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Alchemists' Union

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The Alchemists' Union is the goblin organization of alchemists, scientists and experimentators that created the Hobgoblins, aswell as a wide range of different potions or chemistry-based weaponry. The Union is run by Head Alchemist Gigglefont and accepts members of all goblin Cartels in its ranks.


In-guild ranking:

"Guild Master" - de-facto non-existant title, it's held by my OOC character Gobchemist on my 2nd account in order to manage the guild should such a need arise.

*Grand Alchemist - a renown member of the Union holding that title and having a fair influence within and outside the Union's jurisdiction.

*Member - an alchemist, scientist or researcher of the Union.

*Assistant - assigned or willingly assisting a Member of the Union, held in the registrate of the Union as a potential new member.

*Associate - Anyone connected with the Union somehow that doesn't deal with scientific research. Guards, kidnappers, slavers, or created monstrocities fall under this category. (non-goblin races allowed).


OOC info: This is simply the lore guild for the organization, and for now I don't plan to do anything major with it. Even so, you don't even need to like me to be part of it. If you have a Goblin character who is also an alchemist or a member of the Union, simply write his/her name here, with the appropriate rank, and I'll add you to the guild.

I created it for the sole fact that I shouldn't keep such a guild to myself (Zaxrit), and that I've seen a few goblin alchemist characters before (most notable being Trixie I think, a travelling potion doc).

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I've got two for this: Gringal(Member) and Jeb(Member)

Roger that.

Edit: I'll more easily remember them as Gringo and Jew.

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Update: With Tass' assistance, I've added Gringal directly in the guild. Jeb however was unable to be added via the commands.

(I resorted to that since I find it hard to find you online, Noodles.)

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