King of the Mushan

The Fight for Faronaar

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"By Order of the Archmage Khadgar and the Council of Six, the Kirin Tor has allied with the Court of Farondis and the Illidari to engage in a military campaign against the Demonic Stronghold on the island of Faronaar. We are inviting any and all of Azeroth's adventurers and Heroes of the war thus far to return to a Military Camp based at the Nor'Danil Wellsprings to prepare for this upcoming campaign" - Invitation to the Nor'Danil Warcamp by Warmage Silva of Dalaran


The Court of Farondis, Illidari, and Kirin Tor have united in Azsuna to fight against a large Demonic Stronghold that continues to stand against efforts in the region. Even after the successful retrieval of the Tidestone of Golganneth, the Demons in the region continue to harass Azeroth's forces and work to reestablish a permanent foothold in Azsuna.


Warmage Silva, Jace Darkweaver, and Nightwatcher Idri have been chosen as Commanders from each of the three Organizations to whom the Demons of Azsuna pose a threat. The target of this campaign: The Island of Faronaar.


The Illidari have been holding the Demons back at the Illidari Stand, keeping the Legion from establishing a permanent foothold in the region, but recent intelligence from within the island suggests the Demons are planning a significantly larger offensive than before, and the Kirin Tor have been charged with spearheading defensive tactics and preparing a campaign to drive the Demons out completely.


All Adventurers and Heroes that have so far contributed to the war in the Broken Isles have been encouraged to find their way back to the Nor'Danil Wellsprings, where the three forces are gathering their power. A pre-emptive strike against Faronaar is expected to be carried out within a number of weeks, ideally before the Legion's own offensive against Azsuna.


Failure here likely means a significant loss of territory in Azsuna and a renewed fighting force among the Legion's numbers, which could result in a lack of future forces from the Court of Farondis and other regional powers currently contributing to the war effort.



On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th, at 3:00 PM SERVER TIME, there will be an Event hosted at the Nor'Danil Wellspring. This event will serve as the introduction to an Event Arc I've been planning for awhile, the name of which will be revealed after the event. 


This Arc is designed to make Demons feel threatening again, and give them more reason to be taken seriously. I personally feel that peoples' lackluster reactions to Demonic events comes from not just oversaturation, but a sense that Demons are trivial, and not a real threat, that the heroes are destined to win with no problem.


This Arc is designed to change that mentality.


Anyway, while the Introductory Event is framed to be a meeting to plan a Campaign, it is going to be more interesting than that, so don't take it at face value.

If you know you will be participating, reply to this post with the name of the Character you will be bringing. If not, you will still be able to attend when the time comes (But please let me know ahead of time if you can, because I'd like to know the general number of people beforehand)


Thank you for your time.

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I'm a maybe. If I can leave work early, I can make it. If I do, I will bring Kajaan, my Illidari satyr.

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I'm curious will there be any mention in storytelling, be it from NPCs or how the area looks, about the camp in Nor'danil having been attacked multiple times? I think it'd make previous events around the area kind of pointless if everyone acts and everything looks as good as when the camp first popped up.


Other than that I'll make it on my Demon Hunter, Elrhadas to help out. He already promised Farondis in one of Kaiba's events he'll always be there to help Azsuna and I haven't left the area with him yet.

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Throwing Cephirian in there. I'm definitely interested. If he can limp, he can fight. (And besides, he basically lives in Nor'Danil normally so it'd feel wrong not to get him in on it.)

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