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A Cuddle to Arms: Noblegarden!

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"This was supposed to be a Call to Arms!"




Noblegarden has made it's way to Azeroth once again! It's been a few years since the Horde adopted this Alliance celebration where the Nobles hide coloured eggs of candy, often with coins and other goodies inside, around their respective area.


This year however the Legion's invasion seemed to have been a bad omen even for this joyful event. Occasionally the coloured eggs would be replaced by tricksy eggs, being rotten eggs instead or containing different gasses and bombs. During the week children and adventurers alike fall into comas, some are cursed with near permanent rabbit ears, and other times the cloud of gas that come out seem to attract a horde of rabbits. Not the friendly and honourable Lok'tar O'gar kind of horde either. At first they seem friendly, following people around like loyal companions, but within a few hours they start nibbling more than they should. They've gone bloodthirsty! That's a lot of O'gar!




OOC Information: With the Legion getting comfortable in the living room, no longer at Azeroth's doorstep, it seems nothing is safe. Not even lovely holidays. That is to say.. It's not necessarily the Legion behind these pranks. I've just been in the mood to DM something light and focus on fun so I'm using the Noblegarden holiday for exactly that, especially since Paragon hasn't had more than one or two of these before. However because there isn't a 'story' for Noblegarden on retail, like there is Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's day (Seriously, check WoWpedia, it's just Nobles hiding eggs!) I decided to take not just Noblegarden but one or two other micro-holidays that hasn't been given any attention before and mash it up into one event!


I must warn you, reading this, if you're still reading this and the picture didn't scare you off that this isn't a Hack 'n' Slash, Tank 'n' Spank, Peel 'n' Heal event. If your character's supposed to be at War leave him there. This isn't for the battle-hardened veteran and I will turn most of them down. You will not fight a Pit Lord (maybe a Nathrezim..) nor will you receive a tank or an iron-star launching cannon as a reward. So do avoid bringing your almighty Edgelords, especially the ones who'll try to One-up the main villain and do something like controlling the rabbits in the area for their anti-fun evil needs.


No, Sindoh, Baltux can't have a rabbit. Not even for the Horde.



  • Will be two or three 'holiday' themes mixed into one
  • No Baltux allowed
  • There will be a limit to how many people I invite. If it gets high praise I'll think about hosting a 2nd one for those who missed it (with tweaks so it's not completely spoiled by other people). No promises though.
  • Don't bring a murder-hobo. Just a normal, violent, hobo.
  • Party requires at least one person with brain.
  • There will be a fun, in my opinion at least, twist. There'll be a reference to one of my last holiday events.





Holiday-themed rewards. Nothing fancy that boosts your power, political status, or makes you more attractive to everyone who wants a quickie.




Date & Time:

Sunday - 28th April 2019 (28/04/19)

11:00 Servert Time 


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Due to something having come up the event's been moved to Sunday. Time has been added, it'll be nice and early compared to most events being hosted by EU folk.

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