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WARNING: this patch, like 99% of Legion patches, is a replacer patch. If you're not interested in replacers, that's fair enough, this isn't for you.

At the request of both @Bradley and @Slavo, I've decided to post my little pet project publicly. So, without further ado...

Currently I've finished all that I've wanted to do for the spell breaker set, or at least, the new BfA Blood Elf guard set. ALMOST the same as the Belf Heritage, but lacking the overly fancy shoulders and collection item adornments to make you look super hip with the kids. As unappealing as that might sound, I prefer the "generic" look over he adorned version. Now, there is a recolor that I've included for shits and giggles, but unfortunately the model meshes that got chosen by blizzard leaves this High Elf variant looking weird, and strange. I'm not including screenshots of it, you'll just have to take my word on that, with that out of the way:



This is what you look like without the patch. Have fun killing it for yourself. and

You can download this patch, if you're brave and like to risk it, Here. EDIT: Installation is easy just drag the item folder into your root wow directory. Specifically the same folder where your exe is located.


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