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[SEA RP] de Montarville Trading Co.

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Hi all,


The de Montarville Trading Company is always looking for new recruits! Based-off the Port de Montarville, it operates through all reaches of Azeroth having three strong medium armed ships. The company needs the following:


  • Executive director (general manager and top honcho below Jean-Philippe, the owner)
  • Treasurer
  • Advisor to the Board of Directors (tasked to work with executive director, treasurer and owner to find new contracts and to expand)
  • Captain of the fleet (Manages all the de Montarville fleet)
  • Captain of a vessel
  • Crew members


I have some cool plans hatched in my head so if anyone is interested, be sure to reach out!


All ideas are welcome.


Discord: denning#5917

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Interest check to see if anyone might be interested still! A lot of cool events, I pwomise!

Also the House itself too, but this was just easier.

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