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Many do not have a fond history of the vrykul — ancient giants that precede the human race. In Northrend many of them served the dreaded Lich King as Scourge. Those who left Northrend had made a new life for themselves in the Broken Isles, seeking to rejoin with those who forged them and pass on into a glorious afterlife. With the Burning Legion's return the heroes of Azeroth must venture through Stormheim and prove their worth to the legendary Odyn to claim the Aegis of Aggramar.


The Alliance and Horde have not been sitting idle since their crushing defeat at the Broken Shore. With renewed vigor King Genn Greymane and Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner have been working on a new assault upon the Broken Isles with personal agendas to fulfill alongside the acquisition of the fabled shield. Regardless of your loyalties able-bodied mercenaries and soldiers will be called upon in the battles ahead to secure Azeroth's future.



This will be the hub where event scheduling and zone updates will be posted. An additional post will be made for the Halls of Valor, Maw of Souls and eventually Trial of Valor instances each as well. The first event for Stormheim will be hosted in januari. I know, I know - that's still quite far ahead all things considered but the idea is to have Azsuna finished (dungeons excluded) before the end of this month so we can start januari nice and fresh with a new zone.


While feedback is still valued for this post I'll be taking the time to knock heads with Oni to see how we'll be handling the intro for Stormheim. Regardless of outcome, Stormheim is the opportunity on the Broken Isles for faction conflict and with it Alliance VS Horde PvP is definitely endorsed and I would go as far as say welcomed. If your character wants to save Azeroth but dislikes anything that involves harassing/killing the enemy faction this area might not be entirely for you.


For those who want to commit their forces or military characters there will definitely be the opportunity to be called upon or brought before Sylvanas Windrunner/Nathanos Blightcaller and King Greymane respectively.


Events Scheduled:

Finding the Aegis 31/01/2019 ca. 2 ST

Breaking the Bonespeakers 3/01/2019 ca. 2 ST

Misty Mountains [TBD]

The Gates of Valor [TBD]

Descent into the Depths [TBD]

Escape from Helheim [TBD]

Eyir's Vault [PVP] [TBD]


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Listed a few upcoming events.

The Story So Far

The Horde have begun their search for the Aegis of Aggramar, under the guidance of the Troll Priest, Blood Guard Hado. After stumbling onto Aggramar's Vault with the assistance of a strange Vrykul by the name of Hafi, they managed to enlist the help of some of the locals- specifically, Slash Gutspill, and Gro Rumblehoof. While the other Challengers viewed each other with suspicion, they held the Felskorn that had overrun the Vault with sheer numbers in equally low regard, and after some convincing, took to fighting them as eagerly as they might have to fighting each other.

Unfortunately, God-King Skovald pre-empted the Horde's arrival, and with sword in hand and fire in his heart, cut down the Lich, Baltux Gale-Wrought, for frustrating him the most in this encounter. Aylara, a Thalassian rogue, managed to stun one of the Vrykul darkcasters with dynamite, while between her and Aelyra, one of the Banshee Queen's servants, they cut down an Eredar that had come to the God-King's aid... for now, at least.

With the Vault secured, they plunged into the knowledge it held- a means to secure the Aegis. But more tasks are due yet, each equally complex- eventually, at least, they stand a chance of securing that which they seek.

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Following the Horde's investigation of Aggramar's Vault they were directed by the vrykul sage Havi to assist the Thorignir storm dragons. Thorim's Peak, the dragons' domain had come under attack by God-King Skovald's Felskorn vrykul with the intent to both finish the trials as well as enslave the ancient dragons - succeeding in the latter would not only deny others the right to complete Odyn's trial but also provide the Burning Legion with a wing of corrupted dragons, neither were good results. Having been sent halfway up Thorim's Peak they found the God-King beating up an already wounded Vethir. The God-King left, stating he already had what he needed from the dragons and that his underlings would secure the rest.


The Horde, not letting their heads down, assisted Vethir to get back up. The dragon, in turn, requested they save his brethren and mother from the Legion's grasp. A fierce battle between fel-corrupted vrykul, demons and the Horde's fury resulted in a loss for the Burning Legion - Urion and Thorean being crucial in dealing with the eredar in charge of the whole operations. While true, the demonic forces that perished would regenerate themselves over time the deaths of the vrykul were still reduced numbers of the Legion's ranks in the region. For their valiant efforts the broodmother of the Thorignir gave the would-be heroes the blessing of the Storm Dragons.


Thorignir Blessing:

A blue-glowing, Vrykul runic mark that is inscribed randomly on the receiver's body, symbolizing the completion of the Trial of Will and the blessing of the Thorignir Storm Dragons.

By willing the power of the runic mark into action the bearer can empower their next spell as if it were Lightning based OR enhance their next melee attack to deal moderate Lightning-damage. This effect can be used twice per day.

Cooldown: One day



The Horde has done their share in securing the Aegis and the Alliance had work to do in this regard as well. Gathered by King Greymane fighters of the Alliance met with Havi right outside Greywatch. In order to obtain the blessing of ancestral vrykul rulers they would need to speak with Vydhar, for the ancient vrykul had already passed away. The stout tree in the center had his power sealed by the Bonespeakers, twisted in their ways and opposing any who would try to commit to the trials for the Aegis. Splitting off, Genn Greymane went to destroy one of the two remaining runestones while the cluster of people dealt with the Bonespeakers nearby to take care of the other. After a lengthy scuffle the Bonespeakers lost and the runestone was demolished by Urdren's roots.


Once Vydhar was liberated he bestowed upon the group a special branch that could be used to awaken the leaders of the vrykul that had long since passed away. Heimir of the Black Fist, Rythas the Oracle and Oktel Dragonblood were challenged in this order and bested - each giving their blessing upon the group. The last leader, Queen Ashildir, was to give hers as well but upon arriving at her gravesite the group found the body had been exhumed and stolen by the Bonespeakers. For now rest and feasting was advised by the old Havi for the triumphs they did get - though all could keep one blessing the kings had given.


Drekirjar Blessing:

A red-glowing, runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of a Storm Dragon head. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Thane Dragonblood's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders.

By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Drekirjar mark gains the ability to temporarily acquire the breath weapon of the Storm Dragons. This allows them to unleash a furious lightning breath from their lungs. This effect lasts two turns.

Cooldown: Two days


Runeseer Blessing:

A yellow-glowing runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of intertwined circles. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Rythas the Oracle's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders.

By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Runeseer mark gains the ability to conjure a golden-glowing rune underneath their feet, spanning a diameter of 4.9ft (1,5 meters). The rune projects divine energies, slowly rejuvenating and healing those in the rune's circle from their injuries. The user of the rune can choose to detonate the symbol, causing a burst of flames to erupt skyward to incinerate those within. Rune remains for three turns.

Cooldown: One day


Tideskorn Blessing:

A teal-glowing, runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of moving ocean waves. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Heimir of the Black Fist's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders.

By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Tideskorn mark gains the ability to call upon an ancestral Tideskorn vrykul raider to temporarily assist them in combat. The raider remains present for a total of four turns. !This effect only works in Stormheim, Helheim and the Halls of Valor until Helya's death in the Trial of Valor raid.!

Cooldown: One day

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With the Horde and Alliance scrambling about in Stormheim in search for the Aegis of Aggramar, the allies of God-King Skovald had exhumed and stolen the remains of Queen Ashildir, the ruler of the Valkyra battle-maidens. A party comprised of both Alliance and Horde, as well as Valarjar was assembled by Havi and one of Ashildir's brethren with a mission to recover the lost bones of the Valkyra queen from the city of the dead, Haustvald.


Within the city they were beset by conflict in the form of the Bonespeaker's slaves, skeletal warriors that had risen from the ground or called forth to protect the homes that the vrykul dwelled or practiced their vile magics in. As they ventured through Haustvald they found pieces of a vrykul skeleton, glimmering with radiant energy. Each of these bones were part of Ashildir's body, severed and hidden in containers. The brave souls collected all of the missing parts, and used a reformation rune in Haustvald to reassemble Ashildir's body and in doing so her weakened spirit.


Confronting the leader of the Bonespeakers, Runeseer Faljar, the heroes and Ashildir met a decent match through his army of skeletal soldiers. In the end, however, the Runeseer had enough of this petty fighting and banished their souls to the dark realm of Helheim, the domain belonging to Odyn's eternal enemy Helya. It is there that they felt themselves considerably weaker. Forced to fight through Helheim in their weakened states, the adventurers met a powerful adversary in Helheim's native denizens, Kvaldir. Only through teamwork did they get past the Kvaldir and a massive three-headed hound named Guarm, a pet of Helya.


Once at Helya's throne they found the Warchief of the Horde, Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, in a conversation with Helya. The latter had mentioned a bargain of sorts in the process which did seem uncomforting to the approaching people. The Banshee Queen gave little regard to the Alliance, hoping dearly they wouldn't make it out of Helheim. Her Horde champions instead were urged to find a way out and secure the Aegis of Aggramar. Upon leaving, those trapped in Helheim sought to commune with its ruler but were issued a challenge instead - to best her pet in combat. For their disrespect their souls were fractured further and split up.


On their way to find their soul fragments they met up with Queen Ashildir once more. The Valkyra queen sought to rescue her captured sisters while her allies restored themselves to full power. Once both had their tasks completed, an awe-inspiring battle took place on the Eternal Battlefield, maidens on golden wings together with the heroes or brave adventurers. Through teamwork and determination the rotten giant was brought low and they escaped the clutches of a furious Helya. For their valorous deed they were given Ashildir's blessing.



Valkyra Blessing

A gold-glowing runic mark that appears as the winged helmet of a Val'kyr. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body and symbolizes the presence of Queen Ashildir, queen and ruler of the Valkyra battle-maidens.

By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Valkyra mark can take on the aspect of the Queen Ashildir's caste. The mark itself effectively doubles the power of your next non-defensive spell or attack (can also affect healing spells). When in the presence of other bearers of the same mark the true power of this magical symbol is revealed. For each other holder of the Valkyra mark, the effectiveness is doubled once more. !This effect only works in Storheim, Helheim and the Halls of Valor until Helya's death in the Trial of Valor raid.!

Cooldown: One OOC week



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A while ago the Forsaken sought to conquer the vrykul village of Skold-Ashil in the name of the Dark Lady, having been met with significant resistance from the maidens that inhabited the area. Under the command of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner the Horde forces besieged the holdings of the Tideskorn, laying siege to it in order to secure the nearby vault that held the Banshee Queen's prize. To remove the barrier, however, the Horde was on the lookout for anything of a lead.


Simultaneously, Alliance intelligence caught wind of the Warchief's plans involved with Skold-Ashil and sent forth a small group to a forward post commandeered by Lorna Crowley. Just as they had gotten there and a short briefing had occurred the Banshee Queen gave her champions and forces the direct order to assault the vrykul town which prompted the Alliance to move out immediately to intercept the Horde's forces in battle.


Although the Alliance was focused on stopping the Forsaken, an attempt to halt their advance, the vrykul inhabitants of Skold-Ashil did not appreciate their presence all the same. The vrykul, partly stuck between both the Horde and Alliance suffered significant losses - though mostly because of the Horde than the Alliance, most of whom tried to incapacitate the vrykul maidens one way or the other. Amidst the battle with her forsaken troops, the Banshee Queen made a personal appearance in attacking those who sought to impede her goals - harassing the aid sent by King Greymane to disrupt their own progress.


The Horde's forces had found what they needed to break the barrier of Eyir's vault, requiring a ritual to ascend using sacred relics belonging to the Val'kyr Queen. As most of the Horde's forces present were undead, a tauren sunwalker and orcish warrior were tasked with securing the appropriate blessings to breach the vault's defenses - an effort the Alliance picked up on and sought to prevent to the best of their ability. This afront to the Warchief herself was met with merciless retaliation, resulting in the death of a persistent footman in the process. Rumor has it he managed to strike the Dark Lady across the face with his shield sometime before his untimely demise.


Nevertheless, the Horde succeeded in their mission to open the vault of Skold-Ashil, leaving Sylvanas with the ability to usher in a new age for the Forsaken... and the Horde. Storming the Vault the Dark Lady began to use a special lantern to bind the Val'kyr Queen Eyir only to be forced to deal with King Greymane. The champions of both were locked in battle while the two leaders had their own fight going on, with the Alliance managing to retreat with a poisoned Greymane and the Horde left robbed of their prize as the Gilnean king shattered Sylvanas' lantern and allowing Eyir to escape the area.




IconSmall_Greymane.gif?version=a0b47064c Favour of the Wolf-King

  • For your bravery and loyalty, King Greymane is willing to listen to any that wish to request a favour of him. Mind that not all requests can be adhered to, and may be toned down or rejected.


24px-Ability_paladin_bladeofjustice.png? 1x Commissioned Weapon

  • This weapon has been commissioned by the King of Gilneas, Genn Greymane. At his expense one can acquire an Alliance-styled weapon of their own choice, enchanted with one active and one passive enchantment of the champion's choosing. The weapon is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles.



24px-Inv_helmet_74.png?version=c9043b647 1x Commissioned Armor

  • The piece of armor has been commissioned by the King of Gilneas, Genn Greymane. At his expense one can acquire an Alliance-styled armament of their own choice, enchanted with two passive enchantment of the champion's choosing (Includes shields). The armor is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles.


Horde_15.png?version=ece5bfd58dad1e79267REWARDS - HORDE

24px-IconSmall_Sylvanas.gif?version=b345 Warchief's Goodwill

  • If bold enough, the champions that served the Banshee Queen in Skold-Ashil can request a favour from their Warchief. Mind that not all requests can be fulfilled and may even be rejected.


24px-Inv_weapon_shortblade_40.png?versio 1x Commissioned Weapon 

  • The weapon has been commissioned by the Warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner. At her expense one can acquire a Forsaken-styled weapon of their own choice, enchanted with one active and one passive enchantment of the champion's choosing. The weapon is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles.



24px-Inv_armor_shield_naxxramas_d_02.png 1x Commissioned Armor

  • This piece of armor has been commissioned by the Warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner. At her expense one can acquire a Forsaken-styled armament of their own choice, enchanted with two passive enchantments of the champion's choosing (Includes shields). The armor is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles.


NOTE: Enchantments are to be cleared with me either through Discord or Forum PMs before being permitted.


Rewards Claimed


A team of necromancers/bloodmagi to aid with restoring the dead elf's body.



A custom, dwarven designed, chain-mail shirt commissioned by Greymane at the request of Dwalin. The armor is fashioned from stormscales on a mithril base making surprisingly mobile and unrestrictive.
1. Draconic resistance: The scales of the armor grant the wearer increased resistance lightning and fire based attacks, alongside the normal benefits of mithril.
2. Storm thorns: When the wearer is touched by a foe, the dwarven runes etched in some of the scales will activate and shock the attacker.



A tauren sized, one handed sword commissioned by the Warchief. The weapon has its metal origins in a combination of Thorium and Leystone, the former to add weight with the leystone used to coat the bladed edge.

1. Anshe's Strength - While wielding the weapon the holder feels mightier, the weapon enhancing their strength by a moderate amount.

2. Fires of Justice - The weapon can be swung about to unleash a fire strike that blasts anything in its path.



A gauntlet fit for Richford commissioned by King Greymane. The gauntlet has been made by the Priests of Elune from Elunite and has been enhanced by the worshippers of Elune to give it some additional power.

1. Moon Strike - The gauntlet's strikes deliver minor, divine lunar damage to their target upon hit.

2. Moonfire - Blast the designatated area with a pillar of divine lunar energy once per day.

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