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Schematics Made Easy

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A quick guide to:



by Kresh



In this guide I'll be walking you through schematics and why they're not super scary, complicated demons and in fact extremely useful. Please note you'll need to be a Builder (GMLevel 1) or above to have access to the Schematic commands. Personally schematics were not often used when building until the latter part of my building 'career' and I regret doing so entirely. The primary reason for this is once you realise how easy and simple they are, they speed things up incredibly so.

Below I will detail some useful tips and tricks on how to operate schematics. I'm going to refrain from listing commands where I can because it clutters the thread somewhat. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment them below and I'll make edits where I see fit. Let's get started.

The basis of a schematic is built around a PARENT (or LEAD) global object (from here out 'Gobj'), and it's CHILD gobjs that surround it. When you create a schematic, you're actually creating a group of gobjs around a singular gobj. This has many uses, primarily if you want to move an entire interior, of have a very delicately built 'micro build' (read: something like a custom made piano or boat) that needs mass spawning, or simple to make a backup of a build in case something goes wrong.

Now back in the good old days, we had to add each gobj in linear fashion, to our schematic. This means if you have a build with even 100 gobjs in it, we're going to run into a few problems.


  • - Can't scroll high enough to see all the gobjs:
    Firstly you're going to need to know how many gobjs are there. If for whatever reason you find there to be more gobjs than you can physically read on your char bar, you're going to run into a bit an issue.
  • - Takes forever to manually add all the gobjs even if you could find all the gobjs:
    Ah yes. You've found all 133 singular gobjs. Now you're going to have to read the GUID and add each gobj one by one in the hopes that you don't make a mistake like misreading the GUID, making a typo or generally somehow fucking up.


Luckily I'm going to teach you how to add an unlimited amount of gobjs into a schematic in a manner of minutes. This is a detailed process so read carefully. Before we begin, you're going to have to make sure you've got the following. If you don't, NOW is the time to get these before continuing with the guide.

Required Resource
Super Duper Macro Click Me
Notepad++ Click Me
Custom Scripting Enabled Click Me
Chat Logging Enabled /chatlog
Some Patience Trusts



Please follow these next steps carefully.
Once you've enabled custom scripting and have all the requirements met, you're ready to go! To keep things simple, I've written down the process in bullet points first. From there I will go in further detail on each specific part.

  1. - Find the location you want to be when you spawn the schematic
  2. - Make a freaking teleport mate trust me on this one
  3. - Use the tele and then DO NOT MOVE for the duration of these next steps
  4. - Spawn your Parent / Lead gobj at the teleport location
  5. - Create your schematic with the Parent gobj
  6. - Select all the gobjs that make up the interior
  7. - Manually extract the list of gobjs 
  8. - Edit the list so they're ready to be executed as commands
  9. - Copy and paste the list into a (floating) Super Duper Macro
  11. - Stand very very very still and execute the Super Duper Macro using the in-game '/' command given.

Congratulations, you've just made a schematic with minimal effort!

Let's break this down shall we?

1. Location:
The reason we find a 'spawn' location is because this is what it's going to look like when you spawn the schematic elsewhere. For a house, if you're standing in front of the entrance... When you spawn the schematic elsewhere, you'll be in front of the entrance again. Make sure you choose an appropriate location and make a mental note of this.

2. Teleport:
This is important for unforeseen events such as server crashing or accidentally pressing a button. You can safely teleport back to this location and be facing the exact location you need to be at. It'll make sense why further down.

3. Freeze:
It's highly suggested to stay entirely still once you've set your teleport. Using it (with fly enabled) means you really won't move from this location. Once you start spawning things, any off-sets and slight movements can have major repercussions with multiple gobjs being wildly out of line. So stay still.

4. Parent Gobj:
Spawning a parent gobj at your teleport location is a good fail safe. If for some reason you do move, you can easily teleport back to your location (or use .go object target), which means you won't have any offsets. As I said, wonderful fail safe which has saved me plenty of time.


5. Schematic Creation:

Once you're at your tele location, no doubt your camera is a bit bugged because you're inside a gobj. (Side note: I tend to use a stool) - Now you need to create the schematic using this recently spawned gobj (stool). Remember what you named your schematic as you're going to need it later on.

Tip: Having a macro with the following command is extremely useful!

.gob target

6. Mass Gobj Selection:


Double check your chatlog is enabled before performing this step. 
Depending on the size of your interior you're trying to add to the schematic will change the variables in the argument. Increase the size to make sure you have all the objects.

.gob near ##

Replace the double hash (##) with a number like 50 (yards). Then increase the number by a sum of '10' for smaller interiors, and 50 - 100 (yards) for larger interiors. You'll get a list of all the gobjs in the immediate area and a 'total' at the end of each report. The idea is to make sure the 'total' doesn't change for a little while. So if you've increased your number from 50, to 60, to 70 and the total gobjs has been 177 total objects - You know you that you've been successful in selecting the entire interior.

Once you have a number that works; spam a message into your chat bar. Something like "CHICKEN MUSHROOM EGG PICKLES" - Super random and very obvious. Then use the command to select all 177 gobjs again.


7. Manual Extraction:


Now that you've recorded all of your gobjs, we're going to need to locate our logs file. By default, it's found at the following location:


Open this up with a text editing document like notepad++ or notepad. Scroll to the bottom, before scrolling up to locate your ambiguous, odd message you wrote in the chat earlier.

Note: If you cannot find it, close down the text document. Then log out of your character so you're back into the character selection menu. Then log back in, enable fly and teleport back to the tele you setup earlier. 

Once you've located your morally ambiguous, possibly profane message - Highlight the text beneath and keep scrolling all the way down until you reach the '177 total gobjs' message. Copy the selection of text and open NOTEPAD ++, you'll need it's functionality for this next part.





8. Editing:


By default, a new page will already be open and blank when you startup a fresh notepad++, however to create a new page use the following key combination:


Pressing control and the N key will open a new, blank page within Notepad++. Paste your list of gobjs within the text file. Now you're going to need to scroll to the bottom and remove the 'total amount of gobjs' message and any other unwanted lines such as your ambiguous message.

You should now see something like the following:

4/20 00:12:07.579  79987 - Softshell Turtle X:992.716003 Y:3196.229980 Z:114.925003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.579  80704 - Aysa Cloudsinger X:911.716980 Y:4557.339844 Z:231.052002 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.579  80831 - Pei-Wu Tiger X:574.169983 Y:3730.679932 Z:83.606003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.579  80056 - Balance Pole X:901.825012 Y:3248.620117 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.579  79986 - Softshell Turtle X:993.236023 Y:3194.199951 Z:115.317001 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.579  389029 - Huo X:912.172974 Y:4559.450195 Z:231.106003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.579  80081 - Balance Pole X:891.697998 Y:3252.719971 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80688 - Ji Firepaw X:915.330994 Y:4563.060059 Z:231.227997 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  389070 - Shang Xi's Hot Air Balloon X:915.367004 Y:4563.669922 Z:230.238007 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  389072 - Ji Firepaw X:915.661011 Y:4563.939941 Z:230.238998 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  389030 - Shang Xi's Hot Air Balloon X:915.078979 Y:4563.660156 Z:230.238007 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80015 - Balance Pole X:916.052002 Y:3234.800049 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80712 - Thornbranch Scamp X:717.695984 Y:4378.930176 Z:223.556000 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  389031 - Dafeng X:909.583008 Y:4558.350098 Z:243.039001 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80989 - Pei-Wu Tiger X:555.872986 Y:3809.449951 Z:79.197197 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80694 - Balloon Fire Spirit Bunny X:918.174011 Y:4565.990234 Z:239.069000 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80695 - Balloon Air Spirit Bunny X:915.559021 Y:4563.669922 Z:243.069000 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80942 - Long-Eared Mink X:553.122009 Y:3985.110107 Z:82.054298 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80097 - Balance Pole X:888.700989 Y:3251.229980 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  79996 - Balance Pole X:945.611023 Y:3212.760010 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80090 - Balance Pole X:885.625000 Y:3250.949951 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80003 - Balance Pole X:935.762024 Y:3217.040039 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80078 - Balance Pole X:893.086975 Y:3244.620117 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  79990 - Balance Pole X:932.085022 Y:3218.800049 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80086 - Balance Pole X:887.642029 Y:3247.770020 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  79988 - Whitefeather Crane X:1010.090027 Y:3176.479980 Z:107.109001 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80759 - Thornbranch Scamp X:803.208984 Y:4478.899902 Z:242.923004 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80091 - Balance Pole X:889.554993 Y:3245.219971 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  79989 - Balance Pole X:938.156006 Y:3213.270020 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80006 - Balance Pole X:948.895996 Y:3206.929932 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80062 - Balance Pole X:894.612976 Y:3241.179932 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80708 - Thornbranch Scamp X:727.185974 Y:4402.169922 Z:223.091003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  79991 - Balance Pole X:945.461975 Y:3208.729980 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80035 - Balance Pole X:902.668030 Y:3235.540039 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  79995 - Balance Pole X:942.125000 Y:3210.540039 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.590  80717 - Long-Eared Mink X:693.580994 Y:4357.580078 Z:223.369003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.606  80811 - Softshell Turtle X:554.330017 Y:3773.209961 Z:78.341599 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.606  80689 - Thornbranch Scamp X:807.502991 Y:4485.540039 Z:244.707993 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.606  80103 - Balance Pole X:883.866028 Y:3247.179932 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.606  80077 - Balance Pole X:890.825989 Y:3242.070068 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.606  80023 - Balance Pole X:928.439026 Y:3217.120117 Z:108.330002 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.606  79998 - Balance Pole X:931.468994 Y:3215.239990 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80716 - Long-Eared Mink X:691.807007 Y:4356.750000 Z:223.410995 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80005 - Balance Pole X:934.320984 Y:3213.350098 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  79994 - Balance Pole X:939.091980 Y:3209.850098 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80760 - Thornbranch Scamp X:800.197998 Y:4481.029785 Z:243.205994 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80762 - Wugou X:911.956970 Y:4573.600098 Z:231.052994 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  79992 - Balance Pole X:945.814026 Y:3204.820068 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  79997 - Balance Pole X:942.575012 Y:3206.659912 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80691 - Thornbranch Scamp X:803.421021 Y:4485.540039 Z:244.024002 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80027 - Softshell Turtle X:916.309998 Y:3222.370117 Z:117.307999 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80000 - Balance Pole X:935.434021 Y:3210.280029 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80110 - Balance Pole X:881.961975 Y:3244.409912 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80022 - Balance Pole X:928.190979 Y:3213.159912 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  79999 - Balance Pole X:939.111023 Y:3206.120117 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80814 - Pangolin X:555.786987 Y:3741.129883 Z:80.961601 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80024 - Balance Pole X:924.929016 Y:3214.649902 Z:108.166000 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80007 - Balance Pole X:942.762024 Y:3202.610107 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80021 - Softshell Turtle X:913.552002 Y:3219.620117 Z:117.241997 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80113 - Balance Pole X:880.916992 Y:3241.159912 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80941 - Pangolin X:540.502991 Y:3990.139893 Z:80.559998 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80020 - Balance Pole X:925.278015 Y:3211.189941 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80887 - Pei-Wu Tiger X:560.078979 Y:3709.389893 Z:85.838303 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80070 - Balance Pole X:890.005005 Y:3234.169922 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80718 - Thornbranch Scamp X:681.619995 Y:4354.169922 Z:223.035995 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.654  80044 - Balance Pole X:906.142029 Y:3223.100098 Z:115.898003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.668  80002 - Balance Pole X:939.142029 Y:3201.729980 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.668  80016 - Balance Pole X:926.185974 Y:3207.699951 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.668  80823 - Pei-Wu Tiger X:556.327026 Y:3712.070068 Z:84.822701 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.668  80019 - Balance Pole X:922.854004 Y:3208.500000 Z:108.355003 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.668  80050 - Balance Pole X:898.366028 Y:3223.820068 Z:116.068001 MapId:860
4/20 00:12:07.668  80815 - Mossback Toad X:544.827026 Y:3761.639893 Z:78.760696 MapId:860

Now, a pretty good thing to note is that you don't need to isolate a global objects GUID in order to place it into a schematic.
In fact, if you do the following command:


.gob sch add YourSchematicNameHere 80815 - Mossback Toad X:544.827026 Y:3761.639893 Z:78.760696 MapId:860

It'll add that specific gobj to the schematic (if you're at the correct location / phase). Pretty neat, right?
Okay now let's do this on a mass scale. This is why I love notepad++ and it's functions. If you know how to use it correctly, it's an extremely powerful and efficient tool.

So the first thing to note is we're going to need to get rid of the time stamp. This is rather simply done.
On notepad++  - Highlight the time stamp of the very top line.

4/20 00:12:07.579

Press the following key combination:


Now you'll a small window pop up. We don't want this page, we're going to need to replace the text. Click on the 'replace' tab located on that small window.
Now you'll see two separate lines. The first will contain what you've highlighted, and beneath will either be blank, or have something random in it.

Edit the BOTTOM line first. It should look similar to this:

.gob sch add YourSchematicName [<-- Put a SPACE after the last letter]

Now press 'replace all' on the side. A bunch of changes will happen and you should now see the following:
(Make sure the 'Direction' is ticked to 'DOWN'!)







Now this is only the first part. The thing that changes the most frequent are the milliseconds. So located the TOP box and change the value to that found in the next line. For this example, we see that it's the following:

4/20 00:12:07.590

Go through the entire list until the entire text document is complete. The result should look like the following:





9. Floating Super Duper Macro:


Now you can select the entire text document using the following key combination:


Which will highlight the entire text. Copy this to the your clipboard.

Now we're going to jump IN GAME! Open your chat bar and use the following command:


This will open a neat little interface. Press the button that says 'New'. Tick the box that says 'Floating Macro' and the write the name. For this example, we'll be using 'YourSchematicName'. Click create.





You'll then need to clear the text within the box. Simply select the text box and use the backspace key or a similar function to remove the text. Once successful in doing so, paste your schematic text! Remember to scroll to the bottom.





This next part is very important. You're going to need to press SAVE before you can use the floating macro. The box will be greyed out once you press it, so it'll be obvious if you haven't.







Step 10. Positions!:
Now in order to absolutely make sure there are no mess ups, make sure you have fly enabled and use your teleport again. This just makes sure you're in the correct position again and no off-sets will occur! Again, your camera might be a little bugged because you'll be inside the gobj but that's cool, we can live with that. DO NOT MOVE!

Step 11. Execution:
To use the floating macro we just created, click on the button usage. It should detail exactly what you should type in your chatbox. For this example, (found in the screenshot below) we see that I have to use the following command to execute the schematic.

/click sdf_YourSchematicName









Do not move, type out your command and watch the magic.
Congratulations, you've just spent minimal effort in creating a schematic.

Hopefully this helped!

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