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The Mushan's Murder Mystery! "The Untempted"

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You are Invited!



For two days and  two nights of revelry, celebration, and brotherhood, regardless of faction lines, aboard "The Untempted".


IC: What's happening?

You have been invited, either by Lord Alton Crestworth of the Kingdom of Stormwind or by Lady Ishna'dar Sinhelion of Quel'thalas, to take part in a celebration of brotherhood and camaraderie aboard Lord Alton's ship, "The Untempted", as it sets sail from a neutral port to circle the Great Sea and return. This celebration has been sponsored by both the Alliance and the Horde as a way to build and solidify a sense of faction unity in the face of a world-threatening evil.


OOC: What's really happening?

Alliance and Horde representatives have agreed to a brief celebration of good will between the two factions as the Legion Invasion drags on, with no clear end in sight. You have been invited due to either your close relations to the higher-class echelons of either faction, your actions of bravery fighting against the Legion, your existing work to cross faction lines, your recognized status as an accomplished adventurer, or just knowing the right people. 


Due to the nature of the event, no faction affiliation is required, in fact those zealous to their own faction and hateful of the other will NOT be receiving an invitation. This event will also be unusual in that there will be little to no combat involved, if it can be helped. Instead, this will be a very RP-heavy and mentally stimulating event. Because of this, no character cap will be enforced.


The event is scheduled to take place on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3rd at 2:00 PM Server TimeThe event will begin in earnest six hours after departure from Booty Bay, the largest neutral port in the Eastern Kingdoms. If you are interested in participating, you may "RSVP", so to speak, in this thread with the name of the character you are bringing. The reasoning for your invitation can be pretty loose, since I don't want to restrict this to nobles and recognized "heroes", I want to have it open to as many people as possible. That being said, do try to think of some reason your character would be at such an auspicious occasion.


Feel free to ask questions in the thread or send me a message on Discord (King of the Mushan on the Paragon Server, or Mushan#0952 if that's easier) if you would like any aspect of the event to be clarified or would like to run a character by me in the event that you are unsure if they would be at such an event.


I promise, this will be much more interesting and exciting than it appears... But until then, I hope to see plenty of folks attending!

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