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Spellbreaker Glaive By Yours Truly.

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Ever thought to yourself: "Man I wish I could have those sick glaives the Blood Elven guards use?" Well now you can with a quick download and installation of this patch. Look cool like Dalari today.

Follow this download link:!hOQ1iSiD!cLsIJO0K4TL4a06p8rJtr0THcOJCg-38r2j4Q3TfYV8

In order to install just move the item folder into your root wow folder and you're solid.
(NOTE: This patch is a replacer - since thats the most modding we can do as of now in 7.1. The item it replaces is: glaive_1h_twilighthammer_b_01)
(NOTE 2: Apparently this forum doesn't like mega links. Just copy and paste.)

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please download this so you can see my characters glaive thank you

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