior to joining, all that has changed is the guild name - Ulgarf is still the leader of his own "fraction" of The Grand Alliance.

Guild structure: The Grand Alliance's guild structure is divided into its guild ranks. Each rank is named after the nation the player belongs to. For example a rank named "Stormwind" or "Ironforge". 
Each person in the guild, writes his official rank in his public note, while detailing his own "group" in the officer's note. 

Now, looking at other players in the guild, you notice "Kendall", who is a commander in rank. Does that mean that he will have authority over Ulgarf and his 51st squadron? No.
Ulgard and Kendall are of two different "ranks", Ulgarf being of Ironforge and Kendall being of Stormwind. This means that he cannot exact his rank over him.
Had Ulgarf been human, Kendall, as a commander of the Alliance, would be above him in rank, but Ulgarf has been given the 51st squadron, which means that unless there is battle, Kendall cannot exact his authority over Ulgarf (beyond the regular capacity).

Guild leadership: Each person in the guild is the leader of his own fraction of the military, if he has one. Ulgarf is in command of his own former guild, the 51st squadron, and other players likewise.
Each person is expected to take care of their own business with the possibility of a collaboration between the fractions at some point.

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A good idea that only needs a bit of effort and coordination to execute. I hope this succeeds, any promotion to building RP is a good one.

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I'll admit I was a bit hesitate when Verum first approached me with this, but after talking it over with him and realizing that it only will help unify Alliance military RP, I quickly realized it's a great idea. 


This guild will hopefully grow, and as I mentioned to Verum in guild chat earlier, I think that we should certainly shoot for a Discord or Skype chat (/alertsoff ofc) so that it helps us all communicate better. 


So glad to be a part of this.

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I like this idea. I was recently thinking of getting back into RPing my Knight again and this looks like a neat idea. Support!

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Okay. It seems a good idea. I'll organize some shit I need to ingame then I'll consider bringing Daniel into this.

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I like this idea. I can throw in Savaniel sometime since she works with Kendall. Maybe my other one too.

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Yes, I like this a lot. So long as a Staff is in control of it...


I'll pop on my first +1. Might I also recommend one for "The Horde"

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Update; If anyone wishes to join, but can't because no one is online at the same time as you, please reply in this thread with a "Invite me to the guild", followed by your character's name. 

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It is not the central Command Center of Stormwind's Military since, as Razmataz said, it is impossible to make since it would be an titanic construction but it is an office for bureaucratic and theorical discussions and activities of militaristic and perhaps political situations should they share concerns with the Army.


OBJECTIVE: This place would be where the Military would make strategy and all that. An office as it says. So, bureaucracy and paperwork and the things of the sort could be certainly RPed in this place. Yes, it is public. 


As suggested by Vykax, this will be open to -everyone- but mind that if your character isn't military, he'd have to identify himself at the entrance and explain why is he there, what he wants, etc.


Nobility is allowed as long as a comissioned officer invite them to go to the MCO to discuss things. Else, you'll have to wait for someone to allow your entrance.

Civilians are rarely accepted inside, but as nobility, if a comissioned officer invite a civilians for say ... a debriefing, he shall be allowed. Else, he'll have to wait in the entrance. 

 Entrance/Exit to the MCO (.t commandexit )


_ This is where people will enter/exit the place ICly. Any officer or NCO of the Army can enter. Non-military can as well but they'll have to be in the company of a member of the Army or have an invitation from one of those inside, as explained before. = Reception and NCO Office ( .t commandcenter )


_ This place is where you arrive after passing by the Entrance/Exit in Old Town ICly. You'll depare with a table with a certain Private Jesse Long who'll confirm your reason to be there ICly, and two counters with a small gate in the middle. In your left, you'll see a Corporal who'll properly bring you inside with a permission to walk in the NCO floor or in the upper floor, where the COs will be. In your right, you'll see a Recruitment Officer, as the name suggests, he'll recruit people to the Army. This floor is where NCOs work with their matters, as you may note, there's only NPCs with non-comissioned ranks in their names. In the basement, you'll find the depot where the provisions of the place are maintained. You'll need a permission to go down there as you'll see a Sergeant Daelian in a counter guarding the stairs. Next to the stairs to the upper floor, you'll see a Sergeant Crowler, who'll check people's permission to go upstairs or inside the door. Comissioned officers might use this place for their business but this would be hardly seen. (War Room more or less) ( .t commandembassy / .t embassyout  )


_ The door near the stairs to the CO floor will be the entrance to this place ICly. This place is where the military will be able to contact with the Alliance's allies. There are representors of the Silver Hand, of the Kirin Tor, and Gilneas.

I have chosen those because they're the ones the Alliance is mostly associated with (we can open a exception to Gilneas here). All things regarding aid from those factions will be discussed inside this place.


Also, this may be used as a reunion hall as well for military officers and others they might invite. Office


_ This is the second floor and it is where the comissioned officers, the higher leaders of the Army, acomplish their bureaucratic duties as well as strategy. I like to think this place more of a place for lower officers/NCOs to consult higher officers for directions or even orders, since there are other officers with chosen subordinates in the Alliance. You'll notice three empty desks. I have left those for RP and the confirmation for its lack of occupants is the war in Pandaria. The NCO Office has empty desks as well. The CO Office also has a small little place to conduct meetings and to organize strategical and even political matters. The officer in charge of the place is the Marshal Jacob Alerius you'll see sitting in the higher table, along with a Commander. They're the heads of the place.


Aditional Information: This place is purely to improve Military RP. Marine/Naval officers and the officers and diplomats coming from other nations of the Alliance are welcome here as well, provided they have a reason to enter. I'm not saying all matters from military shall be discussed here but it is a nice place to do it all the same. If you wonder why it needs those points to be allowed or not to enter is that it needs organization. Could you imagine what a mess if the Pentagon would let anyone in ? It is an example but it apply to this.


I hope you Military RPers enjoy my work and that it get a bit more of use as Verum has brought this wonderful idea.


Since now,

Thanks for the attention and comprehension. 

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