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A Quick Guide To Pets

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A quick guide to:


by Kresh



The purpose of this guide is quite nifty, allowing you to get to grips with our Pet System which was introduced in update [710-5]. This system allows for a dynamic range of cool perks that you wouldn't ordinarily get from summoning pets the Blizzard. For example having logged out or otherwise unsummoned your pet, it will appear as it did when you first changed it, meaning no matter what model, size or name - It'll remain the same. Let's get started, shall we?


So firstly let's define a few things so we're all on the same page:

  • Scale:
    This is the size of your pet. This is model specific so 'scale 1' isn't a universal size, and relative to the model. A maximum of scale 30, to the a minimum of 0.01 (relative to the model).
  • Model:
    A model is what the Pet looks like. By default, this is usually a Corgi which utilises a DisplayID (default: 68729). You'll need to find a DisplayID ## before being able to permanently change your pet's model.
  • Name:
    The name of your pet. There's no real need to define this, I just think it's freakin' cool that you can change it! Right!


What we intend to do in this guide today is go through the commands available to creating and customising your pets. Whilst this guide is relatively simple and short, it's important you read carefully as you don't want to miss a step, or some important information that could answer a question etc. What we'll do for this guide is list the commands, and go into a little detail on each, with examples and screenshots. You can find the pet commands detailed in the table below!

Pet Commands:

Command Purpose Example
Pet Create This creates a pet out of your current targeted animal NPC. You can locate the Pet Create Corgi in the mall.
Pet ListList all your current pet IDs and names. You'll use that ID with the Summon command.Typing "!Pet List" in your chat box.
Pet SummonSummon one of the 4 pets (ID: 1 - 4) that you have created (it will desummon your current pet).Typing "!Pet Summon 3" in your chat box to summon your 3rd pet.
Pet DesummonDesummon your current pet.Typing "!Pet Desummon" in your chat box.
Pet DeleteDelete your currently selected pet.Typing "!Pet Delete" in your chat box. You will need to target the Pet first!
Pet ModelChange the model of your summoned pet permanently.Typing "!Pet Model 68729" in your chat box will turn your pet into a Corgi.
Pet ScaleChange the scale of your summoned pet permanently.Typing "!Pet Scalee 10" in your chat box will set the scale of your pet to x10 it's original scale.
Pet CastCast a spell from your spellbook through your summoned pet (as if they're casting it).Typing "!Pet Cast [shifted Clicked Spell]" in your chat box will make your pet cast the spell!
Pet RenameRenames your summoned pet to a name of your choice. There's a limit of 21 characters and you'll notice it when you hit it when the name looks chopped off.Typing "!Pet Rename Eggbert" in your chat box will rename your pet to "Eggbert".





It is important you do NOT use the right-click GUI. Bad things happen.




Do not use this. 
Use the commands instead.





As you can see, these commands are fairly straight forward, in case you have questions or don't understand something, I've thrown together a brief overview-come-walkthrough. If you feel competent enough to jump straight in, you can ignore this next part and jump straight in-game to experiment! Have fun!



Still with me? Great. To start off with, we're going to need to get you a pet. By heading to the Mall, you can find our beloved Mall Corgi.



Use the command below to teleport to the mall.

!Tele Mall

Once you've loaded in, turn to your left and locate the adorable Mall Corgi conveniently named "Your Next Companion".




Now this is where the magic begins. To create your first pet, refer to our command table - We're going to use the following command to add out 1st pet.

!Pet Create

Note: Make sure you've targeted the Corgi, otherwise it won't work.  Moreover, you can add any type of animal. It doesn't have to be restricted to the Corgi, however it's far easier to locate and use. Animals are a specific type of NPC, as such, you cannot create a pet out of any old NPC. It's heavily suggested to use the Mall Corgi in order to create pets!


Once you've created your pet, you'll see a bright flash and a bunch of spells added to your pet. Ignore these, they're nothing worth paying much attention to. Now you should see your brand new "Dog" with the model of a Corgi. Congratulations on your brand new pet!






Renaming your pet is rather simple procedure. Any name you can think of that is under 21 characters (or it'll get cut off) can be applied. This includes symbols and numbers. You can find screenshots in the spoilers below!














Now don't worry about the colour of the name. The first time you create a pet, it's name will be GREEN. If you relog, change phase, rename the pet or in any way be forced to resummon your pet, it's name will be BLUE.

In order to customise your pet, we're going to start by renaming your Corgi. For the sake of this example, I'm naming mine "Dogbert". Use the following command (remember to replace Dogbert with the name you want!)

!Pet Rename Dogbert

As you can see, we've successfully changed our Pet's name!






You may notice your pet's name is still GREEN. Let's change that shall we?
Simply target your pet and type the following command:

!Pet Desummon

Poof! As you can now see, dear old Dogbert has vanished!








"But how do we get him back?" I hear you ask! Well this is a super easy command that helps keep track of all your pets. You can have up to a maximum of 4 individual pets. In order to see how many pets you have, type the following command:

!Pet List

Our Pet List shows all the pets we currently have, their IDs and in what order. The more pets you have, the more will be listed.









You can see in the example below that Dogbert has the ID of '4'. Therefore, to summon him back to this plane, we're going to have to use the following command:

!Pet Summon 4

Note: Replace the number at the end of that example with the ID that corresponds with your desired pet.









Notice how there is now a BLUE name? Well there you go.




Changing the model of your pet opens up infinite possibilities for your RP. From having pets, to guards accompanying you, to mounts that can now follow you if you don't want to ride them. You can even find some pretty cool visuals to make it look like you're casting spells!


In order to change the model of your pet, you're going to need to find a DisplayID you want to apply to your pet. All NPCs (aside for a few special snowflakes) will have a DisplayID you are able to use on your pet. For this example, I chose one of my guild's bruiser models.



To find the DisplayID of an NPC, use the following command:

!NPC Info

Note: Make sure you've targeted the NPC, otherwise how will Paragon know which NPC you want the info of?








As you can see, the DisplayID is:


So now that we have the DisplayID, we're going to need to apply it to our Pet. If you refer to the command table at the top, you can see we're going to need the use the following command:

!Pet Model 11376

Note: You can replace the numbers at the end with whatever DisplayID you want.

Now as you can see below, Dogbert has been successfully turned into a Goblin Bruiser!







There you go. You've now successfully turned your pet into a Goblin named Dogbert. Feel proud.
But he's a bit small isn't he? Hmmm...






Changing the scale of your pet is extremely important. Because the scale of a model is relative to itself and not a universal scale - This means scale 1 for a Corgi is not the same size as scale 1 for a Goblin. Not to mention that some default sizes for models can be outrageously oversized.


Being able to scale our models is extremely useful, but changing our pet's scale takes it a step further. The command we use is a one time deal, permanently changing the scale to whatever you set it. This means when you resummon your chosen pet, it will return to the scale you set it to. Brillaint!

All models have a maximum range of 30, to a minimum scaling of 0.01 to create an enormously diverse range of potential at the click of a few buttons.



Carrying on with Dogbert the Goblin, we're going to change his scale x1.2 bigger. If you're familiar with the "Mod Scale" command, it's the exact same principle. Using the following command, we change Dogbert's scale to 1.2:

!Pet Scale 1.2

Note: Remember to target your pet before utilising the command!









As you can see, Dogbert is visibly bigger. All players are expected to use common sense in this regard, making sure not to go crazy with the scaling. Abuse of this command is punishable.


Now you can scale your pet! Pretty neat, right?
Now if only he could have a backpack...






Ah yes. What's better than casting cool visual spells? 
Making your Pet cast cool visual spells. Oh yes, that's right. There's now a command to allow for you to make your pet cast spells. There is only one drawback... You must have the spells in your spellbook in order to do so. But with Wowhead in your right hand and Staff only a message away, that's sure to grant you access to spells in no time!

The command itself is very basic in terms of application. You can either shift-click a spell from your spellbook, or type the ID of the spell in-place. To show you an example, we're going to see about getting Dogbert a nice little backpack shall we?

Now if you open up your spellbook and go to the 'General' tab, you can see you've already got this cool spell called 'Backpack Visual'.






Now as you'll see in a moment, I enable this spell by left clicking on it to demonstrate what it looks like.






To apply this to your Pet, target your pet, keeping your spellbook open, and type the following command:

!Pet Cast [Backpack Visual]

Note: You will need to SHIFT CLICK the spell from your spellbook.


Once you press enter, whollah! Your Pet will have cast the spell:






Now in order to unaura, or remove the spell aura from the Pet, it's very much the same as if you wanted to remove a spell aura from yourself! Select your chosen target and type the following command:

!Unaura ALL

Note: Remember to target your Pet, or chosen target. You can also replace 'ALL' with the specific spell ID / Shift clicked spell to remove that single aura.












I also renamed Dogbert to a more fitting name. Not entirely relevant to the guide itself, however is just another example of how diverse this system is.









Hopefully this helped!
Best of luck out there!

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