The Wanderers

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"The world can be a hazardous place. There is bandits, scorpids, wolves, vultures, the haggling skill of a Goblin.. The is list goes on and on, but we can help you. We wander around, stopping at towns and cities like this one. We offer to protect you, even help you set up and provide you with transportation... For a small fee of course." 

~Castien, Businessman of Southern Kalimdor


IC Guild Mission


ICly The Wanderers is led by Allianna, and Castien, her efforts are to amass a group of traveling merchants which the world is filled of. She wants merchants and mercenaries, as many as possible, to band together and help each other. Their goal to eventually build a trade cartel large enough to even rival the infamous Goblin Cartels. 


The Wanderers are currently traveling south towards Uldum recruiting many more members. Many of the cities, and towns, south of Feralas have their posters hung up. Their posters offering any merchants; shelter, transportation, as well as protection against anything interfering with their trade. 


How to find them? Look for a small encampment of tents outside of a town, that's them. CURRENTLY: Gadgetzan (WILL BE UPDATED AS NEEDED)


Ranks and Responsibilities


The following is the ranking system within our guild. 


Boss Lady


This position would be filled by Aly, she's the boss lady. 




This position would be filled by the most trusted of employees. Only holder is Castien who is also the "Boss", get quotes because its a charade, Aly runs everything.


There is no specified amount this rank will hold, but it is extremely limited. 




This role will be held by any "mercenaries" that join the guild. Their main task is mostly protection of The Wanderers. 




This role will be held by any merchants. This role will receive basic coverage by the ranks above, ensuring that they have everything offered by The Wanderers.




This role is for members that don't fit in either of these and just along for a ride, good times, and some magical herb!


OOC Guild Mission


Our OOC mission? Some dank RP d00ds! Oh and to spawn RP everywhere. We plan to keep our members moving around the globe, ensuring that eventually there will be some RP everywhere for everyone. While offering goods at a fair price! 






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