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[Another Interest Check] YOLO

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IC: The man stared down at his hands. It just didn't make sense to him. I mean, what make's them more worthy than others? He was once noble and had lofty goals and a code of honor, but why didn't he get it? Why did those who are selfish, closed minded, long gone, and just plain normal get it? Was it their friends? Their power of will? No it couldn't be any of that. He had powerful friends once and his will was one of the strongest he'd personally had come across. Life was cruel, he knew this better than most, but...but a second chance was just a slap in the face. In fact, it was more than a slap in the face. It was an abomination against all that was good in the world. These second chances are unjustly deserved. If a person is able to grant a second life, well he could surely take that away. Balance needed to be restored. Death was something that needed to be feared, after all, you only live once.


OOC: I have a character that I haven't played in awhile and this idea came to me a few weeks ago. Basically the idea of this guild/philosophy even is that resurrection should never be used on someone. Having the power to say who lives and who dies is not reserved for mortals, its reserved for a higher power. So if people are interested I plan to hunt down those who are being resurrected and those who are preforming it.


I flush the idea out a little more when I have the time.

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I dare not comment xD


I mean no offense here WHAT SO EVER, but please tell me if it's serious not :o


Again, nooooo offense!

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