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The Rosewood Research Group is tied to the Stormwind Mage's Guild, specialising in the research and categorisation of arcane anomalies, as well as the representation of the Mage's Guild (and the Alliance) throughout Azeroth and beyond. For its members an easier means to cooperate with other Mages, or otherwise serve the Mage's Guild and the wider Alliance in the name of prestige or salary.


Rosewood is headed by Senior Mage Adeline Callahan, an experienced Wizard of Stormwind and prolific shop-owner seeking to expand the ways she can serve the Alliance's magical interests throughout Azeroth.


Whilst Rosewood is primarily for Mages, most are still welcome to aid the Research Group with its various tasks and duties. The knowledge and ability of others shouldn't go amiss. Those interested in joining are encouraged to seek out Senior Mage Callahan in Stormwind City.


















Probably Not









Who is this guild for?
Stormwind Mages who want a nice way to interact with the Stormwind Mage's Guild, gain knowledge towards advancement in their ability and prestige towards climbing ranks in the Guild.

Apprentices who want a practical way to learn under a Senior Mage and develop their skills.

Alliance-Aligned Non-Mages who want a way to serve the Alliance and, more importantly, get some money for it.



What's the plan?
Basically to encourage some Alliance-based magey RP, but be inclusive of a wide variety of characters who are still interested in just serving the Alliance. With Parasite's help there's hopefully some relevant events upcoming soon�.


I know this might seem a little bare-bones, but I'm hoping it's a simple enough concept that can brew some nice RP in the future. I'll be able to update this with a sort of ranking structure once I get a feel for the size of it.

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This guild has the theme that I've always enjoyed, and tried (but failed) to do myself before. I'd definitely be interested in that.

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*licks lips* well, obviously tayu will need to join.... not a lot rp mages guild either sadly. Also, Adeline is an experienced Wziard, eh? :D


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Luther could be into this given his previous adventure with Adeline.


He's fairly superstitious though. Room on the team for him?


There's no particular reason why he wouldn't be. I'm sure he'd be welcome.

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Is there any room for a now retired alliance rifleman? goes by the name of James Brenthal?


I'm sure there'd be a place for him, just try to catch me when I'm around on Adeline.

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3 hours ago, Thin White Duke said:

Still ongoing?


Sadly, the dude left the server. I think this been over for a while now.

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