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On the eve of victory, the Alliance has decided to reward those that participated in the battle against the Scourge that gripped Port de Montarville, both for their bravery and willingness to participate against overwhelming odds, and for the fact they were an arm of the Alliance when it's body is still out there, indisposed with the countless tides of demons swarming out across Azeroth.


Amongst these people, a few have been recognized for especial service and or bravery & courage on the battlefield.

Lionheads have been given out to their respective families, handlers and or independent bodies.



The following have been commended or recommended for their show on the battlefield.


- Kira Rivers of Montarville Trading Co & former naval soldier, Silver Lionhead.

- Sir Arthedain of House Strike & the Eventide, Silver Lionhead

- Sir Kaulder of House Strike & the Eventide, Bronze Lionhead

- Lady Culter of House Montarville, Bronze Lionhead

- Kevyn & Hobbes of House Strike, Bronze Lionhead

- Ainsley Harrington of the Arkanford, Silver Lionhead

- Petra Ravenbane of House Montarville, Bronze Lionhead

- Jeremiah Aimes, Sergeant of the Alliance Army, Silver Lionhead & Master Sergeant (Lieutenant Alderic's charge.)

- Lord Logan of House Theirin, Bronze Lionhead

- Bevin Thorne of the Silverhand, Bronze Lionhead

- Linara, Freelancer, Bronze Lionhead

- Sindan & Irithiel, Bronze Lionhead


Silver Lionhead: an important commendation, this medal is adorned with a blue and gold piece of cloth from which a lion head made of silver hangs. This piece of silver signifies commendable acts in service of the Crown as representative, defender or soldier and is common among the Knighthood officers.

Bronze Lionhead: a symbol of recognition for those that fight for the Crown and display commendable acts in their service while in the field of battle or as its representative. Common among NCOs and junior officers, this is the lowest of the Lionheads in prestige


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