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Spy versus Spy

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It's well known that the more straps you wear on your person, the more successful an assassin you'll be.



Menethil Harbour is enjoying a visit from a decorated Alliance war hero, Commander Edward Horley! The veteran soldier of Stormwind is paying a visit to the port city where he served much of his duty to the Alliance, and a small celebration is planned for his arrival. However, all's not well with the heroic return... SI:7 agents have been assigned to monitor the situation, and have caught wind of a plan to assassinate Commander Horley during his visit! 

With many of SI:7's finest agents still deployed to Kalimdor in the wake of the Siege of Orgrimmar, the organisation finds itself somewhat short-staffed. To that end, the agents in charge of the case have turned to the more varied heroes of the Alliance - adventurers. The talented few selected will be sent to Menethil to ensure the celebration doesn't end badly - ideally without causing much alarm amongst the locals. Will this be a cunning gambit by SI:7, or will the adventurers live up to their reckless reputation? That's up to you!




This event is open for Alliance-affiliated characters only. I'll be taking up to 8 players for this event.




Menethil Harbour!




Thursday the 16th of March, 1400 server time!




Players will be performing a service to the Alliance - maybe they'll even impress SI:7, if they do well enough. And, of course, they'll be rewarded with a few items from the organisation's coffers.

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Being moved to THURSDAY because SURPRISE FUNERAL


dont worry it's nobody i know, i just have to do stuff tomorrow now

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