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[Project] The Mountainfury

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We are the Mountainfury! For Ironforge! For the dwarves!


Who are The Mountainfury?

Where the Humans have the SI:7, an elite group agents of stealth and assasination, Ironforge shall have The Mountainfury! An elite group of warriors, and defenders of Ironforge, and Azeroth, in the name of the dwarves! The Mountainfury are a dwarvish military group that serves the Council of Three Hammers, and the dwarven people, as elite warriors and skilled combatants.


They are charged with escorting important members of dwarven society, or eliminating targets deemed dangerous by the Ironforge government. More importantly, they act as defenders of not just the dwarven people, but all of Azeroth and its beauty. The Mountainfury are strong worshipers of the Titans, and would do anything to preserve their creations beauty.


Who can join, and how?

The races of The Mountainfury are limited to the dwarves, as the primary race, and the gnomes and earthen as the secondary races. While they will not turn down other races such as humans, or worgen, it is highly unlikely they will be recognized as full-fledged Fury's of the Mountain. Those who seek entry can contact me (Celarc) here on the forums, or on discord for an invite. Or, you can whisper me in game. I would highly recommend Roleplaying entry, however I am not against OOC invitations.


In terms of IC entry, the Mountainfury must pass three trials, known as the Stone Gauntlet. These trials are known as the Trial of Stone, the Trial of Metal, and the Trial of Diamond. After a warrior has complete these three trials, they are granted the rank of Fury. And are considered full-fledged members of The Mountainfury.


How does the chain of command work?

The Mountainfury works on a diplomatic chain of command, where the higher ranking members vote on actions. The chain of command is linked directly to the Ironforge government.




The Council of Three Hammers

The Council of Three Hammers has ultimate say over anything The Mountainbreakers do. Their decisions and orders are un-disputable.


Ironforge Government

Members of the Ironforge government such as Thanes can give orders to The Mountainfury. However, the Breaker's Council can elect to not follow orders granted by such members, if the majority agree.


Chief Breaker

The Chief Breaker of The Mountainfury acts as the head of the Breaker's Council. It should be noted that while this member is the "technical" leader of The Mountainfury, they are not in charge of the decisions The Mountainfury make, alone. The Chief Breaker can cast 2 votes in on any subject of the Breaker's Council.



Breaker's are officers of The Mountainfury, and make up the Breaker's Council. This council is in charge of making decisions on behalf of The Mountainfury, and act as officers on the field of battle for the rest of The Mountainfury. Fury's can partake in a set of trials to achieve this rank as well, however this trial can be skipped should the members of the Breaker's Council personally decide to promote a member to a seat of the council. Many Breaker's change their secondary names to Mountainfury. (E.X: Givald Mountainfury)



This is the rank that official members of The Mountainfury hold. Anyone in this rank bares a mark chiseled in to their armor that symbol for their membership in The Mountainfury. For a Warrior to achieve this rank, they must pass three trials that test their strength, sturdiness, and willpower. Only upon completion of the Stone Gauntlet can a Warrior truly rise to the rank of Fury.



Warriors of The Mountainfury are not actual members of The Mountainfury. Instead, they are soldiers that server under The Mountainfury, or are aspirants. Many warriors of The Mountainfury train for the Stone Gauntlet, while others are simply content to be part of the bond that even the warriors share with The Mountainfury.



Initiates of The Mountainfury are untrained warriors, who seek to rise to the rank of Warrior. They are often trained by a Fury of The Mountainfury,.


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You had me up until "Strong worshipers of Titans", damnit! 

Regardless, I hope to bump into you in-game. We can always use more dwarf lads at the front! 

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You had me up until "Strong worshipers of Titans", damnit! 

Regardless, I hope to bump into you in-game. We can always use more dwarf lads at the front! 

Haha, sorry! But a key point to the Mountainfury is in the name. They represent the fury of the mountains the titans created. They live to protect those creations. While you don't have to be a worshiper of the titans, you would have to partake in the ceremonial stuff such as the Stone Gauntlet. Which does have a portion of it to do with the titans. 


Either way, agreed! Dwarves are strong and hardy, we could always use more! (@Sorum)

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Looks great, best of luck with this!
Might even pull Thoramir back out of the depths of hell storage.

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I'm still a li'l bit too disheartened by the last time dorf RP sputtered out of existence, so I'm not sure if I'll be picking back up my dwarf... but, I wanted to wish you good luck in this endeavor.


Remember... dig greedily, dig deep.




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Hey, I see dwarves quite often. I'm just hoping to be able to put all the lone dwarves under one banner so they can RP more often together!


And, it's ok. No matter how deep we dig, Balrog is on our side.

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Since there was some interest in this, I'll get to work on a complete guild post. (With details on everything, like the trials.) Hope to see some new folk in the guild when I get that up!

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