The Search for Answers! [Legion Event]

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Heroes of Azeroth!


The defeat at Broken Shore has left us reeling, however do not allow it to hamper your spirits and break your wills. The time has come to find the answers we need in order to defeat the Burning Legion. The Council of Six has called on you to meet with them and discuss your next move against the Burning Legion.


Azeroth needs you, champions!




- Event Details -


This event chain shall be one involving the return of Magni Bronzebeard, the research into the Pillars of Creation, and, finally, the teleportation of Dalaran to the Broken Isles.


Both Oni and I shall be hosting these events for different time zones. The date shall be September 13th 2018 & September 14th 2018.


Oni's event shall be hosted September 13th at 8:30pm Server Time.


Gambit's events shall be hosted September 15th(Part 1) and September 19th(Part 2) at 12:00am Server Time.





(Minor edits by Oni to add event time)

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I manage an arcade and I'm the head bartender at a winery. My work schedule is very non-traditional, so weekends don't work out for me because I don't leave work till Midnight if I'm lucky.


The Late Night hosting will be at 8:30pm server.

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