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The Greygarde Highlanders

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Life is either a grand Adventure, or not worth living at all  "


Rumours abound of the Old Greygarde, a keep in the Arathi Highlands left to rot in the wake of the Old Horde, but one that refuses to stay down. The valley that the fabled keep sits within thrives with flora and flowers, a true grove of wonders that promises adventure in spades for anyone willing to step into the halls, and the Age of Chaos is filled with oppertunities for adventure!




Ranks and Recruitment



  " Ya’ know you’re truly alive when you’re living among lions like these "

The Highlanders are as much a family as they are a group of ragtag adventurers. They will be led by a council of Adventurers that has yet to be decided. Otherwise, members all have the same authority, being allowed to come and go as they please and more than welcome to take any job they wish from the board. Once the castle has been re-established, anyone who finds the keep will be offered a chance to stay within the home and join the Highlanders on their adventures, otherwise, you only have to find one of the members, either on the road, living in the Adventure, or during a fated encounter destined to change your life and send you on a journey you won’t soon forget. One day, when you least expect it, the grand adventure finds you, and you better be ready!

<Council Members will be added below once established>


Rumoured Histories


" The Hills have stories to tell, care to sit a while and listen? "


The storied keep sits in a deep valley on the edge of the Highlands, having lived through the second and third war, only to resurface in service to the spirit of Adventure! Stories of old soldiers fending off hordes of demons, tales of warriors resisting the tides of darkness and evil and even songs sung about trees that breath life back into dead men, all of this and more surrounds the air of mystery that this keep resides in and those that find their way here are sure to be in for an adventure or two!

In reality, the keep was a bastion that held fast against the Old Horde during the second war, built on the site that was precious to those who practiced the ‘Old Ways’, the keep was built in the boughs of a grove with a powerful tree of restoration in its centre. During the last major battle at the Old Greygarde, a council of Orcish Warlocks and powerful demons sundered the earth surrounding the battlements, and brought it right down the sea level. As stubborn as ever, the keep remains beaten, but not destroyed and thus it’s set to rise once again to fend off the invasion of evil that grips the world.




OOC Info

We’re going on some good old Adventures my dudes, creating stories without faction boundaries and opening our doors to all, as long as you’re a Good Boy, everyone is invited, Horde or Alliance, and once we get off our feet, players are free to contribute their own stories, goals and event ideas to the guild.


Feel free to PM if you have any questions or requests, I’m always on Discord at Jordy#4071




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