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Call to Arms!

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Thanks Bulo, I still have it!

Call to Arms: Blackrock Mountain

Seeking knights and men of honour



By decree of Lord Logan Theirin, Count of Trautenfel, a call of arms has gone out! The town criers of various villages and in a number of places around Stormwind have begun their cries of recruitment. The Count is rumoured to be venturing into Blackrock Mountain, to wipe out the last of the corrupted dragons present. Men of lesser standing will be as welcome as those of higher birth; as honour is the only criteria that matters. Knights of the warrior and paladin variety will be welcome, as will any priest. Lakeshire has been set as the rally point for any interested.


Whatever this incursion may be, it appears as if it will last a while...


OOC: Logan's looking for men to ride with him into Blackrock Mountain for an event chain. The character has to be of good moral standing and a non-fel or shadow user. There's a cap of 5 (although it's ultimately up to Drez) for this event.


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