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Ysera Showdown [Loot] [Recap]

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The dreamer is slain. Her corrupt form destroyed by those who knew her, by those who didn't, and those who ultimately revered and loved her. 

A true tragedy, her death will be remembered not just in kaldorei history, but in the history of Azeroth, serving as a grim reminder that the world and its denizens must be ever vigilant of the many evils that lay in wait … 


Tyrande steels herself as her heart was full of rage for her fallen ally, and distress and grief for her captive husband - Malfurion. 


The heroes, wretches, dragons and vagabonds who aided the Priestess in saving the Temple were offered refuge and healing in the Temple of Elune. 

And something else, in gratitude. 



What the party gained is listed below.


Tiana - Dreamer's Memento. 

An item of a long departed druidess from Val'sharah, one of her greatest wishes was to one day meet Ysera in person. Presented to Tiana after what brief time she had spent in the Temple of Elune, it's unique blessing enables her to invoke the wrath of the stars, while granting her hidden insight in her academic pursuits. It's complex design was marvelous, the item resembling a sleeping, cerulean drake with a miniature, silver solar system within. It also serves as a regular compass, and a reminder of the loss of the Dreamer.

Usage: For once every 3 rounds in combat, activating the compass will enable one to gain a star shard, which can be cast upon enemies for divine damage. Passively, it boosts the bearer's ability to grasp and understand Astromancy.


Elrhadas - Warmth of Elune. 

Soothing, soft to the touch and, rather eerily always clean, this shawl was offered to Elrhadas by a wounded archer. She did not part with it willingly, however, but deemed the demon hunter worthy of both her respect and Elune's succor. 

The fabric reminds one of the warm embrace of their mother, or the warmth of one who truly loves them to those who were never held. Closing your eyes while wearing it, you could see an image of a familiar woman reaching out to hold you close.

An item of practical and sentimental value, it soaks both its bearer's blood after battle and their tears after heartbreak.
Followers of Elune feel a greater effect.

Usage: Wrap the mooncloth shawl on your person, keeping the demonic whispers at bay and help pave way for spiritual, mental and physical healing. Wrapping it around grievous wounds lessens the pain and improves healing.


Ronric - Hypnagogian Lupine. 

Ages ago, a druid by name of Armethir Fallowheart consulted Ysera herself for assistance. The young kaldorei struggled to sleep due to illness, and entering the Emerald Dream was an onerous, daunting task. 

He was granted a boon in the form of a small, oak necklace carved in a timberwolf's visage. Having found its way in the Temple of Elune's hands, it was offered as a token of sympathy and gratitude to Ronric. Mistrust seethed from the fierce kaldorei at first, but after learning his tale he was deemed ill-fated, not ill-omened.

Unfortunately, the necklace foreshadowed the former owner's ominous fate ... slain for losing himself to the Pack Form later on in life due to poor choices.

Druids will feel empowered after sleeping with this item, whereas non-druids are well-rested.

Usage: Enables the owner to sleep, despite Undeath, physical or mental trauma or pain. The owner will awaken feeling rested and likely experience peaceful dreams. Using it more than once every week may result in horrific, vivid nightmares.


Roy - Moonlit Flintlock.

Night Elven culture and society has, and most likely always will favor the bow. The temple of Elune's watchers were no strangers to the feeling of a notched arrow and a tout string. Arguably, it was their second nature.

Roy, however, was no kaldorei. He did not share their taste in weaponry, as he came to holy grounds with gunpowder and firearm. Having offered his assistance in killing a tormented Ysera from the ravenous clutches of the Nightmare, the priestesses deemed it fitting to at the very least confer to him a blessing.

His flintlock was likely already handy for him, but it's lighter, slightly faster and more durable now. When lit under the moonlight, it's mildly crude and steel appearance is accompanied by the cerulean, tasteful shine of the silver-linings upon the barrel, hilt and trigger.

Usage: Once every day, the pistol's first shot will deal divine/holy damage - the muzzleflash being a bright, moonlit hue, then it needs a whole day to apply its effect again. Passively, the weapon is slightly more lethal to demons, undead and similar creatures.


Mithaniel - Highborne's Tear.

A ring made by an ingenius, brilliant craftsman of an era long since past, it is rumored that it was supposed to be a present for Queen Azhara.

However, the craftsman died an untimely death and the item fell in the hands of an enchanter who had found himself torn between the low-born, struggling people and the prosperous highborne.

The man lead a painful life, hiding amidst the upper-class and doing whatever he could to give unto the less fortunate common folk. His fate is unknown, but the ring carries with it an untold sorrow. Perhaps Mithaniel could relate, almost ...

It was given to him after he offered his aid in the Temple of Elune. 

Then he was asked to leave.

Usage: The beautiful, swirling gem in the middle provides the bearer with a temporary, Greater Illusionary Disguise which the user may utilize to infiltrate enemy territory, once a day. The guise lasts an hour, but gifted magic users can use it for extended periods of time. Upon removing the Illusion, the user's magical resilience drops moderately. Passively, it empowers mana/power regeneration considerably. It's also a gorgeous antique.


Mipsy - Enigmatic Owl Idol.

Owls are a very fascinating bird of prey. Nocturnal creatures of the night, they are often loved by most night elven folk for sharing multiple similarities with them. 

This particular statuette was made with love and is a clear show of appreciation towards these creatures, as the evidence lies in the meticulous attention to detail in its design. 

It's story and background are unknown however, as are the means as to which it found itself in Mipsy's possession.

Concerns of its nature are dispelled quickly, as the owner can sense the aura of Elune's followers from it.

Usage: When kept in one's possession, it has the passive effect of fairly improving guile and grace as well as making it fairly harder to be spotted or heard. Flying is improved as wings make little to no sound at all, but only during nighttime. The owner can see through its eyes, unless they are continents away.


Hyrendal - Pouch of the Thero'shan.

Made as a surprise gift by a small group of students, who wished to surprise their beloved shan'do, this verdant, lovingly made little pouch has brought much joy to the old druid of the antler. 

Those were better days. 

Having witnessed Archdruid Hyrendal's insidious injuries at the claws of a corrupt Ysera, the novices of Malorne and Elune saw it only fit to pass this item on to the man who nearly gave his life for his kin. 

Though Hyrendal may have been in pain while he was being nurtured to health, he will remember the hope, gratitude and respect he was shown, amidst the sorrow of losing the Dreamer.

In their eyes, he was a fine example.

Usage: Any and all herbs/mushrooms may be stored within the pouch, infusing them with life and preserving them for long periods of time. Oddly, a fruit seed can be found within daily, also infused with life and powerful detoxifying, healing properties. Deceptive in size.


Amita - Ethereal Plumage. 

After Ysera's downfall on sacred ground, the priests and druids present would either return to arms against Xavius if able, or mourn if they weren't.

Tyrande witnessed the bravery of elves, humans and dragons alike that day, and her words of gratitude inspired the faithful to award those who aided her. 

Amita was given a single, long and pristine feather. A memorable green, faint hue about it. Rumors speculate it may be Dori'thur's feather.

Usage: While on one's person, it improves agility and precision moderately. Once a day, it can grant the bearer a burst of speed and empower reflexes.


Nilstrasza - Redemptive Vial.

Ysera's death was a tragedy for the kaldorei, the world, but also for her own kin. 
Combined effort seized the day, but the kinslayer's limits were pushed to the extreme, her battle with Ysera would no doubt stay with her - both empowering her, and reminding her, hopefully, that even dragons fall.

Needless to say, she was awarded this relic after she was tended to. Some say it healed and soothed the weak, or empowered those who've lost courage. Others speak of its spiritual cleansing power.
Whoever created this did so with compassion for all life in their heart.

Usage: Store essense within the vial, be it your own or that of another willing being's. Over night, the contents will be blessed with Elune's power and provide benefits depending on who the essense belongs to. The more powerful the person's essense, the greater the effect when imbibed. Passively provides moderate regeneration. Essence exchange must be consensual.


Ariel - Wing-Hunter's Brooch.

Ysera's wings were taut and powerful, the corruption making her a deadly foe. 

Ariel's spell-work debilitated her ability to fly, rendering her grounded. An archer later approached her and offered her this curious, key-shaped brooch as a token of gratitude.

The story of this item dates back to ancient times. It was a tale of a wandering archer who's arrows pierced the beating wings of an enraged, corrupted hippogryph that terrorized civilians and animals on each full moon. It shines beautifully when lit by moon light.

Usage: Once a day, the brooch can empower your next three spells with a deadly piercing effect. Passively it improves mana regeneration fairly.


Nashandra - Lone Sentinel's Friend.

When Nashandra found herself in the Temple of Elune, Ysera had already begun to lay waste to the sacred grounds.

Having aided in bringing down the incredibly powerful dragon, she was allowed to remain and receive healing despite her demonic state.

On the day before she left, a kaldorei warrior approached her and very stoically offered her a tool she clearly had a long history with. 

Before Nashandra could reject the offer, the sentinel was nowhere to be seen.

Usage: Throw the compact glaive upon your enemies. It's blessed blades deal more damage against demonic or evil foes. Can bounce up to three times. It returns to its owner, as though sentient, and provides a temporary empowerment that improves combat prowess depending on how many enemies it has attacked.


Alasnah - Companion's Faceguard   &    Wrathspear. 

Alasnah faced a great enemy, she and her companion both surviving but witnessing first hand the necessity of constant vigilance.

After Tyrande left in pursuit of Xavius, druids and warriors from the temple approached the woman to thank her - giving her feline friend and her something to aid them on their paths. Alasnah received an exceptionally well crafted tool, one that has seen many battles. Its iridescent edges striking fear in the wicked.

Wrathspear Usage: Once a day, call upon the dormant power within the weapon to imbune it, or the bearer with Elune's wrath. It may then be used as a conventional weapon, or shoot lunar shards from its tip, doing effective damage against evil creatures or demons. Passively it ignites courage within the heart of the user.


Companion's Faceguard Usage: Improves physical defenses considerably, magical resilience improved slightly.


Mordent - Horn of Wickedness.

Mordent was wise to leave the aftermath of Ysera's defeat. Had he remained, he would have no doubt likely been scorned or worse, given the kaldorei's disdain for undeath and those who 'embrace' it.

Instead of receiving a boon from the Temple, he found this in the field of battle. A peculiar looking satyr with a single purple horn ... the undead knew immediately it would be useful in his repertoire.

Usage: Once a day, use the Horn's evil powers to bewitch a target. The curse will cause them to speak Eredun and apply Agony upon them.



DM Note: I was supposed to update this a week ago, but life happened. Thank you for your patience.

Edited by Panini
Finished the loot table.

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