[Dungeon] Halls of Valor

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In the clouds high above Stormheim, the titanic keeper Odyn has called the greatest vrykul warriors on Azeroth to be his Valarjar. Amidst feasting halls and hunting grounds, these ascended vrykul test themselves and prepare for the great war that is to come. Adventurers must pass through these halls and prove their worth if they hope to stand before Odyn and claim the Aegis of Aggramar.


ui-ej-boss-hymdall.pngHymdall - Monday, May 20th: 1:00pm Server Time


Participants: Tiana, Dreadsworn, Urdren, Alvia, Azumak, Caemesh, Cephirian, Cormwale, Duskcloak, Istolus, Izusa, Laniria, Neja, Pirris, Richford, Ronric, Softbreeze, Ursula, Viona.



(LANIRIA HAS EARNED) Lost Edicts of the Watcher: An ancient tome and an accompanying hammer held by Hymdall. He appears to find you worthy, having granted these weapons to you after being defeated at the Gates of Valor.

The tome appears to be able to swap between being a magical prayer book and a lion faced shield that exhumes an energy barrier around itself. This can be swapped through an action.

The prayer book can be used to substitute any current prayer book being used by the owner and will match the effectiveness of the substituted book.


The hammer has passive holy damage in each strike and is twice as effective against the undead, shadow, and void compared to your standard hammer. On top of this, the tome may be activated once each day while in shield form to create a bubble of moderate protection around the user and those within a 5 yard radius of the user for up to 5 rounds. While inside this bubble, the user and all allies will heal for moderate healing each round while enemies are forced from the bubble while taking moderate holy damage.


(URSALA HAS EARNED) Horn of Valor: One of Hymdall's lesser used Horns that fell from his belt during battle. When blown, a bolt of lightning drops from the sky, striking a random visible enemy within 200 yards for above average lightning damage. This weapon can only be used outdoors but appears to hold two charges which refill every three days.


(CAEMESH HAS EARNED) Key to the Halls: More symbolic than an actual key, this item marks you as one worthy of entering the Halls of Valor. It can be attached to your weapon like a small keychain on the hilt (or equivalent). When attached, your weapon becomes harder and a tad heavier, landing stronger physical blows (or shots) but also making the weapon/projectile slightly slower. This key grants the user the ability to open a magic door once per week with your weapon to a private conjured room designed to look similar to the halls of valor. This room may be used for rest and relaxation for up to 24 hours before it disappears. The key works on the door like any standard locked door.


(THE REST HAVE EARNED) Aegis Pin: A simple pin that looks like the Aegis of Aggramar. Provides minor physical and magical defense boosts in combat.


3 Gold for each player.


ui-ej-boss-hyrja.pngHyrja - Tuesday, May 21st: 10:00am Server Time


Participants: Tiana, Ambreth, April, Urdren, Neja, Obella, Pirris, Druzlek, Izusa, Ronric, Calthir, Azumak, Mithaniel, Cephirian, Naerios, Cormwale, Morgana, Alvia, Aelyra.


(ALVIA HAS EARNED) Staff of the Lightborn: This beautiful staff of the Val'kyr serves as a testament to the power of Odyn and his soldiers. The staff enhances the divine channeling power of light spells cast through it, but in turn reacts negatively to shadow spells being cast through it, causing a backlash to the user.

Once per three days, the user may temporarily ascend with the staff, taking up either a Val'kyr or Guardian of Ancient Kings appearance. The effect lasts for four rounds, providing the user with flight, and twin-spelling any light spells cast during this time (two will be cast rather than one.)


(AMBRETH HAS EARNED) Val'kyr Ascension Signet: This beautiful red and gold ring is reminiscent of the wings of the Val'kyr. It radiates with a holy energy. When worn, this ring may be used once per week to provide a passive healing for one hour of mild effect. Over the course of one hour this ring will heal up to an above average amount of damage.


(MITHANIEL HAS EARNED) Eyir's Blessing: Only one blessing will be placed upon your weapon. Only one relic can be attached to a weapon. If removed, relics will be destroyed. The blessing will give your weapon passive holy damage. As well, you will be able to release an arc of holy energy from the weapon once per day when swung for moderate damage.


(THE REST HAVE EARNED) Feather of the Val'kyr: A golden feather from one of the lesser Val'kyr of the Halls of Valor. This item can be used as a one time moderate healing ability. The feather will fade after.


3 Gold for Each Player.


ui-ej-boss-fenryr.pngFenryr - Tuesday, May 21st: 10:00am Server Time

Participants: Tiana, Ambreth, Urdren, Neja, Obella, Pirris, Izusa, Ronric, Calthir, Azumak, Mithaniel, Cephirian, Naerios, Cormwale, Alvia, Aelyra.


(CORMWALE HAS EARNED) Feathers of the Moonspirit: Daggers fashioned from the ancient hardened feathers of an elusive Wild God. The owner of these daggers, should they be a druid of the wild or claw, may discover their saber form to have changed, taking on the appearance of an Owlcat.

The Owlcat form increases speed and damage, and the feathers of the Owlcat appear to be much harder in comparison to the traditional druidic saber's fur. Once per two days, the Owlcat form may perform a wild explosion, bursting razor sharp feathers in all directions like a knife spray.


(NEJA HAS EARNED) Wolfstride Pendant: Infused with Fenryr's blessing, this pendant increases movement speed in combat by 20% passively. Outside of combat, the movement speed is only 10%.


(RONRIC HAS EARNED) Fenryr's Pack: One of Fenryr's Pack has seen your worth. As such, you have been blessed with the honor of one of these mighty wolves following you. The power of Fenryr's pack can be seen in both its physical offense and defense. If killed, the pack member will return to the field of the eternal hunt. It will not leave again, but you can go visit it.


(THE REST HAVE EARNED) Gift of Fenryr: A boneshard from one of Fenryr's kills. This item can be made into an accessory of the user's choice. When worn, the boneshard will give a minor boost to physical attacks.


3 Gold for Each Player.


ui-ej-boss-god-king-skovald.pngGod-King Skovald - Wednesday, May 22nd: 1:00pm Server Time

Participants: Lincoln, Cormwale, Naerios, Alvia, Daelar, Neja, Arthedain, Duskcloak, Pirris, Atanu, Izusa, Tiana, Azumak, Laniria, Urdren, Calthir, Lymelia, Cephirian, Morgana, Shela.


(ARTHEDAIN HAS EARNED) Arcanite Bladebreaker: Forged in the intense heat of the Halls of Valor's smithy, this weapon is honed and enhanced with a powerful, incredibly sharp edge. The weapon appears to need no repairs and can face up to some of the mightiest metals Azeroth has to offer.

The Arcanite Bladebreaker has achieved the same properties as Adamantium but on a much lighter scale in comparison. Once per three days, the maw of the Bladebreaker will open, releasing a horrific scream meant to break the will of those within ten yards to send them running in fear.


(PIRRIS HAS EARNED) Bonespeaker Bracers: These bracers are wreathed in ancient magic that stinks of Helya's influence. Once per four days the user may summon an ancient vrykul skeleton to serve as a guardian for five turns. Local bones not required.


(MITHANIEL HAS EARNED) Eye of Skovald: Ew, his eye came loose. At least it was crystallized by his corruption. This trinket may be made into a piece of jewelery. The Eye grants the user the ability to summon forth a fel meteor to strike and burst upon an area of their choice once per week.


(THE REST HAVE EARNED) Gaze of Odyn: As a one time ability, the player may call to the Halls of Valor, gaining a 30% strength boost for four turns before suffering two turns of fatigue after.

3 Gold for Everyone who attended.


ui-ej-boss-odyn.pngOdyn - Wednesday, May 22nd: 1:00pm Server Time

Participants: Lincoln, Cormwale, Naerios, Alvia, Daelar, Neja, Arthedain, Duskcloak, Pirris, Atanu, Izusa, Tiana, Azumak, Laniria, Urdren, Calthir, Lymelia, Cephirian, Morgana, Shela.


(ATANU HAS EARNED) The Dragonslayers: A pair of mighty axes formed from the bones of two mighty dragons of ancient legend. One axe crackles with Lightning while the other hisses with Acid. As such each of these weapons has moderate passive damage for its respective element.

Once per day each weapon may be slammed against the ground to release a 15 yard cone of the respective element forward to strike enemies in their way. Alternatively, the weapons can be struck together to release a combined lighting/acidic explosion from the user in a radius of 5 yards.


(ARTHEDAIN HAS EARNED) Gift of Radiance: The sheer aura of Odyn has blessed your skin. You now have a constant gentle glow about you on your skin that pierces through darkness. There is benefit to this blessing, however. You may expend the power that seeped into your skin through your palms once every five days to expel a powerful spear of holy light that does above average holy damage. During cooldown, your skin no longer glows.


(MORGANA HAS EARNED) Solid Gold Bracelets: Big fat bracelets of the purest gold. These can be sold for a value of 10 gold coins.


(THE REST HAVE EARNED) Tabard of the Valajar: I fought Odyn and all I got was this stupid Tabard. This tabard, when worn, will make Stormheim Vrykuls respect the player as one who has earned the honor of Odyn himself.

3 Gold for everyone who attended.

Shela delivered the Aegis. For missing Odyn to do this she receives 5 gold and a large reputation boost with the Kirin Tor.


Rewards will be announced after each boss.

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As a special treat, the following Uniques will be dropping during this event series:


Feathers of the Moonspirit - Fenryr (Feral Daggers)


Lost Edicts of the Watcher - Hymdall (Holy Hammer/Tome)


Staff of the Lightborn - Hyrja (Holy Staff)


The Arcanite Bladebreaker - God-King Skovald (Arms Axe)


The Dragonslayers - Odyn (Fury Axes)

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Will be at school for all of these. Feels bad.

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Will be at school for all of these. Feels bad.
Welcome to my life for 99% of events on here these days.

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Crap gonna miss the one today.

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The Halls of Valor ends. The Aegis sits in Aegwynn's tower. The third Pillar has been recovered.


A darkness spreads in the dark bay of Stormheim. Helya stirs.


Prepare for Maw of Souls. A thread will be up soon.

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