Chi-Ling Showdown - Act 2: At the Peak of Sucess

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Chi-Ling Showdown - Act 2: At the Peak of Success




Now you're probably wondering... What is this guy talking about?


Well Chi-ling Showdown is a largely self-contained story set around various places in Pandaria.  Yes.. PANDARIA, a WORLD of ADVENTURERS!


The premise is to give underpowered/new characters a fresh new story and so far, the group are loving it!


Now, you're possibly wondering why I've posted this since some of you know the event has been closed off from new appearances for a while... Well guess what... That's about to change!


Event Time 2:30 PM Severtime  II   Date: Every Sunday!



I'm looking for up to three new people to join the roster of unsung heroes, but I'm not just looking for anyone so listen up to the criteria on how to apply!


Current Roster

Zhang (Melee DPS)

Vexa (Melee DPS)

Druzlek (Tank/DPS)

Lithvia (Ranged/Caster)

Edith (Ranged)



What we need to complete the team

1x Dedicated Healer

1x Full Tank

(MAYBE) 1x  Caster/Melee DPS





- You're not super-progressed

- You cannot one-man show the event

- No Ubers... Get outta here you filthy Dragons

- Your character will work well in a group and wont incite PvP

- NO silly races, remember your setting. Undead wont really fit in here.

- You're keen to RP (What I mean is, this is an event.... but mostly it's guided RP.  The story is set at the pace of your characters Interaction with the world and one another)

- You're keen to be a part of a small group that works well as a team and will actively seek to work with the group instead of against it

- You're Keen to turn up to events, keep in contact and let us know if you can't make any event. We understand real life comes first!




Anyone that wishes to join, please find me Ingame or on the Discord for a chat! Please and Thankyou!


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