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Luther Anderson

The Sable Banner

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-The Sable Banner-

General Information


The Sable Banner is the retinue of Sir Teagan Paxton, a Senior Knight of the Silver Hand. Recently recognized for his long and faithful service to the Alliance, he was awarded the responsibility of command. Initially given a 12-strong detachment of Knights, Squires, and Men-At-Arms, he has sought permission to recruit to himself additional volunteers who follow the Light to assist him in the service of the Alliance. Experienced in matters both spiritual and martial, the Sable Banner is an extension of his desire to serve and protect through the Three Virtues of the Holy Light. Payment cannot be guaranteed, as the service of the Alliance frequently comes at great personal cost. If one cannot afford equipment, basics can be provided. No promise of good food or lodging can be made either. This is an expeditionary retinue, and could be called on at any time to deploy far from home for as long as it is necessary to see the mission upheld.


The Mission
-The teaching and practice of the Three Virtues of the Holy Light.

-The defense of the Alliance from it's most serious threats: The Burning Legion and the Undead.

-The amelioration of the conditions of the sick, wounded, and dying of the world without regard to race or allegiance.


Races & Classes

All Alliance races are permitted to volunteer, so long as the individual follows the Light.
Warlocks and Shadow Priests would not be welcome in the Sable Banner, due to its origin within the Silver Hand.


The Sable Banner is divided into lances, each one led by a Knight. Each Knight has further duties in addition to the command of their lance. There are 3 current lances.

-Dame Efa Ewan is a hard-talking woman of Stromic origin that serves as the Sable Banner's Master of Instruction. She commands 3 men.
-Sir Patton Tasgil is a quiet and contemplative Stormwindian, dedicated to healing, and is the Sable Banner's Master of Healing. He commands 3 men.
-Sir Cael Mowin is another Stormwindian, strong and outspoken. He is the Sable Banner's Master of Supply. He commands 3 men.

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