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A tough town. (3/3)

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Word around the streets of Ratchet say that a new set of mercenary jobs, both easy and difficult are rising for those that wish to seek them, the slums and even the higher streets of the city all bustle in confusion and excitement as to see which schmuck is gullible enough to take on these tasks, though whoever does with to partake in what could be the ... adventure of a life-time with questionable morality can find a bruiser by the name of Grat Nottinrong near the tavern. Grat can be usually seen donning the traditional bruiser uniform the man is also lacking a few teeth. The bruiser has turned down a few adventurers who were not enough to impress the man for him to send them on the required jobs, can -YOU- be worthy of such a task? If you think you have what it takes, come by the tavern, Grat is waiting.



This is a series of three events all revolving in Ratchet that I am going to be doing, the premise is helping an old bruiser who wants to get the objectives done but wants to go far beyond the laws present in Ratchet so he needs someone to do it for him, namely the players. All sorts of characters are welcome to join in this.  I'll be accepting up to 10 people. This is all done in Project Ratchet also.


First Event - Sinking the Cruising Willow.

Date : Friday 12/5/17 Time : 12pm Server time.


Second Event - The means of production.

Date : 13/5/17 Time : 12 Server Time


Third Event - The town's trouble.

Date : 18/5/17 Time : 12pm Server Time

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Thank you for hosting this, Slavoh, it was really fun. Was both challenging and entertaining.

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