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Server Changelog [710-5d]

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This update will bring us to 710-5, and it contains the following:



  • Pet System Overhaul: We mentioned this briefly in 710-4. This has been released with the following commands:
    • Pet Create: This creates a pet out of your current targetted animal NPC. Ask a Staff member to spawn you a random animal. Blizzard limitations prevent this from being anything else than an animal.
    • Pet List: List all your current pet IDs and names. You'll use that ID with the Summon command.
    • Pet Summon: Summon one of the 4 pets (1 - 4) that you have created (it will desummon your current pet).
    • Pet Desummon: Desummon your current pet. We recommend using this in favor of just dismissing them to get all the benefits of this system. (Issues caused by using the UI option on right-click are your own responsibility, we won't fix your pets if it goes wrong.)
    • Pet Delete: Delete your currently selected pet. We recommend using this in favor of just abandoning them to get all the benefits of this system. (Issues caused by using the UI option on right-click are your own responsibility, we won't fix your pets if it goes wrong.)
    • Pet Model: Change the model of your summoned pet permanently.
    • Pet Scale: Change the scale of your summoned pet permanently.
    • Pet Cast: Cast a spell from your spellbook through your summoned pet (as if they're casting it).
    • Pet Rename: Renames your summoned pet to a name of your choice. There's a limit of 21 characters and you'll notice it when you hit it when the name looks chopped off.
  • Group Currency: Added the ability to .mod currency but for all members of a group, relevant to DMs in Draenor.
  • [710-5b] NPC Hover: .npc hover on/off is now permanent on the specific creature spawn.
  • [710-5b] Go Creature: .go creature will now use the targeted creature if no $guid is input.
  • [710-5b] Formation Add: The syntax of npc formation add was changed. Instead of proving distance and angle, you now provide x and y values.
  • [710-5b] Formation Here: Similar to Formation Add except with no x and y arguments - instead, uses your position relative to the leader creature.
  • [710-5b] Npc Target/Last: Implemented some limited functionality for NPC $guids to be replaced by 'last' and 'target' for some NPC based commands, namely formations.
  • [710-5c] Warlock Pet System: Warlocks can have up to 14 pets to accommodate for all their demon pets. Use !pet summon if you want to summon a demon after creating it with the spell (else you'll get duplicates).
  • [710-5c] Reorder Pet List: Character Actions has received an option to reorder your pet list IDs.


  • Clickable Waystones Updated: The logic behind identifying a waystone that you click on has been tidied up. It is now possible to have a large number of clickable waystones in close proximity and it'll identify the one you click correctly.
  • Time Command Modified: Time commands now uses '0' as midnight, rather than -21600.
  • Phase Cap Implemented: It is now not possible for commands to phase you to an id greater than 9999. Phases beyond this ID didn't actually exist and were being phased to phase 0 because of that.
  • Object State 3 Implemented: Objects set to state 3 in the database should now spawn properly rather than being skipped for having an invalid state. This is necessarily for lightsources to function and may extend to other spell based objects
  • Group ScenePlay Fix: Fix functionality to use .scene play, not .scene playpackage.
  • Object Group Leader Fix: Fixes a crash when only one argument was used in Object Group Leader/SwapLeader.
  • Object Group Move Fix: Fixes mathematical logic in repositioning a group of objects when .obj group move is used.
  • Object Group $guid Fix: Fixes manipulation commands in object groups that only allowed 'target' to be used instead of $guid, last, recent or group.
  • Milling/Prospecting Fix: Milling and Prospecting items no longer consumes up to 10 items if they were in the same stack. It now only consumes five items.
  • Quest Related Loot Fix: Objects linked to quests in any manner which returned "Already Looted (#/#)" should now be lootable without such an error message.
  • Object $guid Replacements Fix: Hopefully fix a variety of issues that occur around the use of target, last, group and recent in lieu of $guid.
  • Khadgar's Tower Fix: A hackfix has been implemented to resolve an issue with Khadgar's portal located at Zangarra.
  • ItemLevel Damage Fix: Fix a crash regarding adding a damaging weapon with bonus ids putting its itemlevel above 945.
  • [710-5DB] Taladite Crystal Crash: Fixed the scripting behind creating Taladite Crystals using the cogwheels in Draenor causing it to infinitely loop between action 7 and 8.
  • [710-5a] Pet Create Issues Fix: Summon pets (like the water elemental and such) were causing issues with the new pet system. This should have been resolved. Note: If pet create does not do anything and .pet list shows you only have 3 pets, relog. On login the system does a recount of your pet amount.
  • [710-5a] Pet Delete Crash Fix: Pets that are not part of the new pet system would cause crashes if used together with .pet delete. This should no longer happen as summon pets are not part of the new pet system and there's a fail-safe in place.
  • [710-5b] Currency Fix: Fixes a crash to do with .mod currency when a currency is not specified.
  • [710-5c] Pet ID 255 Fix: This is a "maybe", we're doing a few extra checks to stop this ID from popping up.
  • [710-5c] Pet List Out-Of-Sync: The pet list was sometimes out-of-sync with the database, displaying non-existing pets and the like. This should be fixed.
  • [710-5c] Pet System Error Messages: These were added or made more descriptive where they were not.
  • [710-5d] Pet List Warlocks Fix: Pet list will now display the 14 slots a warlock has properly.
  • [710-5d] Pet System Warlock Fix: Warlocks were losing pets above ID 4 due to an inconsistency. This should be fixed now.
  • 7.2.0: Additional patch development has been halted while all files are updated and in some cases re-done for the 7.2.0 update.
On the Agenda
  • Combat Spells: Implement large number of combat spells with animation, sound and weapon trail to utilise all weapon trails and all combat animations.
  • Equipment Spells: Implement a number of attachment spells to the character - quivers, librams - that are achieved through artifact items.
  • Gameobject Schematic Fixes: Fix issues with schematics having duplicate memberids or failing to add an object to the schematic.
  • Gameobject Schematic AddNear: Allow mass addition of objects to a schematic.
  • Gameobject Group Map: Implement movement of object groups to a different map.
  • Gameobject Group Axial: Implement axial rotations (pitch, roll, tilt and axial commandsets for single objects) to object groups
  • Object Undo: Improve object undo functionality, extending it to groups and implementing multiple undo usage.
  • Event: Additional Features: Implement absorb, damage reduction, heal over time effects and round based prompts via a round system. Each use of .e round moves to the next round.
  • Spells: Remove Specialisation Limits: Allow spells ordinarily only accessible to one specialisation and therefore not to show in the spellbook to be usable and show in an accessible spellbook.

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Absolutely wonderful. Bug Hunting Mode: Activated.

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Hey, pretty damned good. I'm looking forward to trying out that pet system!


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  • 7.2.0: Additional patch development has been halted while all files are updated and in some cases re-done for the 7.2.0 update.




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