Thundering Fury (Legion Invasion)

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The Isle of Thunder was no stranger to lightning storms. But... This was different. Not just lightning. Fel lightning. A storm brewing off the coast of Lei Shen's once grand fortress.




Invading upon one of their dreadnoughts, the Legion has deployed demons to the Throne of Thunder. Clearly they desired the secrets hidden within. What secrets? One could only guess. Much of the Throne has been left untouched, lest the dark spirits of the Mogu stir, and plunge the world into chaos once more.


However, there are many here to stand against the might of the Legion. Kirin Tor, Sin'dorei, and Shado-Pan forces must once more work together to prevent disaster upon the Isle of Thunder.


OOC Information Below



This is an official announcement for a few invasion events upon the Isle of Thunder. It will be up to the Horde, Alliance, and Shado-Pan to defend the Throne of Thunder from the Legion, and perhaps defend themselves from the Throne of Thunder.

There will be two events on
August 22nd at 11am Server time and 8:30pm Server time.

 If necessary, we will hold additional events that will be announced here.

These events will be
Neutral for both factions to attend.

Expect more than just the Legion to be a threat upon the Isle of Thunder!



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Aww yeah, Pandaria RP! You can bet your buttocks Miri and some Blessed Moment dudes are coming to help! I'll be there for the 8:30 event. Can't make the 11:00 one, sadly.

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Rewards List:


Leiji - Bow of the Thundering Prince - This exquisite bow appears to be designed in the same fashion as the Throne of Thunder's lightning pillars. When shot, this bow can infuse its arrows with lightning damage. Once per day, it can be overcharged for a powerful lightning shot, but will lose its passive lightning damage for the rest of the day.


Currently owned by Tsubai


Hei-an - Spire of Doom - A staff infused with the energy of the Sha. This unholy weapon was once a cultural item of legend before its owner gave in to his despair at the loss of his wife. Its corrupting influence remains safely sealed behind Pandaren Seals, but the dark energy can be tapped into from time to time. This weapon enhances shadow/void spellcasting when used as a focus. Once per day, it may be used to release a cone of dark energy that fills those it touches with despair, temporarily stunning them for a short time. Very likely to cause friendly fire.


Disenchanted by Sarah Parker (Rahrah)


Blade of the Inquisitor - This demonic blade seems to radiate heat and demonic energy, as one would expect. This malefic blade is rather light for its size, and hold a passive fel damage. The user of this blade may call upon an Inquisitor's Eye for one minute per day. The eye acts the same as an Eye of Kilrogg, but simply has a different design.


Currently owned by Emile


Charge of the Fel Lord - The polearm of the Fel Lord seems hot to the touch, which makes sense considering the blade is radiating fel fire. Besides its passive fel damage, one can tap into the lamp that hangs from the end of the polearm to consume a spirit from within. Consuming the demonic spirit will risk fel corruption, but will grant the user vigor and healing similar to a healthstone. Three charges can be held at a time. A soul shard must be used in a ten minute ritual to restore one charge.


Currently owned by Josephine


All participants were also granted 2 gold. If you participated in both events, you received 4 gold.

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2 hours ago, Pumpkinbot said:

Shame there's only so many item rewards from the event, though. (And that they're all evil 'n' shit.)

There isn't always something you can use. The item I took I had disenchanted purely out of IC spite more than anything.

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Well few themed rewards are better than many randoms. I only got to enjoy the 1st part but it was enough to say you're good fun. 


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