The Coalition

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The Coalition


What started as an OOC Guild to get together Horde RP made by Chaud and myself we decided to branch out to include everyone and anyone. The name went from an OOC gimmick to an IC name that adventurers from all around can come together to help one another. Admittedly Smeg's Rosewood kind of inspired me to make an attempt at a nice looking Guild Post for this.





"Life is one big maybe. Just kind of like this adventure; You might get rich or you might die horribly!"

-Pedro P.R. for Adventure





While the main focus will be to continue bringing Horde RP back there will be some events that will allow none-Horde characters to join. In the end we want to make RP when there's enough players on. Often the RP leads into small Events if there's enough people around, whether they're in the Guild or not.





"You can't go on adventures with an empty stomach!" 

-Gronk, travelling Chef



Who/What can Join and How?


Anyone and anything! But it'll be more common to see events in Horde-friendly areas rather than Alliance, so if you're neutral/Alliance you won't get to join every event unfortunately. Even if your character is in-game in another guild they can be considered members of the Coalition so long as they join adventures and help provide adventures.


All you have to do to join is just participate in any RP and ask. You don't even need to ask IC "Can I join some COALITION?" just keep following the road to adventure...





"I don't speak Common."




Rules of Adventure


To join an adventure all you have to do is show up. So far we have at least two people able to DM adventures but if you have any small adventure-line you want to explore please feel free to tell us about it so we can make it happen. It's a matter of give and take adventure, and as for rewards? Completely depending on the person DMing the adventure and/or the adventure. Rewards aren't the focus of these Adventures but they will be given out still.



"This reminds me of The Guild" ... Yes I told Bradley ages ago I'd make a Horde version it's ok..

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Time for this to be overrun by human/elves!


I've been working on a new character concept and I'll probably tag along with him when I get the chance

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I have a female tauren battle shaman with a hero complex I've been wanting to rp. I hope to find you all on sometime to join!


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Time for this to be overrun by human/elves!



N-No please, more Orcs and Trolls instead of Elves..

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