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The First Escadrille

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The First Escadrille



Only the brave inherit the skies!


Guild Description


The First Escadrille is a Blood Elf only guild built around the concept of flying operatives on Dragonhawks. Our role is to protect Quel'thalas and Silvermoon City at all costs. However, there is a lot of freedom to our operations.





Wing Commander - the commander of the Escadrille

Lieutenant - acting officers and managers of the branches of the Escadrille

Ace - veteran fliers that have scored 5 air-on-air kills

Rookie - New members




Currently looking for people to join as lieutenants and put this guild up and running. Since I'm not an expert at doing forum works, someone that has that capability would be simply wonderful. For any questions, information and so on, enjoy this thread or whisper Anthara in game. Fly on!

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I dig it!



For some reason am reminded of this.

Might make an alt to put into this, though.

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